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😅💥1 year of diet vs. 1 week of fck it 💥😂
When you take a full week off from the gym to eat your favorite foods. Who else can relate!? - @alecsantana
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When the PRE WORKOUT strong AF !💥😂
(Tag A Gym Partner)

w/ @Theflexbros @erikofit @jeff_fitness

Tag a friend that has all the latest workout euipment and they barely use it! 😂😂 #goharderathletics #fitness #lol #fitnesshumor

I made this post earlier today but it got taken down for some violation so I changed the words on the picture. Check my story if you want to see the original words 😉.
Would you ever accuse the guy on the left of not being natural? I doubt it. You'd probably want to give him lifting advice and tell him his shorts are ugly. But when people see the picture on the right, the accusations fly in. The funny thing is I weighed way more on the left than on the right.
But on the left, I was in that in between stage where I wasn't very lean or bulky so I didn't look big or shredded. Combine that with an unflattering shirt, bad lighting, and cold temperatures (hiding those veins), I just look normal. Now, compare that to the picture on the right which was taken in perfect conditions. I was in peak shape, had a tan, a pump, good lighting, good angle, and professional photographer.
So, what's my point? I'm natural I swear...please believe me! 😂 Haha but seriously, the point is you can never judge anyone from a single picture. There are so many factors to take into account to really get the full context. Despite some people on here being convinced I must be using something no matter what I do or say, I've met some of you in real life and I think you could vouch that I look pretty natty.
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Walking into the gym this morning like 🙌🏻

When you get your first cheat meal 😈 @bodybuilding


Never had hitting the gym and doing laundry been so important 😂😎 @realronniemagro

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Good morning All😁
And Happy Friday🤗TGIF

Here's some Friday Fitness Humor😆 I saw this and thought it was funny.😂 Hey smile, allow sound to follow and contract those abs...that's called laughter🤣

Enjoy your weekend!
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I’m skippin straight to page 16... cause, well, true adulthood is realizing you don’t have to have a reason to bake a cake 🤷🏽‍♀️ #balance

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