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Amore traditore🗡💔☠#flash#flashideas

Some color flash,trying some new styles #colorflash#flash #flashtattoo#flashideas #makeyourappointment

Antlered owl explosion somethin - hmmmm #naomikennedyartepiphany #drawing #flashideas #owl #antleredowl


esto es una interpretación de una escultura dentro de la Celda XXVI de L. Bourgeois pa algún día hacer un flash o tatuármelo o lo que sea
Bourgeois siempre decía tantísimas cosas, con cada tela, cada relleno, cada costura; ay mamá araña, que no eres madre y lo fuiste demasiado

#flashideas #flashtattoo #flash #tattoo #blacktattoo #bourgeois

I know that the flash season 4 villain will not be a speedster but this is how I think Godspeed could eventually appear on the show. Starting with season 4, Wally takes up the mantle of the flash in Barry's absence until they can find a way to get him out of the speedforce. One day, since Barry is gone a person is needed to work in the csi department with Julian and this is where August Heart is introduced as a csi agent who is looking for his brother's killer like in the comics. Unknown to most, August developed speedster abilities after the speedforce storm hit central city in the season 3 finale this isn't known by anyone until Julian discovers him using his powers which he quickly tries to cover up. Julian tells team flash but August wants nothing to do with them. Later in this season (Barry should be out of the speedforce by now) August helps team flash take down Devoe (who is supposedly the season 4 villain) and Barry agrees to help him find his brothers killer and bring him to justice but August is actually plotting to kill him. Later on in season 5, August has cisco make him a new costume and August goes on to kill a man who he claims to be his brother's killer. August claims that he is not a bad guy because he killed a bad person and he was only being a hero like Barry. Barry disagrees and August runs off with Barry chasing after him. August and Barry fight and August discovers he is faster than Barry and this is where he starts calling himself Godspeed. August later discovers (spoilers if you haven't read flash rebirth) that he killed an innocent man not his brother's killer. #theflash #theflashseason4 #theflashgodspeed #godspeed #augustheart #storyidea #flashideas #dccomics #the #flash

This is our flash board! These are pieces that our artists have designed and want to do. These are at a reduced price and once you put a deposit on a piece it comes off the board and won't be redone.
Pop in to check out the available pieces or inbox to secure a tattoo with a PayPal deposit. #flashideas #flashtattoo #flashboard #tattoooffer #wigantattoo #wiganoffers #tib#alchemy

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