No football next weekend for Remembrance Day. 🎖

Mikey pokes Joe to try and wake him from his trance. .🎐
Joe has been frozen for over 2 hours while he stares at Jeff’s horrible fade. For a fresh fade (especially on fridays) go to Karo’s on Hastings and Willingdon. .💈
Ask for Farhad!


Catch our Fall Season highlights on our story! #flag604

Last place to Champions in one of the most competitive seasons to date. #lasttofirst #finishstrong

Team NJSU and one creepy guy in the background....

Stacks on Deck.

Move, b*tch! Get out the way! Jk there’s no contact allowed.

Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. ✊🏾

Long bomb!

Congrats to Beats By Ray on winning Flag604’s inaugural 5 on 5 tournament!
Thanks to Rhonda, Jason and Tracey for helping organize.
Most importantly, thank you to all the teams who showed up and showed out! Fun times!


Let’s get it!! 🤲🏽 #flag604

‘All that weak shit don’t live here no more! It’s contagious bruh!’ #hardknocks

The Champ is here!

Sack? Yes or no?

I’ll do it. 👍🏽 #flag604



Thanks everyone for the great summer season! 🙏🏼

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