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Check out this mama to be! Love that the Maternity FITsplint is helping make running more enjoyable for her. Thanks for sharing!@mamawinnruns #maternitysupport #bellysupport #FITsplint #fitpregnancy #runner

Well it is official...I need to lift this gut hahaha. More to relieve the stress off of my pelvis and some lower back strain. I am not always in pain but if I am going to run a 50 miler I need to try anything I can to make sure I am pain and stress free. This sucker better not make me chaff like a mo fo lol. #recorefitness #fitsplint #50milertraining

My maternity (and immediately post babe) essentials are up on the blog! Third pregnancy and I have it down to a science what are my necessities! #jllooks #maternity #28weekspregnant

Diastasis recti. Start by wrapping that belly. This is homemade until the one I bought comes. #diastasisrecti #theblues #fitsplint #postnatal

I'm very picky about items I recommend to new mothers. These are hands down my Absolute Favorites. I can speak first hand from experience about how amazing they are! @lalabubaby @recorefitness @bambamboos @mamastrut #newmommusthaves #sootheshirt #fitsplint #bambamboos #first40days

My belly wrap came in today!!! @fit2bstudio recommended Mombod Fitness Fitsplint for active women. It's only been on about 30min but I noticed a nice lift and support right away! Three ways to wrap it, anti-slip/anti-roll technology and super soft fabric make it a very comfortable wrap. I'm excited to wear it the next few days and see how I feel through the day. I pushed myself a bit yesterday and was up this morning to meet a friend for breakfast so when I got home my tummy was feeling a bit sore, this couldn't have come at a better time!! I can use this post pregnancy too for belly support, I've always felt so loosey-goosey after pregnancy that having something to just hug that tummy close will feel nice!! I'll update in a few days! #fitsplint #diastasisrecti #bellywrap #30weeks #fitmom #fitpregnancy

This couldn't have arrived at a better time! Thanks @f4mcedarmill for the recommendation!! So excited to have this for instructing and work outs for the rest of my pregnancy ❀

Extra support πŸ‘πŸΎ
Good for:
Back aches
Bladder Pressure
Hip Support
Diastasis Recti
Pregnant Runners ------------------------------------
I'm not having a lot of pain anywhere. I mostly got it for support when running or doing cardio when I'm bouncing or jumping a lot. I'll let ya know how things work out as the weeks and belly progress lol πŸ˜‰

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Got "total body cardio" in tonight, with a few modifications for the ab workouts. Crunches don't really work well with a growing baby πŸ˜‚ #6packwillhavetowait #21dayfix #27weekspregnant #workout #healthymom #healthypregnancy #stayhealthy #growingbaby #fitsplint


Did you forget about me?! πŸ€— β€’
I'm still around.. and more round 🀰🏼- #running πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈhas become pretty uncomfortable for me over this last month due to a lot of low pelvic pain 😫 (shout out to the #roundligament ) β€’
I have recently ordered some #rocktap and a #fitsplint to see if they help with my pain since even a lot of workout movements cause discomfort - I'm still keeping up at the gym (not as much as pre-pregnancy 😜) modifying what I need to - but I get in there about three times a week with my #p2ofam and stretch A LOT at home with the #pups 🐢🐺 currently sitting at #24weekspregnant with our #babygirl πŸ¦„

My watch died at the first half mile. I was so damn pissed at myself for not charging it. Like "the miles don't count" "I won't reach my monthly goal." Etc all ran through my head. Took about 30 seconds before I said "omg shut up you used to run with a fricken cd player in your hand. Your first ever nine miles you ran without anything but just looked at the kitchen clock, ran, and came back to see how long it took. Shut up and run." Lol so I did. It was part of my normal routes so I knew where the mile marks were. With the way the world is we tend to get lost in technology. Just because I didn't do 7 on my watch does that mean I didn't do 7 miles? F*** no! Do I know my pace? Well by calculating the time I started and the time I stopped I would say around a 9:50 pace. No music, no watch, just my feet hitting the road and breathing. My mind was so clear. I felt so good. Best run I have had in a long time. A blessing in disguise. I actually follow and ultra runner who ran for the USA 24 hr team that does not log her miles or even use a watch like a garmin. I definitely need to just obsessing about my mileage because my endurance is there. I'll make that 50 miler happen. If my watch dies...who cares. It doesn't make me who I am. I will run, walk, crawl finish!!!
On another note...I got to use my new fitsplint. Omg prego chicks...check them out! It was so nice not to have the back pain, have to pee, and the ligament pain! Even if you don't run totally get one!
So 7 miles, 1 hr cardio, 20 min weights. Boom!
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Well it is official...I need to lift this gut hahaha. More to relieve the stress off of my pelvis and some lower back strain. I am not always in pain but if I am going to run a 50 miler I need to try anything I can to make sure I am pain and stress free. This sucker better not make me chaff like a mo fo lol. #recorefitness #fitsplint #50milertraining

K, Phoenix AZ friends..I'll be around Aug 16th and available for just a few in-home postpartum consults if you are interested!
ReCORE Consult (1 hour) includes:
-ReCORE Assessment -Diastasis Check and measurements
-Inner Core Coordination
-TVA strength test
-Learn how to store Intra Abdominal Pressure correctly
-Go over a few exercises to work on
-Advise on use of FITsplint if needed

Cost is $75 for the session. If you want to expand and do 6 weeks of online training with me for the full ReCORE program that is another separate option.

Feel free to tag someone that might be interested!
Great for anyone postpartum even years post...ready to get their core foundation strong again. You don't have to have Diastasis to have an uncoordinated, weak, unstable core.


#ReCORE #postpartum #coreexecises #diastasisrecti #FITsplint #postnatal #corefoundation #momstrong #recorefitness #pelvicfloor #runningmom #marathonrunner #medicalexercisespecialist #pelvichealth

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes we have to turn around, hobble or stop, but getting that foot out the door again is the hardest! I'm not just talking about running. We all don't have to run. I'm taking about the hard things in life that need to be done. I'm taking about getting out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves. I'm talking about speaking up. I'm talking about helping others out. I'm talking about dreams you want to pursue. .

Running a business is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm not a "sales person", yet I sell products. I help women get their core function and strength back. I hope I'm the person I wish I had around when I was pregnant 8-13 years ago.. I have a patent (me?!) I've been able to train many elite athletes! BTW, if you aren't already following @stephrothstein #journeywithsteph her inspiring story is amazing. .
I volunteered our product for independent research that has been going on for almost 3 years by a well respected university..who would have thought?! I have really hard days and lots of ups and downs, but I just keep trying to put one foot forward at a time. Sometimes I fall flat on my face. But I have many more ways I want to change the way women recover from childbirth, some are WAY out of my comfort zone, but I know we can do better and we need to do better and if not me then who? Things I thought would have improved 5 years ago hasn't...it takes work to change...so I will continue to put one foot forward and work on my personal goals and dreams. It's never too late. #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #medicalexercisespecialist #marathonrunner #recorefitness #FITsplint #research

Swipe left to see this clients progress on the Drop Test! .
1st video- mom is about 6 weeks postpartum and can't lower the legs very far at all without keeping the core engaged properly. It bulges within a sec.
2nd video- mom is 17 weeks post and finished ReCORE. You can see how she has GREATLY improved core coordination and strength. πŸ’ͺβœ…
This mom also learned how to coordinate the pelvic floor with the rest of the inner core. She learned how to store IAP properly. She's learned how to breathe properly. She has to tools to move on to harder exercises (gradually)
And her separation #diastasisrecti went from a 4 (3.5 inches tall) to a 2 just around the belly button (1.5 inches tall
This is what matters postpartum. STRENGTH, STABILITY, COORDINATION, FUNCTION. .
Not weight loss. .
#getyourstrengthback #momstrong #corefoundation #coreexercises #recorefitness #postnatal #postpartum #postnatalrecovery #FITsplint

My maternity (and immediately post babe) essentials are up on the blog! Third pregnancy and I have it down to a science what are my necessities! #jllooks #maternity #28weekspregnant

Happy day! We're back in stock!
When I emailed all the stores and clinics that were on backorder yesterday, one of PT's emailed back.. "Thank goodness ! We are so glad – we have had to try a few others and they just aren’t as good!" #growingpains
Maternity FITsplint -Great for general belly, back, bladder, hip and pelvic support
-Flexible to provide support without restricting motion
-Great for active women as well
-Helps reduce pressure on Diastasis, bladder and pelvic area
-Can be worn 3 different ways and postpartum as well
-Includes 5 important core exercises to prep for labor

Post Natal FITsplint
-Splints stretched out abdominal muscles and tissue without restricting breathing patterns
-Great for Diastasis Recti
-Gentle support postpartum/c-section
-Includes 5 important core exercises to help aid recovery and strengthen, stabilize and coordinate the inner core

#postpartum #postpartumrecovery #diastasisrecti #ReCORE #FITsplint #womenshealth #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #runningmom #bellysupport #maternitysupport #abdominalwrap #splint

Got an email from a client who took a little bit longer to finish the 6 weeks. She didn't have to email me, but I love hearing from clients, even if it has been a while. PS - and it is totally fine to take longer than 6 weeks doing ReCORE :) "I am SO PLEASED with how much it has improved my core. I started with a 4 finger gap with wiggle room and am now barely a 2! It's pretty insane that I've probably never used my core 'properly' until this program, the exercises and the foundation really helped my body figure out how to put itself back together (literally!) can't wait to keep using these exercises and implement a more intense workout regimen with a great foundation. Thank you so much!! I'm recommending it to every pregnant or postpartum person I know." - Julia, online ReCORE client


#recorefitness #fitsplint #medicalexercisespecialist #postpartum #diastasisrecti #diastasis #postnatal #womenshealth

Giving this mom a new variation as she works on improving her inner/outer core strength. Her core with Diastasis isn't quite ready for lower push-ups but she is getting there! #functional #progressioniskey #diastasisrecti #ReCORE #FITsplint #medicalexercisespecialist #postpartum #postnatal #coreexercises #momstrong #womenshealth

Forgot to post what the ReCORE Fitness t-shirt looks like! Send us a pic of you running today on #globalrunningday for a chance to win a t-shirt! Post your pic and tag #recorefitness or #FITsplint as well! #runningmom #momrunner #momstrong #pregnancy #postpartum #womenshealth #runningcommunity #diastasisrecti #bellysupport #fitpregnancy

Any Former/current ReCORE or FITsplint moms getting their run in today on #globalrunningday? Send us your pic running! Tag #recorefitness or #FITsplint for a Chance to win a ReCORE T-Shirt!

#runningmom #fitpregnancy #globalrunningday #pregnancy #womenshealth
#momrunner #momstrong #bellysupport #postpartum #diastasisrecti

A #pregnantrunner essential- a support band for your growing belly! So many benefits πŸ™ŒDon't forget to read my running while pregnant tips and tricks on the blog- the link for this support belt is there! It's a game changer- and can even be used post baby while your abs are a wreck πŸ‘πŸ’• #ajrunsaround

Don't forget to take care of you!! Mothers Day Sale 10% off through Monday the 15th on the ReCORE Download Program (6 week inner core reconditioning) or the Post-Natal FITsplint!

Use code "mothersday10" in checkout.
Get your inner core strength, coordination, stability and function back.
Learn how to strengthen your core from the inside out! It's never too late...tag someone that might be interested.

LINK in Bio- www.recorefitness.com

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"I used the FITsplint after transitioning from a belly bandit--really wish I would have known about the maternity splint " - Bonnie

Thank you Bonnie for sharing how the Maternity FITsplint helped during your 2nd pregnancy. She told me she was inspired by @stephrothstein story and her willingness to bring to light the need to improve healthcare for women during pregnancy and postpartum.
This NEEDS to be standard practice for women 1) to be checked for postpartum issues (see pelvic floor PT) and 2) referred to a core reconditioning program first before being cleared for "typical exercise" Even if there are no injuries present, women are still dealing with lack of inner core coordination, strength and stability, that can result in issues later on. Yes, a support can help reduce stress on the tissue during pregnancy. Yes, core stability exercises like ReCORE are important during pregnancy and postpartum to help regain inner core stability, strength and function.

You know how many women have said to me..
"I wish I would have known" "My body wasn't ready to run, but I didn't know what to be doing instead" "I thought weightloss was what mattered" "I had no idea my muscles weren't strong"
"Now I know how to lift weights"
"I was afraid to do ab exercises"
"I felt like I had to do basic exercises forever"
"Now I know how to move on!" #postpartum #corestability #ReCORE #FITsplint #pelvicfloor #pelvichealth #momstrong
#postnatal #pregnancy #fitpregnancy #womenshealth
#diastasisrecti #medicalexercisespecialist #runningmom #mombod

The hardest part of going out of town, is getting caught up on emails, shipping, re-arranging client visits/FaceTime calls. But I love it...more new clients to meet...more new babies too :) #postpartum #ReCOREfitness #postnatal #coreexercises #corestability #diastasisrecti #running #medicalexercisespecialist #FITsplint

Diastasis recti. Start by wrapping that belly. This is homemade until the one I bought comes. #diastasisrecti #theblues #fitsplint #postnatal

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