Who doesn’t like cake? 🍰 Another vector from a series of cute food illustration I created a few years back.

Day 6.
The last Ice Cream for Sundae.

#coreldraw #flatdesign #icecream #sundae #design #myself #2d

Magical, Costumized cleaning service, Perth, WA #Logo #Brandidentity

Almost done with this project!

Magical logo, Perth, West Australia✨ #WA #Logo

“Han.” About a third through my planned Star Wars portraits!

I'm leaning towards adopting a swiss design aesthetic. That grunge thing I tried was tew much I'm sorry.

More designs coming this week. What’s your favorite country song currently?

Amazing work by @janicesung

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to create this for you, I had so much fun in doing so! Swipe left & check out @xraytheshop

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