Do you swear to be by my side all and every night and day. So I can always be okay because as long as you are here there is no fear. ~nameless artist

The star girl down with the snakes. From the shadows rising to the moon to get back to the light. But enjoying the ride. ~nameless artist

And there by the sea under the moonlight I found myself to be my best friend, and that to be just fine. ~nameless artist

Should have helped you from the start, put together the broken parts, put back together your little broken heart. To make it whole again. Before I started loving you, with scratched up broken hands. ~nameless artist

Eternal nights spend talking about the universe, got nothing left to hide.
No insecurities.
You and me in this moment,
forevermore connected. ~nameless artist 🍸

Down in the ocean blue, a different world quite and beautiful.
Enjoy not only looking at the sea but realise how wonderful it could be if we’d take care of it. ~nameless artist 🌊

My mind is a strange place. Follow me around I’ll give you a tour, but don’t complain about getting lost in here it happened to me too. ~nameless artist

Wrap yourself around me like a snake and swallow me whole. ~nameless artist

Bye bye world I’ve had enough of you. And hello to new adventures waiting out there between the stars. ~nameless artist

In the moonshine,
drinking wine
feeling fine.
In the darkness,
hearing your heartbeat,
love is madness. ~nameless artist

Pretty dangerous that smile my dear, you should wear that smile with caution. Or someone, someday might start to think your easy to fall in love with. ~nameless artist

Splashes of creativity turning into waves. Flooding the shores of a new land in my head. ~nameless artist

What better way to hide, then lost in time. Right by your side. ~nameless artist

From love to destruction it’s not too far. You’d know to stay away if you were smart. But if you decide to stay, anyways. I promise that nothing will break us apart. ~nameless artist 🐾

Reaching for someone to catch my demons for me, since I can’t seem to untangle myself. Drowning in the misery of artistry. Can someone come to help? ~nameless artist

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