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"You want to know the secret? The secret is hard work and sacrifice. Move more, eat better. You know what it takes but you have to decide if you are willing to put in the work. You can do this. You are so much stronger than you think!" @wisegirlgetsfit has been working out with us for years now - we even got to meet & hug last year at our California meet up! She is so motivating, and she's right; when you put all of your heart & effort into something, you are capable of doing amazing things. .
Find over 500 free workout videos, for every fitness level & goal @ #fitnessblender.com
#fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #beforeandafter

#fitnessblenderbeforeandafter The left one is me after one month of #fbmass, the right one is after 5 more months of #fitnessblender
I thought I did not make much progress before I saw those pictures, but my legs are definitely bigger now and my belly is more flat 👍 #slowbutsteadyprogress #fitvegans

Get fit and healthy. First pic 30th March 2nd pic 5th July #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

I ❤️ @fitnessblender & after reading this, I'm even more inspired because of "overtraining and dieting (and... disordered eating habits)" 👈🏽
All of this strength training is making me so bulky 😜 Jokes aside, I lost ~40 lbs by ditching overtraining and dieting (along with other disordered eating habits). Now I train for health, strength and functionality - I use solely @fitnessblender home workouts - I haven't even had a gym membership in years! I eat to nourish, & I eat to feel GOOD. There are no other secrets here; I don't use meal replacements, waist trainers, or weight loss teas, I have no diet "rules", I don't use fancy equipment (only dumbbells), no diet pills, I don't count calories, I will never again use any sort of wearable fitness technology, and I never, ever go hungry (seriously not even for a minute. You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry😜). This is a bit of a rant, but I just wanted to remind you; being healthy and fit is not as complicated or as expensive as most people make it out to be. It also doesn't have to be something that takes up a lot of your time (I usually only workout 3-6x/week for 25-50mins). You don't need 99% of all of the junk this industry is trying to sell you. You need your own bodyweight, some motivation, and maybe a set of dumbbells or music to get you through your workouts. Also remember that fitness looks different on everyone! Don't compare yourself to others, and try to speak to yourself kindly, like you would a friend. You are capable of making changes. Small changes can lead to big results; try doing something for yourself today that your body will thank you for; do a workout, drink a lot of water or eat a healthy meal. Better yet, do all of the above & repeat. #fitnessblender #FBFit #FB30 #eatrealfood #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

This month I did @fitnessblender #fbreach program, but I followed loosely (mainly the stretching videos) with my own routine implemented! Here's my fit test before and after. Couldn't be more stoked that I'm still progressing even after I thought I was in a plateau. Excuse the horrible penmanship tho 😅💪🏻 #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #workout #motivation #dedication

A lot of people have been asking if I've lost weight lately and to be honest I'm not totally sure- I rarely weigh myself and don't care about a number on a scale but I do know I'm toner and feel better. I've used @fitnessblender for about 2 years now but in recent months I've remained consistent and it shows. I didn't realize how far I had come until I saw this picture from January (also can't deny I had those vacation and holiday gains from Thanksgiving and Christmas so that didn't help😜🍴). Keep in mind I HAVEN'T SET FOOT IN A GYM in over 7 months. I do it all from home with Fitness Blender. Just wanted to remind anyone who thinks they don't have the time or money or diet (cause y'all know I still eat whatever I want) can absolutely do it if you stay consistent. Huge thank you to @kellisegars and Daniel for all your amazing workouts! #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #beforeandafter #powerblocks #HIIT

De här byxorna använde jag i november ifjol. -31kg idag! #lchf #lchfmat #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderworkout #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

After workouts that feel like failures and weekends full of sweets it's nice to look back and see that all that healthy food, great movement, and healthy habits really have translated. #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #whole30results #accountability #transformationtuesday

"Someone recently asked me if I thought finding @fitnessblender on @YouTube is what changed everything for me and I honestly believe it did. I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do now. I've been doing their workouts for a year and a half and I have yet to get bored with them. I am down over 100 pounds and I feel so strong and healthy 💪❤ Everyone has to find their thing and for me it's #FitnessBlender." .
I've been watching her transformation for a long time now & we were lucky enough to get to meet @wisegirlgetsfit in person last year at our LA meet up. She's so very inspiring, and she's right; you have to find something that works for you. And then, you have to stick to it! And for many people, that's the hardest part. But her story is a great example of what happens when you do. It's going to be hard. It's going to be a challenge. But if you put in the work, day in and day out, the effort you put in adds up. You can even make mistakes here and there - no one expects you to be perfect! Just start making slight, sustainable changes right now, and once those feel like second nature, start tacking on new healthy changes. You got this! And if you want to get fit without spending a penny, you'll find over 500 FREE workout videos @ fitnessblender.com .
If you have a before and after from using our workouts & meal plans, we'd love to share your story! Share with #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter or shoot us an email at service@fitnessblender.com #beforeandafter #motivation #hardwork


Back at it again. I went through a rough patch for a while where I didn’t feel like doing anything, let alone work out. But I took my time to rest and regenerate, and I’m back at it again! Here’s to progress, not perfection. #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #workoutmotivation

“First pic is me from two years ago. The others are of me today.

My friend recommended fitness blender to me, all 3 Rounds of 8 Week Fat Loss (FBfit). I've been doing it on and off for about a year and a half but I was being extremely lazy about it when I first started. I wasn't seeing results and I was eating anything and everything. So I stopped working out. I stress ate. Then I gained over 10lbs.

I decided to start all over from the 1st Round and to stick to the diet tips in the program. I'm now on the 2nd week of the first month of the 3rd Round. I've lost 17lbs and 2 (1/2) inches off my waist. I'm so proud of myself and so grateful for you #FitnessBlender!” Thank you for sharing @akua_letsdance! #beforeandafter #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

Just finished @fitnessblender‘s 4 Week #FBburn!
This is the difference in my body after a forced 2 month rest period, versus 1 month back into physical activity.

There's nothing wrong with my body in the first picture, not at all. However, I did feel pretty lousy. Stress manifests itself very harshly in my health & we have been under a great deal of stress for a while now. My health suffered over the summer & I ended up being in a situation where I couldn't do anything strenuous at all for almost 2 months. When I started back in, I actually had to do the low impact version of my own workout program because I was not ready for the higher impact. It was humbling & frustrating & entirely necessary. Now, 4 weeks later, I am feeling much better but honestly will probably not feel back to "normal" for another few weeks. That's perfectly fine & to be expected after an extended break.

Neither of the bodies you see in these pictures is better than the other, though I definitely feel a lot better in the second pic. Also, full disclosure; I tried to recreate my clothes, situation & posture as best as I could in these two pics. But, these changes could probably easily be recreated in 10 seconds by sucking in the belly; flexing in one pic but not the other. I know that #beforeandafter pictures can easily be misleading - that's not lost on me. But also, this was my experience.
Sometimes I get the urge to share these more personal fluctuations & life hiccups, and sometimes, I act on it; I want to help normalize the fluctuations that are inevitably going to happen in our lives, bodies & fitness. Injury, lack of motivation, illness, insanely busy lives, pregnancy, depression, significant life events - there is no shortage of speed bumps in life. Our bodies and our minds will be in a constant state of change. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. My main message is; never panic. Try to be gentle with yourself & try not to beat yourself up while you’re going through a rough time or trying to make changes to improve your life. Find the full story & over 500 FREE full length workout videos on fitnessblender.com
#fitnessblender #workoutcomplete !

Sorry not sorry for my progress pics. Its been a long strange trip but somehow I've stayed focused and its finally paying off. #Motherof3 #💪 #girlswholift #eatmore #liftheavy #stayfocused #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #fbbooty

Found a treasure trove of old (fat) pictures. I mean, either way I make a stupid face but at least the number of chins went down.
#afridgetoofar #imissmyboobs
#weightlossjourney #beforeandafter #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #myfitnesspal #transformationtuesday #eventhoitssunday

Ok so a ton of ppl message me how ? How do I loose weight stay motivated HOW?! Uhhh ..serious trial &error and an inner 🔥to fucking change
Ive been trying to "loose weight" what feels like my entire life I was always the bigger one and it was all fine but affecting me in ways that just wasn't worth it anymore ..this has all been trial and error - knowing there is going to b really hard times ,temptation,times when u mess up and eat shitttt...times when the scale goes UPP or doesn't move forever ... u just have to keep. Going. It's so much mental work ....
as well as eating good foods ,water &exercise.
No easy way around it...
And when u feel discouraged remind ur self u have two options -
continuing ur current lifestyle and continue feeling the way you do about yourself(could be good or bad for me BAD) /
can change to feel and be the best human vessel you can be for yourself ...in this ONE life we get 💓

Once i switches weight loss/number loss to life GAIN it all felt less like a punishment ...or something hard or somethin I needed to beat...
It turned into what the fuk?!! I want the best..no one gunna give it to me so ima FUCKING GET IT MYSELF
😋😋 u know what u gotta do
U know eating .6lbs of free bulk candy daily won't get u there lol
U can do this 🏅DONT get discouraged
Use it as motivation to keep on the right track
When it's hardest y know ur changing..
So fu kin. Deal with it

I've. Been wit this AccT for YEARS and whatever..
Every year I learn something new by "failing ,messing up falling off wagons etc" and I use it to come back harder.. USE UR DAMN MIND

"After 14 months with you, I have lost 16kg (~35lb) in total and feeling so much stronger and capable in terms of my fitness. While the workout videos helped with my weight loss, your philosophy on fitness and healthy lifestyle made a tremendous impact on me. I have come to appreciate my fitness level rather than focusing on my weight. I value much more about what I can do rather than how much I weight. I also realize that my struggle was not only about weight but also about my self-confidence and perception of beauty. With your help, I have found a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for me."
Love her mindset! Find over 500 completely FREE workout videos for every fitness level & goal @ #fitnessblender.com

My new favorite game is to find the fattest pictures of myself and compare to a newer, slightly less chubby picture of myself. There's a wide assortment of winners. (Get it? WIDE? ...I'll show myself out)
#littleearlybut #transformationtuesday #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #70poundsdown #15poundstogo #igfitmoms

Once again, what a difference a year can make! 25 lbs in 365 days and just a fragment of this journey. #facetoface #motivation #progress #weightlossjourney #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

These sweaty selfies belong to two best friends who just defeated @fitnessblender's #FBfit program! 8 weeks of training together while in two different countries and time zones was a challenge, but we pulled it off!! We chose not to post before and after shots because they don't matter, as long as you're happy with where you are right now and enjoying the journey. Plus, every after shot is just a before shot to a new challenge. Here's to loving food, getting strong, and not forgetting to keep our lungs open! On to the next challenge, #FBabs!! #FitnessBlender#fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

Consistency. Positive thoughts. Accepting what I cannot change. Surrounding myself with great people. Finding @fitnessblender Every day I'm working on my goals. Sometimes it feels like I'm getting nowhere, but I know I'm achieving them a little at a time. ✌️
#fitnessblender #beforeandafter #weightloss #consistency #workoutcomplete #healthylifestyle #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

had to crop out little man but there's a year and 70 pounds difference between these two photos💪🏼 #nsv #weightloss #beforeandduring #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #workoutcomplete #strengthtraining #weightlossjourney #ihateusingthewordjourney

🤓 I would like to take this moment to thank @fitnessblender for helping me feel fabulous. The numbers on the scale don't really matter but I managed to lose around 8kgs and 8cm off my waist. 😁 I don't really have a balanced diet and it's something I really need to work on but damn! I feel awesome. 😒 I might also need to change my workout program. I've done two rounds of #fb30 and have just started round 3. Maybe start doing more strength... 😩 It's so hard.... #weightloss #beforeandafter #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #vegan

"You want to know the secret? The secret is hard work and sacrifice. Move more, eat better. You know what it takes but you have to decide if you are willing to put in the work. You can do this. You are so much stronger than you think!" @wisegirlgetsfit has been working out with us for years now - we even got to meet & hug last year at our California meet up! She is so motivating, and she's right; when you put all of your heart & effort into something, you are capable of doing amazing things. .
Find over 500 free workout videos, for every fitness level & goal @ #fitnessblender.com
#fitnessblenderbeforeandafter #beforeandafter

On the left photo, I was not into health and fitness yet. I didn't even know what is burpees, jump squats, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, deadlifts, etc. Now, on the right photo, I am fit and getting stronger. I am doing a combination of HIIT, strength training, yoga, pilates 5-6x a week.
Thank you #fitnessblender for the free home workouts. I have been using your videos since 2013 and Im glad I have found your youtube channel. Im a fan since then. 😊 #healthylifestyle
#fitnessmotivation #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

January 2016 ➡️ October 2016 ➡️ June 2017

Although more of my workouts are at the gym these days, my moves and routines are still from all the workouts I watch on @fitnessblender. For years now I've been watching and working out to these videos and I swear by them. They shared my original #beforeandafter photo and I still have people to this day asking how I stay in shape and what I do. You can do these workouts from home and they fit ANY schedule. The most important step is to love yourself and your body along the way; I have always loved and appreciated my curves... if you don't, who will? The second vital step is to stay consistent. If you keep up with it you WILL see results (just ask my friends who see what I eat day in and day out). Thanks Kelli and Daniel! 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ #beforeandafter #fitnessblender #fitnessblenderbeforeandafter

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