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Poster launching of inspiration "the runners club" by Mr Amin pathan (state minister of rajasthan government & RCL CHAIRMAN) at #FITNESSSQUARE


I started lifting weights after my 12th std., inspired by my bro Rahul
Tiwari. Then after 3 months I started my graduation in BCA & then my
gym buddies told me, you can't continue gym & studies together. I
replied: - I will try. In my final year, I won University Bodybuilding
competition & got selected for Nationals.

Then I joined my post graduation in MCA at SRKNEC, Nagpur which is
considered to be a strict college. Once again my classmates from BCA &
some of my seniors of MCA said that you can't continue gym & studies
together. I replied: - I can. In my 3rd sem., I won Regional
Competition: Kamgar Shree just 1 day after my exams & also passed all

Then I started my career as a Software Engineer at Nagpur where I
would work 10:00 am -7:00 pm. Once again my classmates from MCA & my
colleagues told me, you can’t continue gym & job together. I replied:-
I will. One year later I won Nagpur Shree(City level). It's over a decade of lifting iron so I decided to start my own Gym:-
Fitness Square, Nagpur & continued my job too & It was time for
getting married too, Damn...Once again married people around me
started saying that you can't continue job+manage gym+married
life+bodybuilding all together. I didn't replied, just gave them a
smile 🙂 I became Vidarbha Champ. in my weight group later that year,
thanks to my wife Rekha for the support she gave.

And this year, I believe it's going to be my best ever performance on
stage & thanks to my friends & whole family for supporting me. My 1st
show this year is FitFactor Audition, Nagpur.

Some people around us believe that what they can't, you can't achieve
too. But the truth is:- You can achieve, what you believe & your
believe become stronger every time you reach a new milestone.

My dream is to represent Bharat at the International level & earn some
Gold for my country and I know there are some people who still believe
that I can't, my answer will be:- Just a smile 😏

#kishantiwarifit #fitnesssquare #kishantiwari #iamfitfactor @bodypowerindia @fitfactor_india

Started training at #fitnessSquare
@wahaj_bhatti 's GYM Allahmdulillah back to healthy lifestyle #fitnessfreak #fitnessmotivation

"Rosso di sera, bella serata si spera..." Effettivamente... 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻🥂🥂🥂💃🏻🕺🏻#cenadellapalestra #fitnesssquare #amici

#FITNESSSQUARE.... Stairs climbing challenge at geparnath

3 successful years of FITNESS SQUARE GYM...Beautiful yet so delicious cake by Saahil Batra and Sagar Batra... #fitnesssquare #fitnesssquaregym #celebration #birthday #success

#followforfollow #gym #exercise #fitnesssquare 👌🏻💪🏻

Céu azul, brisa fresca e muito suor!As aulas de Treinamento Funcional ficam muito mais divertidas e agradáveis na praça! Para informações sobre as turmas: (31) 98570-6013 www.kdae.com.br #kdassessoriaesportiva #FitnessSquare #OutdoorWorkout #AcademiaNaPrava #AulasAoArLivre


Poster launching of inspiration "the runners club" by Mr Amin pathan (state minister of rajasthan government & RCL CHAIRMAN) at #FITNESSSQUARE


Doing impossible takes hard effort and work. It just doesn't come by easy.
It took my willpower, time ,guidance and every strenghth in my body to do this impossible task but do it .Lost 7.5 kg in just 28 days in Thick&Thin Competition , become a winner,also lost most inches.This could not have been accomplished by me alone,it was the guidance of my trainers and gym Staff,who help me push my boundaries and do this hulking task.So happy.. Thank you Fitness Square

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#FITNESSSQUARE.... Stairs climbing challenge at geparnath


Canon Lover ❤️🖤💜💙💚💛
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#followforfollow #gym #exercise #fitnesssquare 👌🏻💪🏻

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