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Still the funniest photo of the year. #towelgate #towel7 #staywoke #flatearth2017


Flat Earthers have done an awesome job at debunking the globe! And it was quite entertaining ☺. Some will never admit this but who cares. Can we just move on now? Flat Earth is just the tip of the iceberg and there are far more important things to learn. #flatearthers #thankyou #for #awakening #humanity #Godbless #loversoftruth #flatearth #therealest #truthseekeers #flatearth2017 #thanksforthesupport #loveyouall #flatearthblowingup2017

You believe that we came from a big bang and star dust. That you live on a giant ball that spins and yet it holds water to its surface. You believe that some people are upside down and others are right side up. But since each in their own perspective feel right side up, that it means we are on a ball. That ball spins 1000 mph and orbits 584 million miles per year around the sun which is 93 million miles away. The sun also travels 480,000 mph around the galaxy and the galaxy itself travels 2.2 million mph and travels 19.2 billion miles per year. Yet the stars reset above our heads every January. You believe the closest star is 25 trillion miles away and that with your unaided eye you can see a star 95 quadrillion miles away. You believe what NASA says even though they worship the devil. The God they work for is the same one the Freemasons work for which is the same one that is placed on our currency. It says "In God we trust" but their God is pictured on the back. The all seeing eye. We have to question everything and if you did that with a true heart, you will see in no time that NASA has fooled the world. No satellites, no orbit, just weather balloons and unique data management. Space X is faking it, NASA is a fraud. Media runs this world and always dictates what we will do with the info because most are still asleep. You may call me a conspiracy theorist all you want and I will never go back to sleep. Truth is truth. Even though I don't have all the truth. I now recognize the lies. Start looking for lies first. Once you start uncovering them, the truth is what remains. There's nothing wrong with questioning everything. IN FACT THIS IS WHAT SCIENCE IS. NO DOGMA. SIMPLY TESTING UNTIL ALL LIES ARE ERASED. THEY TAUGHT YOU FLAT EARTH IS STUPID. #flatearth #truthdoesnotfearinvestigation #wakeup #theglobeisalie #theglobeisapsyop #thetruthisout #earthisflat #letGodbetrue #everymanaliar #flatearth2017

β€ͺWhether the earth is flat or not we all share this space together #EarthDay #EarthHour #earth #PlanetEarth #flatearth #flatearth2017 ‬

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