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~A un individuo motivado el cambio no lo saca del camino, ✨podemos encontrar muchas personas que nos inspiren 🥇alguien que nos envuelva con su energía 🚴‍♀️pero la verdadera motivación está en nosotros mismos 🙌 Las personas con sentimientos positivos sobre su vida y su potencial encuentran razones para estar y mantenerse saludables, 🍏 se motivan hacia cosas grandes, van en busca de cosas nuevas y mejores 🏆Nadie mejor que tu sabe que es lo que te mueve, lo que te induce al esfuerzo aférrate a eso cada día y vas a ver como cada pequeño logro te acerca cada vez más a tu objetivo. 💪🏻

Когда ты 174 см, не забывай влезать в кадр целиком😜✂️
А у меня очередной прогресс- по минус 2-3 сантиметра ВЕЗДЕ за 10 дней🙈😍😁
Формула простая, известная всем: спорт+питание+массаж=👍🏻
И самое главное- превратить это в привычку, чтоб это стало твоим образом жизни,-именно тогда ты начнёшь любить себя, своё тело, поймёшь, что спорт- это не вынужденная мера, а неотъемлемая часть твоей жизни ✊🏻
Питаюсь я теперь раздельно: никакого совмещения белков с углеводами, два раза в неделю устраиваю чисто белковые дни🍗🥗, исключила молочку (иногда творожок по утрам) и пью много воды💦
Сегодня брат в гости приезжает-вот это реальное испытание для желудка и моего орхэа🌰🙈
И да!! Насчёт физ. нагрузки! Сейчас я решила попробовать новый вид тренировок -EMS- electronic mio stimulation💪🏼🔌🔋 эффект просто ошеломительный😱
Рассказать вам?🤗 показать?😉 пиши в комментах интересующие вопросики❤️⬇️
И Не забудь сердечко подарить😘 😉

Всем привет! 😎☀️
Актуальная форма 😉🌟
Goodnight 😘
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Ran 3 miles on a trail with several inclines for the first time! Not only that but I did it in 30 minutes! 😃I'm so proud of myself! 🤗As I was doing my 3rd lap around I was feeling very tired but I started to remember how when I started running I could barely do 1 minute of non-stop running. So if you're barely starting to run & you feel like you "can't do it," don't get discouraged. It takes time, practice, & patience. At first I didn't know how to approach running, I just knew I wanted to run. I used the C25K to help me. It has honestly made a huge difference & I strongly recommend it. 😊
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I've gotten a lot of questions about my workout routine so I'm working on a big fitness post to share with you guys - stay tuned! This outfit is from @Ideology at @Macy's and I love how versatile and comfortable the pieces are. I wear these leggings with an oversized tee when I'm not working out too! #BelieveinMovement #sponsored

I'm gonna throw it way back to when I was a baby! I think I was 6months old in this picture, I was a fat baby, not a care in the world. My mom said I got sick shortly after this and the fat actually saved my life. Who would of thought that fat could save a life at one point and then at another point cause damage to a persons body and health.
If I could go back and talk to a 10 year old me I would tell me to stay active and take care of myself because waiting until you are 39 years old to get into shape sucks ass! I have to work harder and be stricter on myself, I need to be more consistent with everything I do and I can slip up every now and then, but It can only be for a day or 2 otherwise the weight starts to creep back on.
To the men and women who are in their late 30's and are just now deciding to lose weight, get in shape or just be healthy hang in there it can be a struggle, but the struggle is worth it. #throwbackthursday #fatbaby #neversettle #legionnaire #legionofboom #inspire #hardworkpaysoff #consistency #struggle #weightloss #journey #fit #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmom

Moms spending time with their grownup girls, Zach is back!!!

🍍 @doramolina & @thuylan_pham enjoying their summer in @matachicabeachwear

Feels AMAZING to be able to run a little again!! It's been almost a year since my concussion at Team Ninja Warrior. Still have a long way to go but I'm getting there.
Took my app workout outside today! Walk/run with functional training stops at the park benches. A couple boys flipped their canoe. Their mom was NOT interested😂😂
Try out my full body or grip program, designed for all starting levels. Link in bio💕

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Digging in tonight.
I didn't meal prep this weekend & now my life feels like pure chaos. Time to go back 100%!

Thumbs up as we head off to our top secret photo shoot!! 👍🏻👍🏻❤️☀️ Farm land here we commmmme 😁🙌🏼🌲🌲🌲🐾🐄🐄

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