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Forming an intimate relationship with my cards. But for real, they’re in between the sheets with me. Anyway, I met with a circle last night, most of which were predominantly women, and for a reason that I wasn’t truly aware of beforehand, I was triggered. Nervous system in fight/flight/freeze. Stomach in knots. Boundaries (what felt like) fully dissolved. I lost my sense of self in the pursuit of wanting to form a friendship with another person. Hands up if you’ve been there?! This morning, I’m taking things gently, and slowing back down with this card pull. The top three cards represent what took place/what I need to know. The Five of Wands Rx represents the medicine I am being asked to imbibe. •
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Пятерка жезлов / Борьба. Иллюзия борьбы. Столкновения. Ссоры из-за пустяков. Суета. Неприятности. Чувство раздражения. Быть втянутым в бессмысленные споры.
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A lot of funny energy around today. Things going missing. Things not working people saying strange things that resonate. Cups of coffee going flying and children not being able to stop for thirty seconds. #eightofswords again. You are feeling hemmed in and unable to move. Do not move. Think. Relax. Stop. Dwell and ruminate. #themagician you are still not fully connected to his great power. Follow your rituals And get back in tune... #fiveofwands... you are conflicted. In combination with the other cards this is informing you must stop and rest. Let your energy come full circle. To invest more energy right now is futile. Now is a time to listen to your intuition even more than before. Today I feel my spirit guides are literally being naughty to get my attention. making things impossible. So it’s time to STOP. #tarot #tarotreader #psychic #moonstone #gothictaritofvampires #goth #darkness #intuition #clarity #stasis #plateau #listentospirit I have to respect my gift and LISTEN and again RESPECT your own power....

#TarotTuesday The card for the week is the Five of Wands, representing: Strife, chaos, unfulfilled desires and change. In numerology, the number five represents change. In the Five of Wands it is creative change, which often manifests through chaos. Chaos is a valuable part of the creative process, just as change is an important part of self-growth.
Do not try to control the forces at work, instead try to go with you the flow. The more you resist change, the more it will overwhelm you. The key is to not get lost in the chaos that surrounds you. Detach, observe and learn; then you will able to use what is happening to your advantage.
Try to be less hectic in your own behavior, and take time to ground. Although obstacles may seem insurmountable, ultimately they are just a bump in the road. As you continue to grow, like a butterfly, you will emerge from the cocoon of your old self, ready to take flight. For now, take life step by step. 🦋#LuminousThreadsTarot

After having to deal with more practical matters yesterday. I can now go back to the day job 🔮 🙌The card I have pulled out for the week ahead is the Five of Wands which is very apt - the meaning of this card is: Things may not go according to plan and you may encounter a setback of some kind also your idealistic attitude may not live up to reality this week. Basically just go with the flow, stay positive and see what happens so you don’t get disappointed lol. #tarot #tarotcards #tarotcard #tarotreader #tarottuesday #fiveofwands #medium #clairvoyant #psychic #fortuneteller #clarestonemedium #riderwaitetarot #divination #predictions www.facebook.com/clarestonemedium

Daily Tarot 20.03.2018
Six of Wands: You need to rise above things that are sent to provoke you. Spread your wings and detach yourself from the things that are trying to drag you down.
Five of Wands: You have many choices to make and you might not know which route is the best, but remember to consider each option carefully to be able to make an informed decision.
Ten of Pentacles: When making your decision, forget about your current achievements and focus on what you still want to achieve and how to better yourself.
Rune of the Day: Kenaz. This represents revelation, which means that you will find the wisdom you need to get through today.
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This morning's reading was simple and to the point. The #fiveofwands reminds us of the flurry that has been whirling in our minds and warns that it will continue if not dealt with. Find a way to center yourself and find your shelter in the storm or it will blow you away with it. The #ocean or #ebbandflow card gives us the peace in the knowledge that all comes in and goes out. Love flows in you and through you. Joy flows in you and through you. Peace flows in you and through you. Let yourself float on the rhythms of the Universe like a boat on the sea. It'll be okay. #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #tarotcards #wildunknowntarot #earthmagic #dailyreading #cardoftheday #thankyouLord

March of the Pips, Day 20: The Fool. New beginnings, taking a leap of faith. Five of Wands. Any new project will involve challenges and competition. There will be obstacles to overcome. There are risks in any new venture so I should look before I leap. However, If I approach these challenges with the Fool’s optimistic, energetic and youthful spirit and am not afraid of making “a fool” of myself, I have the opportunity to learn something new. #marchofthepips2018 #fiveofwands #tarotclassic #tarotdemarseille #tarotreadersofinstagram

Our daily card and channeled message: "Enters the energy of change with the energy of Spring. At this time, as equinox sacred prepares engagement, the irresistible energy of change inspires and incites and ignites all. You will wish to reason with ease as evolution is at hand." 💞

These messages of change and transformation and evolution - ready or not - aren't letting up. Are you ready? Will you choose to be ready? I can already tell, for me, there isn't a choice. It's already begun. Buckling up for the ride. 🙌💫

Five of Wands from The Starchild Tarot * Akashic, created and published by @thestarchildtarot. ✨

Some days can be a challenge and so can some people when personalities or ideas differ. Combine this with a Monday, and we could have a recipe for a bad day; if we’re not prepared for it. Luckily we are! When the Five of Wands comes around its to tell us that an open, honest meeting of the minds will go a long way to smooth out the wrinkles and get things going in the right direction. Any conflict that goes along with the five of wands is usually light-hearted and if handled well can be a source for creative solutions. We can see from the image that the wands are connecting but not causing any damage. So we know that the only real issue might be that someone needs to take charge, let everyone involved give their ideas, talk about the options then come to some kind of common ground. In the end it doesn’t matter whose idea is best; what does is that a decision is made that both solves the problem and everyone can live with it too. Everyone wins! #tarot #todaysdailydraw #dailytarot #fiveofwands #conflict #challenges #debate #competition #balance #communication

Tabula Mundi Tarot, Five of Wands: Strife. You know when you draw a five you’re going on an adventure. The outlook and result are up to you though. Notice the times that you’re uncomfortable, pinpoint the cause, and make a change.

Card of the day for March 19. Five of Wands.
Today is a day where you are going to compete to be heard. Try and get your message across!
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🌻March 18, 2018🌻
You must focus relentlessly on your goals and desires and not allow yourself to be railroaded or intimidated by those who don’t have your best interest at heart. Say what you want out loud, put your mind to it and it will manifest. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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The #cardoftheday is the #fiveofwands
Five of wands shows us men in battle. We are coming upon conflict and tension. The lads may be fighting but the struggle isn't to maim or injure but get their point across. We may be at odds at work or family life is tough. Either way tou are feeling tense and not exactly your best self.

Today's Card : Five of Wands🔥
Fire element.🔥 Struggle and conflict are a part of life, but we need to pick our battles. Not everything is worth fighting for and sacrificing our peace for. But there are definitely times when we know we absolutely have to stand our ground. Don't get caught up in unnecessary, petty drama. Sometimes just walking away can be satisfying in of itself. We don't have to engage in every battle. As long as we know in our own hearts what's right and wrong, that's half the battle and it's not always our job to get involved.
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I am drawing all the negative cards this week. Seems like I need to take a step back and think about what I am doing. Maybe cut myself some slack when I don't stay on schedule.
The Five of Wands warns me that I am overwhelmed and overburdened. I need to drop something and remember that life should be enjoyed, moments savored, not dreaded.

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There are times in ones life when your best bet is to let an argument rest and respect the difference of opinions (something I must do on occasion as a doula). Sometimes contflict can just be too much to carry and we have to listen to ourselves and respect our own mental and physical boundaries. However, the inverted #fiveofrods (aka: #fiveofwands) does not give us a pass to not stand up and use our voices when we are needed most. Especially in times when acts of oppression and violence are the norm. We are all being encouraged to look at ourselves and ask in what way are we using our voices? Are we strengthening those in our community who need it most or are we talking over them? Are we centering issues that really have nothing to do about us on ourselves? It is a learning process and we all must take its lessons, but do not lean on "not knowing" as an excuse. We are all accountable for our own education, especially in the age of information. #knowledge #respectingdifferences #useyourvoice #five #wands #rods #tarot #dailytarot #cardoftheday #tarotcards #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #energyworker #energyhealer #urbanwitch #queerwitch #selfcare #ofearthandsalt

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