Hello Galveston! Hello beach!
There is nothing quite like the beach. Sand. Sun. Waves. It’s that sense of wonder and realization that we are just a tiny speck. When I sit on the water’s edge I sometimes wonder how far that water has traveled that is coming up on shore that second. It really is amazing. Family had a great time visiting the beach my family has always enjoyed throughout the years - Sunny Beach!
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Changing In Time ⏱.
When beginning a new health regime, whether it be directed toward physical activity, nutrition/diet or even sleeping patterns.
Just know the results start straight away, but usually can’t be seen for quite some ‘TIME’ !.
Stay disciplined, stick to the course, trust your coach and let the body do its thing, in ‘TIME’ you will see the masterpiece you’ve been creating 👊🏻😁💯

#PlantMagicYogis ↠ Day 1
Hello all 👋 Starting off day one with a lovely hip opener 💕 .
🌿Herbal Hostesses🌿
💚Generous Sponsors 💚
@themermaidmade .
Posture Line Up:
❌1. Butterfly/Baddha Konasana 🦋
2. Locust/Shalbhasana 🐛
3. Frog/Mandukasana 🐸
4. Grasshopper/Maksikanagasana 🦗
5. Cobra/Bhujangasana 🐍
6. Tree/Vrksasana 🌳
7. Firefly/Tittibhasana 🐝
8. Lotus/Padmasana 🌺
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This weekend has been full of growth and development in myself and my business. I am so grateful for this experience and can not wait to get back home and start implementing some of the things I have learnt 🙏. .
Although my time away has been amazing I can not wait to get back home to see my 2 favourite men ❤ and of course get back into a proper routine of healthy eating and exercise. I have been pretty off track with travelling, lack of exercise and maybe or maybe not ordering fish and chips at 11pm last night to soak up the alcohol 😂. .
Luckily, I have my @balanced_bellas program to get me back on track and with our new Fitness in July program starting the 2nd July, I know it is going to make things so much easier with a step by step guide of exercises to follow + our new winter warmers recipe e-book to pump my body full of yummy and nutritious meals! .
If you are ready to make a change to your health and want an accountability partner 🙋‍♀️ (and you can be mine), lets do this together. Comment below 👇 or send me an DM 💌 for my info!

Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and wellbeing. The amount of water needed each day varies from person to person depending on your health & how active you are. If you are relatively active you would need to drink more to replace the water you lose especially after a workout. it is important to fill your body with clean, safe and pure water. Credits : Fitness Chef Jen #jenthefitnesschef and Cuckoo Water Purifier @cuckoo_sg #cuckoosg

Turkish Get Ups today in my training session.
1st video: 40lbs
2nd video: 45lbs
3rd video: 50lbs
4th video: 55lbs
5th video: 60 lbs
Turkish Get Ups are a total body exercise everyone should try to add to their training program. They will build great overall strength and stability.
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‘A quiet mind, is a peaceful way of being.’ Not quite sure who makes up these national holidays, but happy #nationalpinkday. 💗🎀💗👙👛🌸💗 #hotpink #weekendvibes #ilovepink #ibelieveinpink

🧡Truly grateful to have such wonderful opportunities to teach, help & motivate others to exercise & live healthier lives 💚 Honestly, nothing fulfills me more🧡

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