This is the only way i can see my toes! 😂🤣
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What you do today, will affect all your tomorrows. So make sure your actions today are reflective of the results you want tomorrow. Start the week off strong, and get in a killer workout 💪🏼 #IamLean #LeanAthletics #BuiltForYou

Killing it at the gym but not making gainz? 🏋 😞

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Eat clean, train dirty 👅

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When you forgot to put clips on the barbell and also forgot you put on 45's instead of 5's
Tag somebody that would do this ⤵️

Front to Back 🤙

Rewarding myself after last week hard work 💪
This composition is a blend of prestigious and rare essence. The method of maceration and home-made filtration testifies of a house which knew how to ally tradition and quality for 250 years.
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Transforming your body takes daily dedication and always making the healthy choices. Staying committed 100% at full force and support is what creates dramatic results! Thank you to my amazing coach who believes in me and in all things are possible. The sky is the limit with Coach Ashley, 3X Ms. Bikini Olympia @ashleykfit

The more you know... what an awesome day with @crossfittraining & @rayregno at the CrossFit Flexibility Seminar @willybcrossfit !

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Green today 💚🐸✅

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To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear - Buddha
And what a view, at the top of @theudaya @wow_takemethere @wondersofdestinations @gains

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