Thanks to New and remaining friends for all the incredible #madhungry support. Meet our standard-issue basic but badass dinner #flatroastchicken tonight on a toasted sesame bread platform ☝️❤️

Flat roasted chicken with paprika and gravy @madhungry #madhungryfamily #flatroastchicken #roastchicken #paprika #gravy

Neapolitan green beans in the works. #flatroastchicken & sweet potatoes too #oldiesbutgoodies

#flatroastchicken salad. Dressing made from the golden-softened garlic which cooked under the chicken, mashed+mixed with lemon juice, and some of the drippings.

Home sweet home cooking with an expanded bread platform under that #flatroastchicken cause there is never enough. 🏪💚

#flatroastchicken (over a crispy brown bread platform), creamy Meyer lemon & asparagus pasta. It’s what’s for dinner! 💚

#flatroastchicken night. This time with paprika, olives, currants, garlic & oranges.

And...Another one #flatroastchicken toasted bread & garlic roasted in chicken-ee-ness

A big ole pan full of papas con rajas will nestle in nicely next to that garlicky #flatroastchicken 💰

First of the year #flatroastchicken +3 veg in the dinner Story tonight 🍽

This week I'm working through The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook in anticipation of the new release. I usually bake a roast on Sundays so there's cuts left over for sandwiches. Not the most glamourous pic, but delicious. The slaw dressing is an amazingly light combo that works perfectly. Tip: a chook cooks in record time if you cut out the backbone and flatten the bird. @smittenkitchen #flatroastchicken #greenslaw #whatsfordinner #smittenkitchen #thesmittenkitchencookbook #bannockburnchicken

Yes, one flavor-way or another, that #flatroastchicken turns up every single week in dinner rotation #madhungryfamily

Roasted peppers with a #flatroastchicken on the (Story) side

Working on our first Mad Hungry podcast with @hennyhennessy93 cooking that tried and true #flatroastchicken (trying to save my favorite part before it's all scarfed up) #winggirl

#flatroastchicken seasoned with ancho chili powder, cumin, oregano & salt. Sautéed Poblano peppers, red potatoes and white onions. Mitigating the Mondays.

Out in the nick of time #flatroastchicken

If I toss one of these in the oven before heading out for the night then there's a pretty good chance that overpriced subpar take-out food will not be ordered. This time veg in the same pan as the #flatroastchicken :peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives & thyme. 😉

Giant platter of sautéed onions, zucchini, black pepper, cherry tomatoes, basil and salt. #flatroastchicken and steamed corn-on-the-cob on the side

Two birds tonight because everyone's eating at home. #flatroastchicken atop slabs of sourdough bread and a scatter of garlic cloves. Seasoned with salt, sweet paprika and cayenne pepper.

Our weekly date with #flatroastchicken: 4 pound bird, 14-inch cast iron ❤️

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