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Day 2 Apple Strawberry :: 10-day green smoothie cleanse.

Happy Friday! Arm day done! #fitmom #bodybuilding #gymrat #fitnesssjourney

Abs check this morning..
We trust the process to peak at the right moment and that is this sunday. So let the magic happen these coming days so we can bring them crazy epic shredzz to Nationals 🙏🏾!! 4 days out, @hnnroel 👽

#3peat #nextlevel #physique #mensphysique #nationals #progress #aesthetic #aesthetics #fitnesssjourney #dreamchaser #shredded #ripped #abs #sixpack #conditioning

A workout with a view, a little work then time to hike and explore. I totally forgot it was Monday. I love what I do and I love that I can do it from anywhere at anytime. If you're not happy with your Monday views shoot me a message. I'll give you a sneak peak into what I do. Getting ready for my July challenge! Can't wait to see who's joining me! 👙🙋🙌💥👌💪

Cardio round #2 was not easy tonight but I got it done! Time for food & bed 😴 ... in all honesty usually I'm more excited about eating, but tonight I'm ready to sleep. 📌Remember growth and muscle repair happens during rest times NOT when you're in the gym. Everything that you do outside of your workout counts... this includes getting enough sleep, managing stress levels and having body work done (side note: I'm getting a long overdue ART massage tomorrow. It won't be a walk in the park, but it needs to happen! 😬) #cardio #legday #npcfigure #contestprep #5weeksout #bodybyoangels #fitnessmotivation #followme #fitnesssjourney #gains #driveprogress #lovethejourney

Gave myself a Sunday session by the bars today...feeling great right now....no gym no problem..
.. #fitness #fit #calisthenics #bars #fitnesssjourney #healthyfood #lifestyle #motivation #fitfam #gains #healthylifestyle


If you have ever heard the expresson, "you are what you eat"
Well that expression is not just words put in a saying.
We as human beings, have two choices every moring you wake up. Do I want to fuel my body? Or do I want to suffer knowing what I am about to put in will do damage to me.
The choice is always what you choose. But if you want to fuel your body right, or you need helpor want motivation for eating right. Let me know! That is what I am here for! Message me! 😊 #teamstrengthofthemind

A workout with a view, a little work then time to hike and explore. I totally forgot it was Monday. I love what I do and I love that I can do it from anywhere at anytime. If you're not happy with your Monday views shoot me a message. I'll give you a sneak peak into what I do. Getting ready for my July challenge! Can't wait to see who's joining me! 👙🙋🙌💥👌💪

After completing my degree in dance a couple of weeks ago. I'm being ultra GUTSY and starting a brand new journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher! I'm excited to be a student again. I loved studying at the university of Surrey & DMU with a passion. I'm currently collecting a number of literature resources/yoga leggings which excites me more than it probably should! I'm SUPER nervous. Anytime you step out of your comfort zone, it's natural to feel a little fearful. I'm nervous that the training will open me up emotionally in ways I haven't discovered before. I hope to deepen my practice, become even more ingrained with the philosophy and the historical events that had taken place, and eventually become confident enough to help others find themselves and their passion through yoga! 🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️ (slight bit of hair under my arms#90'skid😂)

More than 218 million people in the US alone are considered overweight or obese. Not including the ones who are unhealthy or unhappy with themselves. To some this is all they know. Very sad. What if I told you I could help you get out of that comfort zone. That with some simple nutrition and 20-30 minute workouts within 21 days you could see results. You could feel better. Build stronger relationships and have a huge increase in energy. We all start somewhere. I have an accountability group starting July 5th. If you're waiting for a sign this is it. ☝️💪🤗✋️👙

My transformation Tuesday. It takes time and we are our own worst critic but when we start to see the little changes that is what keeps us going. These are my little changes. I want more so I will keep pushing forward. My goal is to lean out a bit. I have the perfect workout for that. If you want to learn more on how to push towards your transformation Tuesday holla. 💪🤙🍑😎

And then they are in bed at 8 right after a glass of wine!💪🤷‍♀️🍷

Cheers to the end of Shaun T week. Brutal af. We all start off in a different place. Some have 5lbs to lose, some 50. Some want to bulk up while others want to lean out. Some want to simply clean up their diet and add fruits, veggies and more super foods. While everyone's goal is different we all share that common goal and that is to make a CHANGE! So stoked to be apart of a community where I can help others crush their goals while working on my own at the same time. It's amazing to look at social media and realize that you can make such an impact on others lives from the comfort of your own home. Getting ready for my July challenge! Wanna make a change? Let's do it together. Happy Monday!🤙

Long story short...let's not sugar coating a thing. This mom does not have it all together. This mom gets overwhelmed, stressed and struggles with the rest of you.
I got up at 5 to super rested and ready to workout...but life events happened and I didn't get started til 8!! Some things I cannot control and some things I can.
Working out today to Shaun T's Day 6 Speed 4.0 and Day 4 Abs. No weights yet...maybe later...maybe not. The only reason I would push for the weights is to get after my goals & be stage ready.
I do these workouts and try to better myself in many ways because this is one thing that allows me to have the feeling of accomplishment and seeing my body transform with a little firmness & muscles is pretty darn exciting.
If you are happy where you are in life change nothing. If you are looking for change...then now is the time to start. Do something today that your body will thank you for tomorrow.
#progress #fitfam #everyworkoutcounts #gainz #noexcuses #getmoving #pushpullgrind #fitness #fitmom #strongwomen #bodybuilding #fitnesssjourney #healthy #happyplace #icaniwill #momof4 #fitlife #running #sculptingsuccess #madeintheusa #doit #beanexample #whynotyou #shauntweek #goals #fitnessaddict #shaunt

Set my alarm for 4:30 this morning because I knew this day was going to be long and busy! I'm on my last leg. 2 more hours and I get to have wine. May as well push myself while I'm waiting for my class to arrive. 🥂

There are 1440 minutes in a day and I am making sure that a few minutes are spent to better myself.
I do what makes me happy in each day. Personal habits start with YOU!!! #buildchestandtris #bodybeast #fitnessaddict #fitfam #bodybuilding #buildingmuscle #bod #believe #fitnesssjourney #momof4 #mindset #game #weightlifting #bodybuilding #

When you have no idea your boyfriend is snapping pictures of you working out then sends it to you later with #thestruggleisreal as the message. 😤🤷‍♀️😩

Because it's partner day in my squat challenge!!! There's no one I'd rather squat with on my back!🤗 @amyysouth

When are you more likely to skip a workout? Monday? This just made my day! Day #1, Insane Basics✔️. Fitness + Nutrition + Support = A HEALTHIER YOU! You'll get all three in my next challenge group so you can get the results you've always desired! Interested? 👙

Somedays I cannot control my anxiety and today I refused to let that stop me from trying to reach my goals.
I use to run for therapy but now I use my home & a little weights. This girl is getting stronger & goals to crush.
#doitforyou #goalcrushing #sculptingsuccess. 🎯#progress #gainz #noexcuses #getmoving #pushpullgrind #fitness #fitmom #strongwomen #girlswholift #beachbodycoach #fitnesssjourney #healthy #happygirl #bodybeast #fitness #fitgirl #icaniwill #strongmom #fitnessaddict #bodybuilding

These two had a little fun with the battle ropes today! I love what I do! @mrs_obarr @blairski1084 #badasses

#ponunporridgeentujueves no se me ocurre mejor manera de empezar el día😉
Gachas fresquitas💦 esta vez de chocolate, naranja y coco
Ponemos agua a hervir con una rama de canela y corteza de naranja, añadimos 10g de harina de coco, 20g de copos de avena, 20g de harina de avena sabor nutella y 5g de cacao desgrasado. Removemos hasta lograr el espesor deseado, añadimos 120g de claras y hacemos espesar de nuevo. Next day➡️añadimos 50g de #ecomil de coco
Toppings➡️naranja bañada con cacao desgrasado y aceite de coco y coco laminado

#breakfast #porridge #delicious #fitfatgirls #porridgeobsessed #chocolate #coconut #orange #eattogrow #eatclean #healthyfoodidea #eat #healthyanddeliciousfood #fit #fitmom #fitnessaddict #fitness #fitnessmoms #motivation #lovefit #fitnesssjourney #imintheway #lovingbreakfast #lovingthisstyleoflife

I wanna know what you had for breakfast. Me? Oh, I had 9 servings of fruits and veggies, 75 superfoods, all my vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and I have a shit ton of energy! I'm stoked. Happy hump day! What cha got? 👌🤘👍🤙💪🤷‍♀️🙌😃

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