Your body doesn’t care or understand the difference between “heavy” and “light” weights. Your muscles only understand the amount of stress experience. After supersetting leg press with upwards of 120 total reps these banded smith squats felt like 300+ lbs. QUALITY training builds QUALITY muscle. Have a plan and execute it. #nevergiveup #eyesontheprize @stevemousharbash

Leg day!! This is my favorite hack squat machine. It has a much steeper angle than typical hack squat and the sled is much much heavier. It’s incredibly challenging and really humbling machine. Making sure to get full depth to hit that glute/ham tie in, then pressing up through the heels using the hamstrings and quads. Super deep burn 🔥 @flawlessphysique @stevemousharbash @floridaextremefitnesscenter

Saturday Motivation!! As I sit here on my “rest day” and look back through old photos it’s gets me thinking...What many people don’t understand about the sport of bodybuilding is that progress is not always linear. Progress involves peaks and valleys, it involves sacrificing one aspect of your physique for the sake of building another aspect of your physique. It Can sometimes be really discouraging (both mentally and physically) watching these changes over the course of weeks or months. But It involves allowing your body to change in order for you to progress and move forward. You cannot go from point A to point B simply in a straight line. It’s unrealistic and unhealthy to try to maintain Showtime physique year round. It’s simply not a realistic mindset. And so as we try to make progress in our “off-season“ it takes a great deal of mental strength to allow your body to change and evolve from that shredded “stage physique”. Don’t get discouraged, don’t lose focus, keep your goals always at the forefront of your efforts. #eyesontheprize #nevergiveup #neversatisfied @stevemousharbash @flawlessphysique

Leg day #2 🏆💪🏼🏆 #eyesontheprize trying to get these chicken legs to grow. @flawlessphysique @stevemousharbash

No matter how much you train any body part or style of training, there’s always something that you don’t do often enough that’ll humble you. In this case, it was these DB Cross Crunches which stretches the abs and contracts them completely. -
Big bro @htex_jade1983 definitely pushed me this session, and I wouldn’t be as inspired to do this if it weren’t for his influence. Salute.
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We flex on Fridays 🏆💪🏼🏆 #eyesontheprize #flexfriday for those that are curious I’m 6ft tall and hovering right around 220lb

Tryin to get this back to be thicker than a snicker #eyesontheprize 🏆💪🏼🏆

#FLEXFriday 💪🏼🏆💪🏼 #eyesontheprize

Highlights from today’s Big back session today 🏆💪🏼🏆 #eyesontheprize

We be grinding 🏆💪🏼🏆 #eyesontheprize

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