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πŸ’š Give me ALL the greens! πŸ’š -
Sirt Green Juices are an easy (and tasty) way to give your body the nutrients it needs to feel its best. They're also super handy for on the go! You can find kale, celery, parsley, lemon juice, ginger, rocket and apple juice in these super juices- YUM! 🌱🍏🌱🍏 -
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Spinach - Corn - Cheese waffle with a double shot hazelnut cappuccino. Sounds like a good Sunday scene nai?
Also, reminiscing memories at the first place to bring waffles and pancakes to pune.
Aapne kya khaya? #flauntyourfood #sunday #brunch #jugniandco #indulging #foodblogger #waffle #pune #punefoodie

Thanks for the shoutout @andyatreal πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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⚑#WhoNeedsCoffee ⚑️

Sirt Juices are the easiest and best way to get a concentrated dose of a full sirtfood spectrum to have you feeling amazingly energised for the whole day. "Sirt juice en route to meetings. Really helps to make me feel awake #WhoNeedsCoffee" @sirt_soul_maze

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Excited for @soulmatefood new @soulmatelifestyle service. The burn plan will help me to lose fat and maintain muscle!

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