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One of the biggest threats to success is success itself. When you get a little bit ahead, it's all too easy to become complacent. Too avoid that, respond with gratitude and humility. And see your success not as a reward but an opportunity.
Let the small victories become steps on the path to an even bigger victory. Let the big victories become steps on the path to a more grand achievement. 💯
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Full workouts on my YouTube: Direct link in my bio! 💕

Officially on BABE WATCH 🌊🆘💯 Thanks everyone who joined us LIVE for our beach Booty Call! 💪🏼 We're back at it again tomorrow morning too!!! Join these gorgeous girls for a morning yoga flow on Insta-LIVE at 7:30a Cali time. 👯👯👯🙌🏼 xxxo K&K

Fresh food haul🌿🌈 Eat foods that will nourish your body from the inside out⭐️Who else gets super excited for the weekend produce markets🙋🏼 #vegan

Cool way to end the season with a frontflip out in the woods! ❄👍

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A late night selfie with extra pump in my legs because of all the extra food.. and candy 🙈 Tomorrow is the second day of the shooting with @gymshark, it will be soo fun because we're so many athletes! 😍

Hope everyone is enjoying their day 💛
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Everybody need somebody sometimes... (oh) I need someone like you 🎶✔️ #instafit #fitness #personaltrainer #fitfam #fitspo #gym #flex #workout #cardio #sexta #noexcuses #sometimes #vintage #vintageculture #movidaamusica

Friday push session👊🏼
Kept things lighter today as I hit everything really heavy Tuesday.
A few notes on bench.. alway make sure to retract and depress your shoulders/scapula. You want to predominantly activate your chest not your shoulders.. this is one of the biggest reasons for so many gym goers to have over developed and protracted shoulders and an under developed chest.
Also you want to focus on 3 points of contact. Butt, upper back, and head. Some curvature in the lower back is normal! However excessive arch when your butt elevates off of the bench is not ideal. This is something I myself struggle with on my last sets/rep when I'm really pushing myself, but have gotten MUCH better at.
Always trying to improve🤘🏼
Side note.. if you're pale AF wear white! These new kicks got me looking 50 shades darker👀🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂

H A M B U R G E R - Wat een joekel! Toch meer dan 3/4 opgekregen 😎💪

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