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I see you my friend. You're overwhelmed and possibly struggling to find freedom in your circumstance.
I was there. I remember being miserable, stuck in my cubicle and feeling trapped behind my desk. All I wanted was freedom. I wanted to create my own schedule, make my kids breakfast and be home with my family. I was bitter and resentful of my circumstance.
After many years, God answered my prayers. Now I'm a work at home mom trying to build a business behind a desk in our spare bedroom. It's not even 9am and we've already had a melt down, 2 fights, a wipe out on a bicycle and I'm typing this from my 3rd to attempt to finally use the bathroom all while I hear my kids slamming something around in the kitchen while my husband is trying to sleep.
Sometimes I slip back into my mindset of wishing for a different circumstance and feeling trapped in where I'm at; wondering if the cubicle would have provided me with more peace.
Truth is,
Freedom is found in Christ Jesus
Freedom isn't found in our circumstances
Freedom in Christ isn't earned or rewarded
Freedom in Christ is paid for by His blood
Freedom in Christ is a promise of hope, a future and eternal life.
And, I'll take all that any day over a perfect circumstance.
If you're struggling right now because life just kinda sucks; know you're not alone and there is freedom, hope and purpose no matter what circumstance you're in right now.
And that freedom my friends, is worth it!

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I'm just wired for this. Love it SO!
Looking forward to passing it on... ♥️🎶 #fitnessteachergospelpreacher

I MAYYYY be a little passionate. #fitnessteachergospelpreacher

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You know you've been in the fitness industry a VERRRRRRY LONG TIME when you're cleaning your office and find one of these!! And this was in a drawer right next to a Latin funk cassette tape! What y'all know 'bout dat!!! #oldschoolaerobics #nasmopt #fitpro #fitnessteachergospelpreacher


Wifey @shakjackmack and I having major karaoke 🎤 fun on the cruise

Sorry Ms Jackson 🎶

La Familia ❤️

Some upper deck fitnessing, enjoying the perfect view as we arrived in Ocho Rios, Jamaica
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Leave yesterday in yesterday. Today is a new day full of opportunity! God's in control! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Have a wonderfully blessed fun day!
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Good morning sunshine! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 It's a new day full of opportunities of we surrender it all to our Lord Jesus Christ, our God!
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There comes a point in every person's life that you honor the integrity of God's omnipotence, the weight of His (glory) omnipresence and the is-ness of His Grace and you step up to the challenge of "patient heal thyself". The resources, people, and opportunities to live this life HEALTHY & WHOLE are probably right in front of you. But are we taking it for granted or taking advantage of its value? .
Friends I'll be starting a new group study on healing our WHOLE SELF: spirit, soul (hearts and mind) & body which will begin in September. (SPACE IS LIMITED) The study is @thewellnessrevelation and kicks off with a FREE 7 day detox in collaboration with my @revelationwellness tribe! .
The sign ups for the detox are on my profile! Stay tuned for registration for my small group! .
Feel free to comment below with any questions!.
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"When you pray, move your feet" ~African Proverb

THIS is why I move my body. Each morning, I TRAIN my mind to be present and READY my hands, feet, and heart to be ACTIVE in loving others. It's what fills my cup before I charge off into the unknown of the day. It doesn't simply make ME better; It is a small piece in the puzzle of restoration. Moving gives me time to contemplate how I fit into this holy work.
Praying is not an excuse to sit on my hands. It's a call to action. When I move in love, I find that this is exactly how I pray without ceasing.

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BOUNDLESS. That's the word I heard when I woke up. Webster's 1828 dictionary defines it: unlimited, unconfined, immeasurable, illimitable; as boundless space, boundless power. .
This month I've set my focus & intention on digging into Proverbs and unpacking the hidden things in God's word. Unhinging my heart to the obvious and surrendering to the possibility of wandering through His word, certain that wherever He takes me in it will ALWAYS be good! .
This morning when I read the meaning of boundless, I got excited about the way it parallels the character of God and the Truth that we are created in His image; by default it should describe who we are. .
Sometimes in all of our efforts to pursue passion, purpose and even God's promise; we lose sight of our true calling; to live as His beloved and make Him known. .
GO into all the world and preach the Good News {Gospel} to everyone. Mark 16:15.
Fear has this way of crippling us into believing that everything must be in place before we move. I'm not telling you to become loosey-goosey haphazardly tumbleweed but I am saying that you, having built your foundation on the One who is boundless, full of compassion and infinite patience; should put one foot in front of the other and MOVE! .
Proverbs 21 confirms my heart conviction that if we are going to do anything we must first recognize that it's His power that enables us, it's His love that holds us up and His grace that sustains us; and in THAT BOLD COURAGE we get to move toward the things He has placed in our hearts for a blessing this world cannot do without! BECAUSE He is boundless when we abide in Him; with our hearts set on doing His will, We are also boundless!!! #getinneractive #redefineyourself #gethealthybewhole #boundless #proverbs21 #mark16 #commissioned #revwellvoice

Choreographed cardio with Kara felt great!! @wellnesswitness #faiththenfitness #fitnessteachergospelpreacher

One of my favorite things about teaching fitness classes are the friendships that develop along the way. Nothing's wrong with working out alone, but we all need accountability now & then, someone to push us a little, someone to remind us to not get too crazy in our pursuit of being healthy & fit, and someone to count our reps for us...my rep counter & time keeper is my friend Sarah. Without this ministry we may never have met. Today I read in scripture how God says "2 are better than 1" and then it says "for if they fall, one will lift us his fellow" (Ecc. 4:9-10). This❤️is doing life together! Sharing your journey together. Keeping each other accountable. Sharing the struggles & celebrating the successes. Sarah gifted me this tank a few years ago & it's Ecc.4:9-10 in everyday terms, "Strong women lift each other up." I may "lead" these classes, but Sarah & so many others lead me in many ways. We all lift each other up and it's a privilege & blessing to be a part of. Find your tribe & love them!✌🏻❤️🙏🏻

#godisgood #godlovesyou

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