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Every Tuesday I will show you exercises done with the correct form so that you can use these tips next time you are at the gym! I actually really like tricep dips when they are done correctly. If done incorrectly, you can do some damage to your shoulders. There’s something really awesome about when you see your tricep muscles for the first time. Traditional dips are done with your feet off the ground, but that would be something that you work up to. .
✔️Your hands should be under your shoulders and just outside your hips
✔️ Lock elbows at the top, tuck 45° at the bottom
✔️Push shoulders back and down. Don’t let them roll forward or shrug on the way up
✔️ Bend your knees
✔️Inhale at the top, exhale through the push back up
✔️ Keep a slight hinge forward from your hips
❌ Look up, always keep your gaze neutral or slightly down
❌ Your hips away from your body, always keep the hips almost directly underneath your shoulders
❌ Going lower than 45 degrees
❌ Over arch your low back, think neutral and strong spine
Dips don’t just work your triceps - they also use your chest, shoulders, and your core! Please make sure you are doing these correctly as they can be super effective if they are! Make sure to consult a trainer if you don’t know if you are doing them correctly. Do you have something you want me to talk about? Tell me in the comments!
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Just like having a mini band around the ankles during a squat can help trigger the foot and hip stabilizers, placing a band around the wrists during a pushup can trigger your hand and shoulder stabilizers!
Try this out if you have trouble maintaining good alignment with your elbows and shoulders in a pushup, or if you struggle with actively pulling down toward the floor. The @perform_better mini band will provide just enough feedback to encourage better positioning and a more stable pushup overall!

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We're in the Lone Star state y'all! You know what they say... everything is big in Texas, including their booch selection! 👏 We're fixin' to devour sooo many awesome flavors from a bunch of different brands, and will be sharing our full report with you guys this week! 🌟

Two of my BW go to's for building upper body and core strength. Next in line would definitely be chins 😉. . . 3 sets, 8-10 reps. 💪🏼💪🏼 What's your favorite bodyweight exercise? #invertedrows #pushups

Look who stole my Panda?! 💕 .
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I'd like a moment to share a photo with you from the best trip of my entire life, with the best friend, training partner, life partner, and lover I could have never dreamed of. #anguilla was the most amazing, friendly, and beautiful place I've ever been. White sand beaches massaged or toes, 85 degree breezy air kept us feeling alive, and the absolute quietness other than the soothing coos of turtle doves left us feeling absolutely at peace. We highly recommend it and will certainly be back!

They say, "revenge is sweet." They say, "revenge is a dish best served cold." I've come to realize that revenge is probably ice cream 🍦 If you're in South End, make sure your ice cream is @goldencowcreamery DUNKAROOS WITH RAINBOW SPRINKLES 💅🏻 #ThePowerOfShe #IIFYM #IIFYMWomen #XXFitness #PowerliftingWomen #WomenWhoLift #FitFriday #TGIF #FlexFriday #Fit #FitWomen #Fitness #FitTip #WillSquatForFood #BootyBySquats #FueledByPeanutButter #EatClean #CleanEating #BroFood #SmartSnacking #OhItFits #WarriorsOfFitness #BalancedIntake #MealPrep #MealPrepping

These Raspberry cake bars are amazing! 💖📷 @maryles_plantry. Who would you share yours with?


I always harp on the importance of #selfcare with my clients! Eating well is one sacred act of self-care. You should always treat your body with the respect it deserves💜

Healing begins within your mind. You must first heal your mind to heal your whole body. ✨ Join my Motivated2Heal Naturally FREE Facebook Group! Link is in my bio @sandie.gascon ✨


Gimme that #healthyLUNCH - Bo's Salad is looking mighty fine this Thursday, have you tried it yet?

💯% natural.

Alright, Golfer Friends. It's time for another #YogaForGolfers Fit Tip! This week, give Balancing Table Top a try. It's excellent for improving core strength, balance, and building lower back strength. While gently stretching the torso, it will also help increase flexibility in the spine, shoulders, and hips. This pose will help improve focus, coordination, and equilibrium.

So how do you do it? Start on hands and knees, with hands directly under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Untuck your toes so the tops of the feet are pressing into the floor. Gaze at a point between both hands. Keeping the core engaged and stable without arching your back extend your right leg behind you and your left arm in front of you. Keep your foot flexed and push through the ball of the foot to lengthen your leg. Keep the spine neutral. Take 3-5 breathes, remembering to keep leg and arm in the same plane no higher then the shoulder for the arm and heel inline with the hip. Release leg and arm down and with sides.

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Empathy Based Medicine
Hey Nutrifit Fam, Dr Jayney Goddard sent me an article from the royal society of medicine about empathy based medicine.
First things first let's start with the definition of empathy shall we. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and appreciate another person's feelings and experience.
Empathy based medicine re-establishes the doctor patient relationship at the heart of healthcare-a more holistic approach. .
I went to see my doctor recently for a check up for my daughter and it was wham bam thank you mam next patient please kind of vibe I got; so a more doctor-patient focus would be a well received change.
In a nutshell, the article discussed the idea of using technology alongside face to face (doctor to patient) consultations. Also that the patient should be active in the development of a treatment plan with the Dr so there is more of a partnership, rather than dictatorship.

Getting a head start on the next MissFit Challenge menus and WOW did I nail this one 😍 Oatmeal Bites with lots of different toppings.
Only 50 calories per bite!
Perfect for on the go & #mealprep 🍓 Sept. 5th is the date!!! Let me know if you want in 😈 This one will have the best recipes to DATE! #MissFit #HealthyBreakfast #OatmealMuffins

Couldn't make it to the gym today? Add these small things to your daily routine to sneak in a little exercise! #TrainerTip #quicktips #fittip #dailyexercise #fitspiration #workoutmotivation #Fitness1440Nash

Just in case you thought we couldn't see you. We can! Don't jump the rails...walk it down to a run! 👟😜👀 #treadtip #fittip #walkitdown #running #wecanseeyou #orangetheoryfitness #fitness #intervaltraining #epoc #afterburn #burningcalories #faster #stronger #healthy #health #bestonehourworkout

I used to think being busy at work came in waves 🌊 I would be really, really busy for a few days or a few weeks, and then things would die down a little bit. Well. Let's just say, that is not the case anymore 😅 for those of you who are new around here, I started a new job about two months ago, and since then have been allocated more work and responsibility that I had over the course of two years in my previous job 🤔 I am literally busy from the time I get to my desk at 7:00 AM to the time that I leave at 4:00 PM, AND I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT. But let's get real, your girl gets hungry! 😬 Thankfully I have this baked @perduechicken boneless skinless breast and steamed @harristeeter green beans already prepared to get me through the afternoon 🤗 #ThePowerOfShe #IIFYM #IIFYMWomen #XXFitness #PowerliftingWomen #WomenWhoLift #FitFriday #TGIF #FlexFriday #Fit #FitWomen #Fitness #FitTip #WillSquatForFood #BootyBySquats #FueledByPeanutButter #EatClean #CleanEating #BroFood #SmartSnacking #OhItFits #WarriorsOfFitness #BalancedIntake #MealPrep #MealPrepping

Theres over a kg of soup here and I'm starving. 🙏🥘🍲

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