I've been feeling a little under the weather the past week with a throat and sinus infection... So iv broken out the hot freshly squeezed lemon, golden syrup and a drop of doterra ginger. Im always at my worst at night so this has been a god send to soothe my throat and stop the nasty cough 😷 I actually havnt had a cold in years so was surprised when this popped out of nowhere....I will definitely be diffusing #easyair tonight to help me breathe deeply and UN-clog those sinuses 🤧

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us Audrey!

When you all do C R A Y at the same time 🤣 thanks for having me as an ambassador for the day @theperthwellnessfestival @ecoluxevents @themoderndaywoman_ @bareandwilde so much fun with all the amazing peeps, having great chats & hearing so many inspiring stories. What a day, time for bed, even tho it’s not even 4pm 🙈😍🙏💕 such a nana y’all...here I’m partying with @keeping_up_with_karolina_ @tullylou @bareandwilde @themoderndaywoman_

Tried my first Kombucha brew with C O F F E E today! Pretty spot on in the flavour department 👊💕🙌 thanks @alewife_kombucha

I love this...be, see & do Love 😍

“There is a middle way where you neither sleep, nor are you awake. You are neither exerting nor are you totally relaxed. Where wakefulness meets slumber, where day meets night and where night meets day are times regarded as auspicious for meditation. But the beauty is that it is neither this nor that, when it is a middle path between these two it demands constant attention. Attention arises only when there is no tension, but where there is total inner awareness.” Swami Venkatesananda’s commentary accompanying his translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 🙏 (and from Wednesday’s guided meditation 💕)
Every yoga class I teach ends with a 20 minute guided meditation to thoroughly transition from our asana (movement and postures) focused part of class towards deep relaxation. As we practice in the evening this is a perfect preparation for sleeping and often students will say that their quality of sleep is enhanced on evenings that they practice yoga, as it was for me for so many years and why I particularly love an evening yoga class 🌙😴🌱
Learning how to transition from an active day energy into a passive night energy lets us yield to the calls from our mind and body for rest and it’s so important for the quality of your sleep to allow that gradual and smooth transition, similarly the gradual transition to waking is also important.
yoga in Caversham (5 min from Guildford town center) is 7pm every Wednesday 🙌🏻 come and replenish your energy and realign yourself in this gentle mid-week class which embraces the night energy of tranquility and rest. .
Beginners and new students are very welcome no need to book just come along 😊 all equipment supplied 🧘‍♀️ More details are at www.yogiseast.com or please call or message me to discuss anything you need, I’m always happy to chat about classes if you need to. .
Enjoy your night, see you soon perhaps x Melissa
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Happy Little Flyers!

Putting the new strip of functional area at Roar to good use with a little leg crushin prowler and some floor movement. Every time, and I mean everytime that I finish a weights session I finish it all up at the 'functional' place lol cause there is no better way to spend the little energy you have left. #roar #roar24/7 #roarfitness247 #bodyweightmobility #bodyweight #bodyweightworkout #functional #animalflow #strongkrawl #movementfirst #prowler #legtraining #flexibility #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessperth #fitfam #fitfamperth

Australian grown, Australian ingredients and Australian made. Your protein powder of choice, now available at the link in bio @sportsfinda

Totally crushing over Perth City’s newest Pilates studio @heartbeat.high ❣ Do yourself a favour and check it out in my story. All of the details 😍 Congrats you geniuses @phowoods @oliviastell

On ya Avo

We are all guilty of negative thoughts around exercise and food. "Oh I can't believe I ate all that cake so I better exercise twice as long tomorrow".🤔 We often beat ourselves up over what we have eaten and then fuel the guilt with a consequence/punishment, which is exercise.
Instead we need to think of exercise as positive experience. Something that we enjoy and that makes us feel GREAT! That is exactly why I love The Jungle Body Program. 💙 It doesn't feel like a chore and that I 'have to do it' in order to treat myself occasionally. I do it because my body and my mind feel AMAZING from it! 🙌 .
🔹️Tuesday 6.30pm. Priestly Hall. Guildford Grammar Preparatory School.

#positivemindset #loveyourbody #thejunglebody #fitnessfun #feelamazing

Setting the bar high from day one. #funfact #funfactfriday #cricketaustralia

✖️SMILE ✖️ It’s almost the weekend, flashback to our KONGA v BURN Class earlier this month! Look at you all smiling 🤩

Class is ON tomorrow, so don’t miss it! DM me for song/routine requests 😘🤗 Have a great day babes!
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BARBARA: Member/Anaesthetist.
A: I joined Boom 8 years ago when we moved to Melville. I loved the old, small gym. I still miss it* (*We started Boom in a little 50m2 room in Melville in 2006)
A: Boom keeps me focused, organised and brings structure into my life. I would be lost without my weekly Boom routine. I feel I am part of a big family. Adam and other trainers always make me feel important when I am there and feel good about myself.
A: Boom helped me through some challenges in life. I became not just physically but mentally stronger over the years with them. Pregnancy, broken ankle, chronic pain for 2 years and finally hip replacement, all the hurdles I managed to get through with the boys over the years. My biggest achievement has been that I have never felt I would ever ‘give up’. I have not just wanted to keep going but also to challenge myself as much as possible.
While I am still in the rehabilitation phase after my hip operation, my goal is to get back to normal this year. I would love to enjoy training and any movements without pain. I also would like to be stronger than my most loyal training partner Taz* (*Taryn’s Bio was a few posts ago)... No Chance for that though lol #boomfitness #builtbyboom

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