It’s weird....I absolutely LOVE exercise but I don’t always wanna do it😫🤔.
Some days my mind will think up every excuse not to go train. “I’m too tired”, “it’s too hot/cold”, “I’m too hungry”.
It’s just one of those things that once you’re there doing it you’re like... “oh yeah I actually do like this”.
Motivation comes in waves and it’s not always there when you need it, even if you’re doing what you love.
It really does come down to discipline. Knowing what you want and HUSTLING hard for it🙌🏾💪🏾. Outfit: @beyondyoga #fitnesswithfatty #postpartum #momofthree #momlife #homeworkout

The time has come my friends!!! I'm happy to announce that October 2nd #fitnesswithfatty will be back with a new edition of 21-day fitness challenge! I couldn't be more excited to share this with you!! Do you need help in your fitness journey? No motivation? Dont have time to go to the gym? Don't know what to do?? I GOT YOU!! You can do these at home, they're HIIT type of workouts and no equipment required! I provide all the workouts, videos and an awesome support system! It's only $10 to sign up!! Leave your email below (do not put .com). Join me next Monday, tag a friend and let's get @stronger together (mentally & physically) 🙌🏾💪🏾 #fitmom #postpartumfitness #positivevibes #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #mondaymotivation #momofthree

I'm no Victoria secret model, but I can pick one up and squat her 🙌🏾💪🏾#fitnesswithfatty #postpartum #transformationtuesday #momofthree #fitfam

Core and abs comin atcha 🔥🔥🔥
Side plank - 30 seconds
Side dips - 12/side
Straight leg raises - 30 seconds
Reclining abs - 30 seconds
Sit-up hold - 30 seconds
Triple high knee hold - 30 seconds

60 seconds rest between sets, repeat circuits 2 more times 🙌🏾💪🏾 #fitnesswithfatty #fitinspo #momofthree


#Repost @stylefitfatty Your fitness level should never be based on a number on the scale or a pant size. Fitness is a feeling, a mindset and a sense of accomplishment! It's about leaving your comfort zone to see real magic happen! Happy Monday friends 🙌🏾💪🏾 #fitpregnancy #fitnesswithfatty #33weeks

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever you goal is, you can get there if you're willing to work. For those that are new to my page, I started doing a 21-day fitness challenge after I had Kingston! Exercise is something I'm passionate about and I have loved sharing my knowledge with a whole lot of you! I have loved the amazing community and support we have built together! So I decided to do another challenge this month!! All you need is some motivation, and weights are optional :) These are at home workouts that you can do whenever you want! I provide the workouts everyday!! Who's in? It's $10 to sign up!! Leave your email below and leave the .com!! We start Monday🎉🙌🏾💪🏾 #fitnessmotivation #fitnesswithfatty #postpartum

Your fitness is mental, you body won't go where your mind doesn't push it 🙌🏾💪🏾 1. Lunge twists - 12/side
2. Lunge squat combo- 21 total
3. Commandos - 14 reps
4. Plank L -12/side
5. Wall sits-30 seconds
6. Squat jumps- 30 seconds
Repeat 3 times total

#fitnesswithfatty #postpartumfitness #momofthree

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, even O knows how to do high knees 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
1. Squats - 20 reps * OPTIONAL WEIGHTS
2. Fast butt kicks – 15 seconds

3. Walking Lunges – 24 reps (12 each side) *OPTIONAL WEIGHTS
4. Lunge jumps – 16 reps (8 per side)
5. Fast high knees – 15 seconds
6. Mountain climber push ups- (4 climbers +1 push up) 12 reps

60 second rest between circuit
Repeat 2 more times
#momlife #momofthree #mondaymotivation #fitnesswithfatty

This basket of 🍓strawberries 🍓looks like a basket of little hearts full of love...so let us say it is❣️❤️ Each berry represents a heart full of love and gratitude for anything and everything you have ever done for me and my family. Whether an action, a hug, a good deed, a comment, encouragement, or kind words, these little hearts full of goodness and love are to say thank you! #peekabooplaytime #strawberry #strawberries #freshfruit #summerfruit

The big secret in life is that there's no big secret. Whatever your goal is, you can get there if you're willing to put in the work🙌🏾💪🏾. 20 squats
12 lunge twists (6 each side)
30 seconds high knees
14 push-ups
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 second plank

Rest 60 seconds between circuits. Repeat circuit 2 more times (total of 3) shirt: @yellowbungalowshop ❤️#fitnesswithfatty #momofthree

Getting back in "shape" after having a baby is no easy task. No matter who you are, it takes a lot of work. Before I had kids, I worked my butt off for 10+ years running track. Now I have found that HIIT types of workouts are exactly what I need as a busy mom of three. This is why I created the #fitnesswithfatty program, it is easy, fast, no equipment necessary and you can do it at home! We are starting a new challenge with dinner meal plans from @thefeast_mode May 30th. Our focus is on wellness and create a healthy relationship with yourself, food and exercise. Leave your email (without the .com) if you want to join us, $10 for fitness or $21 for both! #momlife #momofthree #fitnessmotivation

It's no secret that fitness is a huge part of our lives. Last challenge was a hit with the dinner option from @thefeast_mode , so here comes round 2! Our next 21-day challenge and dinner meals starts May 30th. We will provide workouts for 21 days and all YOU have to do is DO the workouts! You don't know what to do? I gotchu! Don't have time to go to the gym? No worries, you can do this at home!! No need for any equipment unless you want to. It will only cost $10 for fitness only or $21 for fitness and meals. Who's in!!?? Leave your emails below and tag your friends!! PS. Write your email without the .com. Also there might be a prize at the end of the challenge 😊🙌🏾💪🏾 #mondaymotivation #fitnesswithfatty #postbaby

You need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life. You are not in competition with anyone else, plan to outdo your past, not other people. #fitnesswithfatty #momofthree #postpartum

#Repost @stylefitfatty
#flexfriday #fitmoms
Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward🐢💪🏾 #fitnesswithfatty #postpartum #momofthree

If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit 🙌🏾💪🏾 #momlife #fitfam #postpartum PC: @richfaivaaaaa

Ready or not, here we come!!!! We are so humbled and thankful for all your support!! We doubled our goal and are so thrilled for our next 21-day fitness challenge that starts tomorrow! Dinner meals by the amazing @thefeast_mode , you will not regret it! There's still time to sign up, leave your email below if you want in!! Shoutout to our husbands who've been so supportive and encouraged us this entire time❤️❤️! Also huge thanks to @richfaivaaaaa for taking our photos, check him out!!! #fitnesswithfatty #momlife #fitfam

"Food, as everything in life, is all about balance. Food is life and life is food." - @thefeast_mode
You guys, we are completely overjoyed and slightly overwhelmed haha! Thank you thank you thank you for your support, it means the world to us. Our next 21-day challenge starts April 3rd!! There will be two plans, A) fitness only $10 Or B) fitness and meals $21! To sign up leave your email below (leave the .com). Also if you've left your email and you haven't gotten an email yet, leave your email again!! More about this and before and afters on the blog, link in bio! Love you all and happy Monday❤️ 🙌🏾💪🏾 #fitnesswithfatty #mondaymotivation #healthyeating

I have a confession: I've never liked working out. 😳 I have never been one of those people who could do it consistently. I've always wanted to for my mental and physical health but it just didn't work out (get it?? 😜).

Then something happened - and I have exercised every single day for a month! Want to know how I finally stuck to it? Having community and accountability. It has made all the difference.

At the beginning of March I signed up for a challenge (#fitnesswithfatty) that included a Private Facebook Group. I would check in that I had finished workouts, ask questions, we would cheer each other on and it helped me so much.

THAT is why we are including a Private Facebook Group when you Register for the Ultimate Lettering Bundle on Tuesday!! We will be in there answering questions, cheering you on & sharing extra demos. I know how frustrating it can be to not finish a hobby or challenge and this is why we'll be doing it together!

Of course you can do it all on your own (you'll have the videos to watch & re-watch anytime) but if you want to pace yourself and do it on a schedule with the group, we will be working through it together. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!!! Xoxo 💗-Lisa #hldworkshops #UltimateLetteringBundle

Fitness Update! I just finished my third #fitnesswithfatty challenge. I'm still counting my macros (not near as strict as I could be), exclusively breastfeeding, and am seeing slow and steady results. I just did an InBody Scan this morning and since January 2nd I'm down 14.7 lbs (12.1 lbs of which was BODY FAT). I'm so excited and ready for @stylefitfatty's next challenge that starts April 3rd. In the meantime, I'm going to do UJAM & Zumba Step/Toning to keep active until then. #ceciliaharvardgetsfit

21 is your new lucky number! The next 21 day challenge will include healthy dinner plans by the amazing @thefeast_mode as well as awesome workouts you can do at home! No equipment needed, but weights are encouraged! With swim season around the corner, it is time to start getting back in shape! We are here to help you kickstart your fitness journey! There will be two options : A) fitness only for $10 or B) fitness and meals for $21! Who is ready to get fit and eat healthy!? Leave your email below, we start April 3rd🙌🏾💪🏾 #fitnesswithfatty #postpartum #3monthspostpartum

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