💥💥💥Same place different times. You see me smiling in both pictures. Of course! They were both very special moments. And anything that involves my family I will always be happy. But which picture shows a lack of self confidence ?? It wasn’t until I physically started tracking down what I was putting in my mouth and then reflecting back on each day with my energy level, my mood and how my body felt that I realized where I was going off.
For starters I was not drinking enough water!! Secondly the constant eating was more frequent than I was aware of. Like eating more every time I was stressed or everytime I had a glass or two of wine and I realized that it adds up and frustrates you.
But when you get detailed with it you realize the problems.
I teach my Challengers the importance of tracking and to be aware of their choices and why they are making them!! Do we need this eating opportunity!? Are we bored!? Stressed or tired ?? Those are the questions I ask myself all the time.
Tracking is key to success and when you track you progress.
The goal is to make every day a weight loss or control day!! Need a little help in this area!?!!👉🏻Come and join me on my next challenge. I will be happy to help you in Any way I can !! #beforeandafter #fitmomof1 #miamigirl #smile #happiness #awesomeness #choices #goodvibes #goodday #motivated #motivation #inspireothers #fitnessmom #fitmom #momlife #fitnesslover #fitnessworld #fitnessjourney #fitnesschallenger #love #hearts #amazing #instamood #smile #summer#picoftheday #stayhomemom #lovemyjob #homegym #momlife

Best way to start the week! 💪🏻 •

#mondaymotiviation #nevermissmonday #smashedit💪 #fitnesschallenger

❤️💃🏼It’s transformation Tuesday!
What inspired me to change my life and begin my transformation, was when I reached my highest weight ever of 1️⃣6️⃣0️⃣pounds. 😳

I'm a small frame woman and for me it was going to the extreme with my body and health and I new I had to do something about it. 😱It was time to take control of my life and start LIVING again.

My biggest challenge has always been myself. I talk myself into believing I can’t do the same things everyone else can. But the BB support groups are amazing and motivational for me. For once in my life I CAN do the things I love to do and that is to be active. The fitness and nutrition programs really helped give me the strength mentally and physically to believe I can do it. Now I don’t sit around and wonder if I can… I just push play ▶️and DO IT.
When I started my journey back in April 2016 I LOVED that there was a modifier for all of the exercises… that made it so much less intimidating for me since I was at a beginner level . I love how much energy I had at the end of every workout. And I LOVE the changes I saw in my body…
I have lost a total of 5️⃣0️⃣ pounds following at home fitness programs and drinking SHAKEOLOGY EVERYDAY and I'm happy to say I’ve kept it off for a year. I went from a 1️⃣2️⃣ pant sizes to a size 2️⃣5️⃣ in jeans , which I am ecstatic about!! I gained so much definition and muscle with these programs. But I’m the most excited about how I have increased my fitness level.
The biggest change is how I am actually affecting other peoples’ lives through my story. Friends and friends of friends have followed me on Facebook and Instagram , and watched my progress, and are now approaching me and telling me THEIR stories. It is so surreal to be someone else’s inspiration.
It gives me a new motivation every day, and it fills me with so much pride that I never had before. I didn’t just find a smaller/stronger body hiding inside there, I found a stronger ME.💪🏼 I am so happy 😀 to be surrounded by such amazing people in my support group working through with me. ❤️#transformationtuesday

Omg I’m going to love this new program when it launches !! I’m so going In with the VIP early access!! He’s hot for real and I’m going to look forward to seeing his beautiful face 4 days a week 😂 Workout was badda bing badda boom. In the blink of an eye it was over and done with. Half hour. Got my sweat on and feeling strong this morning. Happy Tuesday !! #fitmomof1 #miamigirl #smile #happiness #awesomeness #choices #goodvibes #goodday #motivated #motivation #inspireothers #fitnessmom #fitmom #momlife #fitnesslover #fitnessworld #fitnessjourney #fitnesschallenger #love #hearts #amazing #instamood #smile #summer#picoftheday #stayhomemom #lovemyjob #homegym #momlife #liift4

Good morning and Hello June !! May the month ahead bring you love, happiness and sunshine ☀️. It’s my favourite month since my baby was born in June. ❤️Happy Friday !! #hellojune #summervibes

En tu inscripción no te olvides mencionar RODOEXPERIENCE!!!
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#Storks100IceBurpees RULES ➡️ 1. Do 100 #Burpees. 2. Take the time. 3. Pour water with ice over you. 4. Take a picture and/or video. 5. Post your picture/video and your time on instagram. Remember to use #Storks100IceBurpees 🤸‍♂️ By entering you will be in my lottery draw ✨. Winner 🏆 is random. Time ⏱️ is only for #personalglory, but I will keep posting #leaderboard! 📊 The goal 🥅 of the challenge is to have #Fun 😂🤣 and to help eachother to be #creative #IceBucket and to push our #comfortzones #together 🙏#FreeleticsMotivation #FitnessMotivation - 🙌💪 Challenge is OPEN! ENDS: 🏁 26.06. (I pick a #winner send #funprize 🎁 26.06 📦)... #EVERYONE 🌍 is #WELCOME @Freeletics #Freeletics #FreeleticsCommunity and any other #FitnessChallenger #FitnessChallenge #Athlete #HumanBeing #FitFam #Competition #ChallengeYourself 😀🙌 See also #RulesStorks100IceBurpees

As someone who has had nothing but success with the 21 Day Fix, those little colour coded containers ❤️🧡💚💙💜💛sure helped me lose 50lbs and keep it off. But I felt restricted in some way, since I had to measure my food portions.
Some of you have been seeing my posts all over my Facebook stories 😘 about a new program which has been launched
Asking you all questions like…”Do you want to lose weight without exercising?” “Are you an emotional or stress eater?” and my favorite, “Do you want to eat 🍕 , drink 🍷 , eat 🍦 and still lose weight?” 👇🏻
Um, YES, like sign me up, right?!?! And so I along with many others have done the same.
I purchased the program last week 🙌🏻when it launched so that I could dive in and learn as much as possible and share with all of you. I’ve learned this :

This program is ❌ NOT a diet.
It’s about UNDERSTANDING how to lose weight happily without feeling deprived, cutting calories, counting macros, containers, or cutting food groups.
This program is a great way to change your eating habits and your mindset when it comes to food and working out is NOT ❌ required !! It’s considered extra credit. !!! I’ve applied her basic principles and I have lost 4 pounds in one week!! AND
Our challengers in our success group are seeing AMAZING things happen to them too!! If YOU would like more info, message me or comment below.

Coaching has done so much for me ❤️ It has changed my life both inside out. I have lost almost 50 pounds but what I gained is most important. I gained, confidence 😘 energy, 🧘🏼‍♀️happiness 😀purpose👏🏻 and a better, stronger 💪🏼 healthier me 😍

I’ve surrounded myself with a community of likeminded women 👩🏼‍⚖️and men 👨‍💼striving and this has made me a better person. I had so many hesitations when I started coaching. Did I have the time ? Was I going to be a good fit? What would people think of me ? Can I really do this ? Let me tell you, I have never looked back and I am so grateful I started this journey.
I would love to chat with you about what I do and how you could do it or how you can get started on your journey.

I’m always here to chat 🧚🏻‍♀️#2bmindset #coachlife #fitmomof1 #miamigirl #smile #happiness #awesomeness #choices #goodvibes #goodday #motivated #motivation #inspireothers #fitnessmom #fitmom #momlife #fitnesslover #fitnessworld #fitnessjourney #fitnesschallenger #love #instamood #smile #summer#picoftheday #stayhomemom #lovemyjob #homegym #momlife

✨Wednesday Vibes 😜 Fill your mind with good and surround yourself with people who lift you up 🤗 #goodvibes

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