#brooklynsbites here! Watch as I try tofu- on a stick! Having foods in various forms can get your child out of food ruts. Mommy talks about this in her free e-book... Click on the link in my profile to get your copy!

So some nights I seriously don’t want to cook a (bleep)ing thing. Some nights we go out for Chinese (like tomorrow!). Some nights it’s breakfast for dinner. Some nights we chillax with a grilled cheese and soup. ******************************************************
Tonight? Grilled cheese with turkey & 🍐. Brooklyn didn’t want the pear IN her grilled cheese. ON DA SIDE PLEASE! We then had her favorite roasted red pepper soup and crumbled parsnip chips on top. (Her cute little fingers crunching the chips!). We eat the same thing to make life and dishes easier- just customized at times. And it’s not gourmet every night. We keep it simple. And real. And deeeelish. #keepitsimple

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