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It's Monday 👊🏽 The weekend is over. That means it's time to get back on the bull and take it by the horns. 🐃 The bull = your goals. 💯
Wearing @barbellapparel 👖(use code: HARDCORE for 💸off)

One of several new @dunkindonuts creations this month is the Chocolate Pretzel Donut. A pretzel topping is pretty innovative as far as Dunkin offerings and this is definitely an attention-grabber. It uses their glazed chocolate cake donut so it's an absolute prerequisite that you like their chocolate Munchkin to enjoy this donut. Thankfully I do and this is something I'd buy again. Surprisingly, I liked the buttery caramel glue even more than the pretzel topping itself, which I wish had been saltier. Still a really fun texture - just make sure you pick a loaded one. On a second visit I noticed some really lazy and weak caramel/pretzel coatings. 7.5/10 on the Dunkin scale.

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. In every challenge encountered, there is opportunity for growth. #MotivationMonday


I'll be at our @Prozis stand from 6 to 9 APRIL!

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning 😀☀️🌴

I have such a busy day with PT clients, online diets, emails, training & stair master cardio 👙💪🏼
So excited to start new girls on same 30 day bikini program I'm doing now! I want all my girls looking HOT all year round! 🌞😍🌸📸 PM ME TO START 😚

Gettin in my #mtcapp Plank Rows, new improved video speeds & also you'll be able to play your music in the background w/ out it cutting off!!! Yay! .
Download at www.mytrainercarmen.com or just tap the link in my bio .
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Strive for progress not perfection 🙌🏼 Add me on snapchat to hear me talk about 4 tips to maintain your workouts and diet as a lifestyle 👻 MALINBJORk88 🌸 And don't miss my 25% discount on all of my programs🎉 Use code: SPRING25 😘Swipe for more pics 🤗


Birthday was 2 days ago but apparently, I'm still celebrating! The bosses got me a cupcake today. 👌🏼🎂 Will be consuming the sugar and carbs to aid in muscle recovery, of course 🍑

square up, relaxed. unappealing high light, tired/tight face, unshaven, 7.5 weeks #adonisarmy

Made open face veggie enchiladas for dinner😍 recipe courtesy of @wholefoods 😋😋

Added some workout to my training, I want to be fully prepared and injury free for my third marathon!
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Simple question... Mon-YAY?


For me, it was a massive YAY! Spin, CX Worx, and a killer Chest & Back Workout smashed to bits!

What did you get done?

What's on the plan tomorrow? I'm going Live @ 6am GMT tomorrow- make sure you get the workout done at some point!! Deal?
Simply copy the link below, or in our bio to get involved!


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International Chest Monday! Where are all the bench-pressing gymrats at?!

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