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Suns out buns out 🍑☀️

Respect to this guy 💪🏻👏🏻
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Credit goes to: @mmazach

Standing straight vs. Classic booty pose. I've been lower body obsessed since I started lifting. What lit the fire under my booty? Maybe it was the guy that told me I could be a model from the waist up 😑, or the girl behind me in the grocery store that whispered (ok, maybe not whispered because I heard it) to her friend that I was showing off my cellulite, or the reflection of two guys in the Subway sneeze guard that I could see making silent commentary on my butt (and not in a good way). I know it shouldn't matter what people think but I was already very self conscious of the way I looked so those things hurt. But it was also those experiences that gave me a little extra push to get in to the gym. So to those people, wherever you are in the world, I thank you and I also hope you're not as rude as you used to be.😌 #gluteobsessed

Who else wishes they could train legs and booty errday? 🙌🏻
I usually train legs twice a week, one quad/glute focused and one hamstring/glute focused. Here's what I did for my quad focused leg day:
🍑Squats: 4 sets, going up in weight until I hit my 1RM
🍑Resistance Band Squats: 4x8
🍑Barbell Hip Thrusts: 5x8
🍑Resistance Band Leg Press: 5x8-10
🍑Smith Machine Bulgarian Split Squats: 4x8-10 on each leg
🍑Leg Extension: 5x8-10
Depending on how I'm feeling after all this I'll usually end with some glute isolation work using resistance bands and cables. Happy Hump Day! 😘

Cardio doesn't need to be boring ! 🤣😄and you can do it while building your booty ! 🍑killing two birds with one stone 💪🏼💪🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤

When @rileytheshark is a harsh coach and punishes you when you mess up in your posing 😧😵 she really wants me to become the next @si_swimsuit model! So I guess this is my submission video!

I used to eat such low calories to look lean but I had no energy. I used to get bloated and couldn't stay in shape all year round. 😣

I tried nutritional cleansing 1.5 years ago & I'm so happy with my results, but more than everything always feeling satisfied, having no cravings, eating carbs with every meal. I'm leaner, more toned, my muscles are fuller & I'm so excited to start new girls on this program 🌴😀🍍🌺

For best motivation follow @bossgirlscertified 😱

I'm nowhere near as cool in real life. But the sass definitely lives up to the hype💁#ohlookanothermirrorselfie #sooriginalHC

Hiii I just posted an updated physique update to my channel! I also talk about why I don't like following many "fitness girls" on Youtube or Instagram. I find that following so many fit, lean, strong girls can be inspiring, but sometimes (the majority of the time to me personally) I just want it to all go away! Sometimes I feel like seeing so many super perfect-looking girls is like a constant nagging "HEY DONT FORGET TO LOSE A COUPLE MORE LBS" or "HEY DONT FORGET YOU DONT LOOK LIKE THIS" 😞😫 Maybe you will agree with me? I know nobody intends to put messages like that out there, but sometimes it feels like it! Do you feel like that too? I want to make my channel and instagram KIND to you, and not ever make you feel bad about yourself. Anyway, the link to my video is in my bio. ☺️💗🌸🍕

Hot 🔥🔥
1 or 2 ??🔝

When I was overweight I hated to look at myself in the mirror. When other girls spent hours in the washrooms, fixing their hair,makeup and cloths I used to look at them thinking they were crazy,but after I started exercising , day by day I started to like what I saw in the mirror. It was me in my purest form,my best self and finally I started to feel happy,I felt my confidence building up again. I gradually stopped 'hating ' & criticising & started seeing the beauty in others. That's when I realised; My God! This is what self love means! ❤Give yourself a chance to improve and you will amaze yourself.
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Bootyful babes 😍

What an experience with @lifefitalec tonight!! WOW! 🙌🏼 thank you @tarataylor_fitness...SO grateful for making me feel right at home and welcomed in Atlanta!! ❤💪🏼

Received the MOST luxurious bouquet of roses from @roseshireco and it's got me feeling like a princess 🌹🌹🌹 #roseshire #roses #workoutunicorn

That booty 🍑👌

Post sprint and ab sesh💦
If your gym has manual treadmills I highly suggest using them for sprints! On manual treadmills you are in constant control of your speed, just as if you were running outside. Since they are manual they burn up to 30 % more calories. I usually burn 200+ calories in 10 minutes whenever I use them for sprints. They are also motivating as you want to keep beating your previous speed. Last night I reached a top speed of 14.0 mph! Great progress for me!! 🏃🏽‍♀️💨 Try one out!

That back though 👌
@aesthetic | @bakharnabieva

#WCW is myself! 👸🏼 I am learning every day to love the body I have while I work my ass 🍑 off for the body I want. I am learning that it's ok to be scared to follow my dreams 💭, and I might get shot down a lot along the way. I am learning to believe in myself, love the person I am 💕, and spread love and positivity ✨ wherever I am. I am proud of who I am, where I am, and I am excited to see where this life takes me!
📷: @jason_nak_photo

Hello les amis !
Horreur aujourd'hui : je suis malade ! C'est juste un rhume, je sais, je devrais survivre. Mais j'ai pas pu faire le sport que je voulais faire c'est affreux... J'ai donc transformé ma séance en cardio/abdos. Et même ça c'était dur (en mode dark vador, parce que c'est chaud de pas respirer par le nez...).
Prions l'ibuprofene , le paracetamol et le pivalone, pour que ma vie s'améliore demain !
J'espère que votre journée était bien mieux que la mienne quand même ! 😂
Sur ce, je vais comater avec mon petit rouleau de papier toilette (pour me moucher, évidemment) devant top chef !
Préparez vous, demain je reviens plus forte ! 😠😡😬
. 😘💪
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