Black Tahitian Pearl ZipFlex...unflexed.

Here's a little teaser of my latest video of the Playset Restoration (full video in bio ☝️). This was a crazy satisfying transformation. The combo of pressure washer and HVLP staining made such a huge difference. And how bout the mildew on those vertical posts!?! I'd say it was a bit overdue for cleaning 😂😂😂
#satisfying #restoration #fixthisbuildthat

Blue paua heart soundboard purfling on this redwood-topped instrument from Ryan Guitars.

Happy #slaburday, don't get too caught up in your work today 😂😂. Awesome pic from the local guys at @chopnashville.


The playset restoration is complete! Swipe for before shots and a full video link is in my bio ☝️. I'm legit amazed at how well this turned out and what some pressure washing and stain did for the wood. It was my first time ever using a pressure washer and I'm hooked. That @briggsandstratton Elite3300 gas model is the bees knees. Now to pressure wash all the things.
#playset #restoration #fixthisbuildthat

Filling knots with epoxy and cobalt blue pigment. Can’t wait to see how this turns out! @totalboat @blackdiamondpigments_com

Repost from and congratulations to @kevin_o_brien
Really pleased with how my first mandolin turned out.

Here's a little #tbt to the good ole cutting board days. It's been a hot minute since I made one of these bad boys. Maybe I'm due for another one with a new take 🤔. What's the coolest cutting board idea you've seen recently?
#cuttingboard #woodworking #fixthisbuildthat

Who’s your Quality Control?? When your 6 month old is either interested...or the worlds best QC. I was brushing the base here and not happy. So I’ll spray paint it tonight. 💪🏻 #woodworking #painting #tablebase #thewoodpastor

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Warning, this may make your skin crawl 🐜. Found this gem again while editing the playset video. When I took off the broken tic-tac-toe game I was greeted by a whole mess of ants. I knew there were some in there. But as they say "he wasn't ready". 😂😂😂
#imouttahere #ants #fixthisbuildthat

I’ll never wash out a paint roller tray again! This was the most satisfying thing to ever come out of my laziness! #odlysatisfying #fixthisbuildthat #satisfying #sawyersgotwood #peeling #painting #diy

Never ending rain💧💧 along with never ending laser fixing. 👉🏼🔥 It's getting there though. #fixit #fixitfixitfixit #gettingthere #almostthere #fixthisbuildthat #laser #lasermachine #laseretched #laserengraved #comeswiththeterritory #springcleaning

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