enjoying a long weekend because i need it #selfcare #recovery

got a little sun at work today 😂

ordered my shirt for pride 💪🏼🏳️‍🌈

I am one and a half year's post opt top surgery. I had the double incision mastectomy in Plano, TX with Dr. Peter Raphael. #ftm#update#peterraphael#topsurgery#femaletomale#transman#transmen#transmasculine#transboi#chest#fittrans#transbodybuilding

Cuando dejas solas a las alumnas y siguen como si nada .... placer. Feliz viernes para tod@s
#zumbaforlife #zumba💃 #zumbazin #zumbafitness #zumbaenargentina #viernes #contento #vidafitness #fitness #fittrans

spent some time today decompressing and laying some brass down. decided to rep my Sparta shirt to support my #transmilitary family

pouting. i just wanna lift 😭

even the sky in columbus reps trans pride

feelin it today. taking the dogs to celebrate my incredible mom. wishing all the mothers out there a blessed day #mothersday #lucky

not looking forward to losing this 5 o’clock shadow tomorrow 😑

y’all - i am so happy right now. got to take the binder off to shower and got a good look at the post-revision chest. i could cry. this is the before and after - i was happy before but i cannot even begin to express how happy i am now. can’t wait for it to all heal up so i can get back to the gym 💪🏼😁 #topsurgery #revision

two years of this life saver. happy re-birthday to me #twoyears #hotsauce #manniversary

being in a binder again has me really bummed out. but the good news is i get to take it off tomorrow to shower and see how the revision turned out. so today i’m trying to enjoy the weather and the time off work to get my mind right #topsurgery #top #recovery

taking applications 😂 ...but no seriously #thatsinglelife

fell asleep with a pillow on my chest to avoid this. woke up with no pillow and this little demanding jerk laying directly on my reconstructed nipple. every time he moves it rubs 😑

transition isn’t always pretty. there are good and bad sides to everything. so. good and bad news. start with the bad - back in a binder for a few weeks. the good - revision is complete, hopefully will be the last time i ever wear this thing again. and, today is 2 years on testosterone. happy manniversary to me. it only gets better from here

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