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Get your 360 reverse entry's down. No better way to kill those hair pin turns.. @modernline_drift_trikes #flatoutdrifttrikes #boss #pvc #pvclife das how we do it.

I need a drift trike in my life #drifttrike #drift #flatoutdrifttrikes


@wheresollies Chop chop soon, can't stand the seat being above the engine #drifttrike #gx200 #petroldrifttrike #motorizeddrifttrike #flatoutdrifttrikes #drift

I want to get kicked in the face again!! !! @nicholasthegr8_odc knows how to come in hot!! I'm locked in reverse , he chooses to "come in like a wreaking ball" Mad love for this cat!! @ hope I can make it to dday! lol the hype is real again!

Give thanks to the creators of trikes and nice people who pull of the side a little for trikers....😂😂💦🤙🏽🤙🏽 Mad love broskie!

Mid 540 on the spine.. this flatout boss is the bees knees.. 📸. @nicholasthegr8_odc

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