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Last days in Vegas were for the books. Can't wait till te 10 year reunion! #fitventure #shortandthick

Never in a million years would I have thought my fitness journey would have brought me to Las Vegas!! First few days at the #IdeaWorldConvention have been such a blessing #fitventure

Spread your wings and #OWNYOURFIERCE! Look what @fitgirl405 & @fitgirl_danij found on their #fitventure this morning! HAPPY SATURDAY! Go explore. 🌵☁️

When you don't have anyone to watch your kids... you use your kids to make you stronger! 💪👊🏻 #momfitness #garagefitness #fitventure

Epic Can Cam Fiji style.
Hint... it involves diving🏊🏼
#cancam #international #fitventure

Happily unplugged today while rafting this little beauty!🌊 @fit_mountain_girl do you know where I'm at?😜 #fitgirlphotochallenge #fitgirl #fitventure #unplugged #wearefitgirls

[NC State] Wolfpack does IDEA in Las Vegas #gopack #packinaction #fitventure


2 weeks post marathon and I’m still recovering from injuries 😝 made me realize even more the importance of strength training! 🏋️‍♀️As I focus on this next season to get back into running, I thought I‘d share a bit of my training journey ..... if you too need to get stronger in order to accomplish one of your goal, join me and tag someone who needs inspiration ! —————————–———————. ▶️Lower body compound moves 1️⃣ squat/overhead press/RL hip chop. 2️⃣lat lunge/cross over lunge. 3️⃣sumo squat/biceps curl/wood chop. 4️⃣side to side skater/ upright row. 5️⃣90 degrees reverse fly /hinged hips. 6️⃣alt front lunge/ curl/ press/ Extension. ——>Each exercise 12-16x repeat serie 3x Can also be done with a single dumbbell. ————————–———————––———. *Remember to keep your shoulders down *Back straight * your core engaged * your knees behind your toes when bending down. For more questions about the exercises Message me.

Coffee, superfoods, camo. But first, church 💕 Happy SUNDAY, fitventurers!

That’s right! 📢 I’m going to Pick Up all you pretty ladies in my tribe for our next #FitVenture 😉♥️ & I’m sooo excited about it!! Who wouldn’t want to be picked up by this cutie?! End the year strong by picking yourself up and making the decision to love YOU NOW. As I think about how fast the holidays are coming (and yesterday’s snow...) I feel a little anxious, buttttt let’s win the holidays & give yourself the best gift you possibly can 🎁 🍑 🙌

Drop a 😘 or note below 💬💌 ☃️🥐🥂🍹🏅🎉 🎄

Racing into the WEEKEND like :::⚡️🏃🏽‍♀️🤗 #happyvibes

How about slay the WEEK?! This is what Monday’s are for. Set intentions and plans to follow through on them. MAKE it happen. Because nobody else will for you. #mondaymotivation #fitventure

↠ Oh but without a fight, what is a V I C T O R Y : : : ? #workforit

How far can you go?
How strong are your legs?


Woo sweaty mess! I could totally lay back down and go to sleep...but, off to work! 😰😅💦🙃 🦇Wingnut reminded me that everyone can fly...just gotta work them calves. 💜Figment pushed me to my limits because I'd you can dream it anything is possible with effort and drive.

Your mind will give out long before your muscles do, I'd you let it😼

#fitjourney #fitnessonthego #21DFX #squatseveryday #snapchatfilter #figment #wingnut #pushyourself #pushinglimits #notanewyearresolution #sweatyselfie #myjourney #fitventure #athomeworkout #ifitsimportantmaketime #fitstagram #healthylifestyle #funkophotography #poptography #funko

1 chocolate (almondmilk) superfood mocha shake pls 💕 #thursYAY

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