3 month Membership and Glove giveaway to celebrate MarVill turning 3 months November 10th!!. *How to win*
One ballot :
1) Follow us on IG
2) tags 3 friends
3) repost on your account
Extra Ballot :
1) repost on your story
2) @mention us on your story post
(Contest ends Nov 10 and will be drawn live
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Always on the move 💨
[ 📸 @jjudelee ]

Simple, yet complex.
Words cannot describe the beauty in human movement. The creation of space. The integration of parts. The patterns of function. All designed to protect and give you more life 👌🏼
We are all perfect, yet we are all different 😏
#Myodetox #FutureProofYourBody

Tudo que acontece respeita um fluxo, uma energia. Os pensamentos geram emoções, sentimentos que geram ações. Tudo pode ser modificado para melhor. A busca do autoconhecimento não traz benefícios apenas para você, mas para todo o seu entorno. Mantralize (repita palavras positivas) na sua mente e veja os resultados no seu cotidiano. 🦅 Siga @detoxfitnessmind Veja imagens e textos motivacionais para desintoxicar sua mente. A dieta do herói que sabe a força que tem.

Tag your workout partner‼️ for your next hump day workout ‼️
Summer booties ☀️🍑are built in the winter ❄️. This is some old some new , some tried and true.
Swipe ↪️ to hear explanations of each movement. 🔸smith machine donkey kicks 🔸dumbbell Glute bridges
🔸Glute push downs .
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Do you enjoy learning new things or do you prefer tried and true?
No music with this one guys just raw footage of me learning new styles from my new trainer. If you been following my stories you know I had been looking for a new gym and I’m glad I found one much closer to my home with all the amenities I want in a gym. •
I personally love trying varying ways to work the same muscle groups. Switching up the routine is good way to break the monotony of lifting if you get bored easily and can also help break the plateau of muscle building. Though, I can be very uncoordinated when learning new movements 🤦🏽‍♀️which is why I sadly never pursued dancing lol. •
I will add that this was a real shoulder burner. So I’ll post a another vid when I do these again. I should be more fluid with the movement by then lol
. #FitnessMadeSimple #fitnessmeetsfun #fitnesslifegoals #fitnessmotivate #fitnessfrench #fitnesscompetitors #fitnessbenefits #fitnessatyourfingertips #fitnesschallenge #fitnessbc #Fitnessmotination #fitnesspassion #fitnessglasgow #fitnessbeyondthegym #fitnessdiqest #womensfitness #trainingwear
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Self care is the best remedy for a heart break 💔💝(read ⬇️⬇️ on) ——————————————
So you and the guy you’ve been with are now broken up. Maybe he loved you, maybe he truly didn’t... maybe it was the right person/wrong time and maybe you guys just weren’t compatible at all. Either way that still doesn’t negate from all the love time and energy you put into the relationship. So now in many ways you feel let down.. by yourself, him, or the universe as a whole. You feel extremely Sad, disappointed, and maybe a little depressed. Your world (or atleast many factors about it ) is changing and your not quite ready to accept it.. your not quite ready to accept anything. Your morning alarm goes off for you to get up and go to the gym but you’d rather hit snooze until you die.
Here is where my advice comes in my queens,
🙅🏽‍♀️Don’t Hit Snooze⏰❗️

Even though your emotional weight seems too heavy for you to have room in you to lift physical weight, this is actually the time when You need You the most. You need to go to the gym. You need to perform many acts of self love to help pick up back up and this is one of them. Sure a tub of ice cream sounds almost medicinal but once you reach the bottom of that bucket you will surely feel worse than when you started. •
The goal is to not only gain your energy back (that emotional stress can zap out of you) but to gain your confidence back as well. Break ups are bad for the ego and can cause us to create self doubt but focusing on how capable and strong you really are will help to channel all the positive energy you need to get through this difficult time. Also, keeping yourself in a routine will help to restore a sense of calm and order in what feels like a chaos.

Prioritizing your health is prioritizing your happiness. Not only will you see changes in your body but you’ll see changes in your perspective on life and maybe even discover the blessing in that breakup. And when you strive to be the best version of yourself, an attracting a new someone who is enthralled by your energy and spirit is almost inevitable 💜.

Core + Cardio
Perform each core + cardio superset 3 times before moving on to the next superset. NO REST👇🏼👇🏼:
1️⃣ 20 V ups + 20 jump squats
2️⃣ 20 marching planks + 20 split jumps
3️⃣ 20 alternating toe touches + 20 speed skaters.
How fed up do I look with @drew.kolb In video #4 🙄??

Já que hoje é o dia delas, o que podemos aprender com elas? 😍
Crianças podem ser brincalhonas, intensas, contagiantes, verdadeiras, exigentes, carinhosas, espontâneas, doces, fofas, leves, amorosas e cheias de luz interior que transborda no olhar! Mas, o que mais me encanta nas crianças é o poder de perdoar e não guardar mágoas. O perdão é uma atitude muito genuína, é algo nobre, nos aproxima do outro com verdade, com autenticidade e, principalmente, com humildade. O perdão é algo divino! No instante que acontece um abraço de perdão, somos inebriados por um sentimento totalmente intenso e partilhado. É uma troca de amor e bondade sem tamanho. É um ato que faz bem a ambas as partes. Que energiza, recarrega, alivia, cura! É algo que nos aproxima não só uns dos outros, mas de Deus, do Criador, do Universo, do que há de mais nobre no amor! Que possamos aprender a perdoar e sermos perdoados com a mesma facilidade e sinceridade de uma criança. Este é o meu desejo para você, para mim e para todos os seres. "LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTHU” (Que todos os lugares sejam agradáveis, que todos os seres sejam felizes e prósperos)! 🙏🎉🎠🎨🌟🚒⚡🚀🤩💖📿🐬 #gratitude #gratidao #crianças #mentetranquila #meditacao #poderinterior #poderdamente #perdao #perceba #autoconhecimento #expansaodaconsciencia #eusou #amordivino #harekrsna #psicologiaporamor #psicologiabalneario #psicologia #psicologiabc #arteterapia #viverbem #goodvibrations #positivevibes #terapiaholisticas #terapiasholistica #pazeequilibrio #fitnessbc

Can you believe that we have 2 members that have hit our MARVILL99 goal?

These 2 members/fam have been consistent in their 2-3 classes per day. They show us time and time again how dedicated they are to their goals and push us more and more each day to work harder to reach our own.
Congrats to Aoi and TayTay @taylorgjean for SMASHING this unbelievable achievement in under 2 months. (We’ve been open 2 months + 1 day) #wtf
Aoi & Tay will be admired on our MarVill 99 wall (still to come as I thought we had more time ... you savages 🤣) & both have earned a MarVill 99 tank to rep their success!!! Congrats you 2! We are so happy to have you in the family. You make us so proud!
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