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We are super proud of all of our boys and girls that took a stand with @baltcityschools at the #fixthegap rally this week! #wereallin

Shout out everyone that did the walk out protest today. #somecutsdontheal #fixthegap

Today was such a good experience. Baltimore city schools can't and will not take this deficit. #fixthegap #bcpss #annapolis

The BSA community showed up in full force tonight at the Baltimore Education Coalition’s #FixtheGap rally in Annapolis. Mayor Pugh heard us, and showed up, promising to deliver action on this item on Monday. #equitynowsilencenever

Mama and daughter on the #baltimoredesignschool bus to #fixthegap for #baltimorecityschools

This is Troy--the reason my son, Leo, is a cellist and soon-to-be student at Baltimore School for the Arts. For 4 years he has instructed and guided Leo though @baltschoolarts TWIGS program. The idea of losing Troy and so many other arts educators because of the $130 million budget gap would be devastating to children whose academic success is dependent on opportunities for creative expression. @mayorpugh50 and Governor @change_maryland have the power to work with City Schools CEO, Sonja Santalise, to prevent our children from being punished for the bad math of the adults running our government. Get your priorities in order and #fixthegap !! #bsa #moneyforschoolsnotjails #baltimorecityschools #baltimoreschoolforthearts

@change_maryland @mayorpugh50 @baltschoolarts @baltcityschools This is an excerpt from a piece I learned in high school at The Baltimore School for the Arts! Learning it gave me the opportunity to continue my education at Juilliard! Many know me as drug dealer D'Angelo Barksdale from "The Wire". The show was written about the neighborhood I actually grew up in! If not for BSA, I may have actually become D'Angelo Barksdale, who ended up killed in prison! I'm calling upon Gov. Hogan and Mayor Pugh to do what's right by Baltimore public schools! Fix the gap and help them to save other kids the way they saved me! #fixthegap

My mother and I doing political things Pt. 3! Today we went back out to Annapolis to lobby for education funds. And we got to meet our personal district 43 delegate Maggy McIntosh! She was so lovely and honest and it was a great experience! #fixthegap #baltimorestrongmarylandstrong


In honor of my son Ibrahim's 6th birthday on August 1st, I am raising $600 for his amazing public school, #CityNeighborsHamilton (CNH) in #Baltimore.
CNH provides an extraordinary public school education with high academic achievement for all students. Our ultimate goal is that through Proiect Based Learning, arts integration, parental involvement and community outreach, the students leave enlivened, with deep awareness of themselves, their families and the outside community, and with the capacity to be good citizens.
Please donate @ https://www.facebook.com/donate/10210637669391052. If everyone each chipped in $1, $3, $5, $10 dollars or more we could reach this goal! Every little bit helps and I believe that we can make a difference together.
#CNHStrong #baltimorekids #baltimorerocks #baltimorecity #baltimorestrong #baltimoreschools #bcpss #publicschools #artsintegration #steam #projectbasedlearning #baltimoresbest #bmorecity #bmoreproud #bmorekids #bmorelove #publicschools #citylife #6thbirthday #joinus #TheiLife #communitymatters #fixthegap #fundpublicschools

Shout out everyone that did the walk out protest today. #somecutsdontheal #fixthegap

So over the past couple of months my school has been dealing with Baltimore city public schools budget deficit. With the cuts in the budget, we have already lost some of our best staff. And though this has not been mentioned, all of the staff so far that have been cut are either black or latinx. But it's not just about that, our education is at risk, and with the funding that we have now we cannot achieve are goals in the bcsp system. I know it's really confusing right now, but we must stay informed as much as we can. For those in Maryland, please go and call your government officials, Send letter, and even if you aren't a Maryland resident, you can still help with the cause. If you do decide to do something, please be be civil. I'll be sure to leave links in my bio for petitions and information.

According to 2013 U.S. Census Bureau data, among science and engineering graduates, men are employed in a STEM occupation at twice the rate as women -- 31 percent compared to 15 percent. In addition, women make up nearly half of the workforce. #FixTheGap #stem #science #math #engineering #education #women #girls #innovation #technology #edtech

Find out why they "March(ed) forth on March 4th." Turn to the last page of our April issue and help #FixtheGap || Visit baltimorefamilies.org/fixthegap.html for more info. on ways you can make a difference in Baltimore City Schools) #bemore #DBFA #dbfamily

WE DONT STOP! Great nite yesterday, recoding Put Your Lighters Up today!!! @czar_4500 @unlockingthetruth #thankyou #MajorKeyFoundation #fixthegap #baltimore #staytuned

My highschool helped me pivot into the arts world and I am grateful for the knowledge I attained at #BSA. So when the alumni were asked to post a video about what it means to us, of course I had to chime in! Great things are happening. #FixtheGap

School budgeting meetings #stressfest #fixthegap

Want to help #fixthegap? BSA students have organized a Benefit Concert & Art Show this Friday, April 7, at 8 pm at An die Music.
Jazz combo featuring saxophonist Cole Summers, vocalist Abigail Tawiah, pianist Chris Frick, Jeheiel Smith on electric bass, Stephen Wilkes on trumpet and Devron Dennis on drums.

Jazz string ensemble will perform a few selections from Charlie Parker’s April in Paris album: Featuring Maya Giles and Aszana Lopez-Bell on violin, Léa Broussard on viola, Wheeler Jarvis on cello, Emmett Sauchuck on French horn, and Cole Summers on saxophone.

A silent auction of visual artwork donated by BSA students Emeline Boehringer, Natalie Snyder, Hannah Smoot and more to come!$10 for students. $20 for adults. $10 for students. #benefitconcert #silentauction #BCPS

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