15 of these guys to work up a sweat after my pull session. I’m heading to the beach tomorrow afternoon but going to hit legs and chest in the morning. Caps. In. 7. 🖐🏻✌🏻

you don’t have time for what you don’t make time for ✖️
All the time I hear,
“I want to get fit but I don’t have time to workout”
“I want to eat healthy but I don’t have time to cook”
“I want to earn extra income but I don’t have time to coach”
STOP and ask yourself what you’re making time for. How many hours of TV are you watching? How long do you scroll through Instagram? What *extra curricular activities* are you making time for that are so important you can’t make time for yourself?!
Listen. You can do a killer workout in 30 MINUTES flat (and you don’t even have to leave your bedroom). You can make an ENTIRE week’s worth of food in less than 3 hours. You can build a coaching business in as little as 15 minutes a day.
Every person in the world has the same amount of time, it’s your CHOICE how you use it. If you WANT something, you gotta MAKE time for it.
Comment “MAKE moves” if you’re ready to make time for you 🕑 Next bootcamp starts June 4!

Because sometimes you just have to workout in your sisters kitchen. #noexcuses

While I can be opinionated at times within my private life, I never put it on a public forum. That has never been my MO.

In light of a few recent events that have weighed on my heart with such heaviness, the latest being the Santa Fe School shooting, I decided to put myself out there.

Superhero movies, I am a bit of a nerd and love them! I have noticed there is an underlying theme in all of them...love. They are fighting for a people they love, they are fighting for someone they love, and in some cases, fighting to save Earth despite not being from it. The forces of evil in them cast fear on the civilizations and the response of our hero is to fight for humanity with love. I often feel this is a metaphor for the society that we live in. “Love casts out fear” so in times of tragedy, what if we responded in love instead of pointing fingers? What if we fought out of and for love instead of mudslinging and blaming “the system?” This is just the short version of my thoughts... #lovecastsoutfear #fightforlove #embracedifferences #lovebringspeace #sadheart #heavyheart

This week’s edition of #transformationtuesday... pushups! The first video is from February— after I’d already been practicing for a month. The second video is from this morning. I think it’s so neat that I’ve gotten so much stronger in such a short time 😍 Love this program and my focus on #strongnotskinny .
#homeworkout #30minutesaday #strongereveryday #strongwomen

Beginning to Grow the Collection #travel #fitnessandtravel #philippines #manila #torpeysfitness

I’m on week 3 of a 12 week program and I contemplated starting over. The last 2 weeks have gone to complete shit and I only did 5/12 workouts. Every bit of my wanted to go back to the beginning but I forced myself to keep going.
Back when I was a BBG girl, I’d get to week 6 or week 10 and miss a couple workouts and then start all over again. I was so obsessive and crazy about doing it “right” that I never actually finished. I legit spent over a year of my life doing a 12 week program and NEVER made it to the end because I kept going back to the F-ing beginning.
So, nahhhh ain’t falling back into that BS again! The only direction to go FORWARD. You don’t have to start over if you stop giving up!
Learn to move forward with me 📩 Message me if ya need help getting started for the first and last time, babe! XO

Take your time to build something you will be proud of!💪🙌
#BodyGoalsByBecca #FitnessAndTravel #FlyGirl #FlightAttendant 🌍 #SheDoesItAll #thickthighssavelives😍👅💯 #zoelifeornolife 🇭🇹


Amazing hikes past of tents made of rocks. Or nipples made of rocks. Or sumo wrestlers wearing santa hats.

Drink of choice: iced coffee
At the risk of sounding like a total lame ass, I had an amazing time getting fancy in Miami this weekend but sandals and coffee is more my style these days.
I used to get lit every weekend but there came a point in time when the anxiety I’d get from drinking just wasn’t gonna fly anymore. Like I’d go to bed, my heart would start to pound out of my chest and I’d be so scared that I was going to stop breathing in my sleep that I’d stay up all night kind of anxiety. Then, it would take me days to recover from no sleep and not being able to function like an adult human would only add to the anxiety 🙃
It felt like I was throwing my weekends and life away and that’s just not me. Time is wayyyy too precious for that nonsense. I decided to cut the shit and make some life changes, focus on my health and go back to school. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Since then I’ve uncovered new happiness, feel confident in my body, live more fulfilled, am building a future that excites me and now have the opportunity to empower other women to do the same.
If you’re ready to make some changes, I’m here to help. All ya gotta do is reach out, girlfriend 💌

Our little Savannah...sweet when she wants to be and sassy when she’s crossed.

Glad she’s our little “Sour Patch.” #sundayfunday #sourpatch #heelersofinstagram #acdofinstagram #cattledog #blueheeler #dogmomlife

Show me those 💪🏻! A LONG time ago someone asked me about my fitness routine when I posted this same picture on stories. Well, I’m finally sharing what I do to stay in shape. It works ... even with all my travel and the activities of growing boys (I’m not afraid to be the mom at soccer practice with dumbbells and a yoga mat). 🤣 You can read the full post from the link in my profile or stories. #youdoyou #fitnessforlife #fitnessandtravel #trainingwhiletraveling #gettingshredded

the kind of girl that chases the things that set her soul on fire 🌞
happy Sunday, my loves ➖ do something this week that lights you up inside ✨

Real talk— I can’t meal prep like this when I’m on the road! Over the next week we’re driving ~1200 miles, and I’m determined to stay on track 💪🏻
My go-to tips: 1) water first! Stay hydrated and you won’t feel as hungry 😘
2) Pack healthy options for in the car! I have a cooler with chopped veggies, homemade power bars (recipe in highlights), my favorite protein bars, and of course I always start off with my chocolate salad 😊
3) When you stop for food, focus on veggies and limit the amount of dressing! Any fast food place has healthy options now, you just have to make the choice 🤷🏻‍♀️
What helpful tips do you have for me??
#roadtrip #adventuresofthetravelingnurse #plantosucceed

w e l c o m e - t o - M I A M I ✨
Back to back bachelorette parties to celebrate my homies and I couldn’t be more thankful for a side income that’s allowed me to be fully present for both. Half a month of coach paychecks have paid in full for flights, hotels, outfits and festivities #pinchmeimdreaming

Holy cow today has been busy...like insanely busy. Backing up 3 co-workers and handling my own files.
I’ve barely had time to even think about eating, glad this shake is packed full of vitamins, prebiotics and flavour! Added some Spinach and half an avocado for some extra veggies and healthy fats. 3rd RTIC of water.

#healthiestmealoftheday #easiestmealoftheday #foodtogo #veggiesmost #waterfirst

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