3 of the basic leg exercises from my leg workout yesterday, was feeling tired and drained from a long week but kept pushing and had a solid workout 💪🏼 1️⃣ Barbell Squats: one of the most basic exercises and most beneficial, make sure you are pushing through your heels and glutes as well as keeping your chest up and back straight, form is everything with this exercise, and bad form can lead to lots of different types of injuries

2️⃣ Dumbbell Step Ups: I’ve always had tight hips and I find the step ups either weighted with dumbbells, a barbell or just body weight is great for stretching your hip flexor while growing your quads and flutes as well. Again focus on keeping your chest upwards and driving through your heel

3️⃣ Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts: Again you can use dumbbells as seen in the video or a barbell, want to focus on your hip hinge while keeping a neutral spine. Also try to keep the dumbbells as close to your legs as possible while coming up. If you want to focus the contraction more on your hamstring, bend your legs slightly like I did in the video

Message me if you want any tips or advice about these or any other workouts !!

Few Clips from my shoulder workout today! In Calgary for the week so hit up @worldhealthyyc for my first workout here with @paulina.p_fitness and it was an awesome place!! 1️⃣ TRX Face Pulls: One of my favourite exercises for working my shoulders but unfortunately my gym back home in Toronto doesn’t have any so I took full advantage of them today!! To perform you have to find the proper angle and foot placement first, this for everyone is a bit different because of different body types but you should always have lol the tension on your shoulders and not any in your legs. To perform pull backwards with your elbows and squeeze your rear delts and then extend your arms and push backwards with your shoulders!

2️⃣ Kettle Bell Farmers Walk: A great exercise for improving your functional strength! Easy to perform in theory but really tests your will power especially in the last couple steps when it’s easy to just drop the weights and give up! Pick up the kettle bells and perform a slow walk placing one foot in front of the other by placing your heel on the ground when you first step.
3️⃣ Oblique Side Raises: My favourite oblique exercise/stretch! Place one foot on either side of the lower back extension and lean down stretching your obliques and then engage them as you come back up to the top and hold for a second or two. I’ve struggled with lower back pain because of old football injuries and stretching my obliques like this has released a lot of the tension I used to deal with!
As always if you have any questions, want further instructions or want other workout ideas feel free to DM me anytime!!

Everyday you make choices that determine what you life will look like in the future, starting a gym routine is a choice that will improve your mental and physical health in the near and long term and can help for a happier, pain free, future 🧠💪🏼 -
TThese chin up negatives are a great finisher for your back or pull workout and really test your mental and physical strength trying to hold your self above the bar for as long as possible. -
Time under tension is the way to build hypertrophy muscle so if your looking to building leaner strong muscle these and other body weight negatives can be very useful💪🏼

Once you put in over a year into weight training. I highly recommend you upgrade your Set structures to a more complex design. For instance I found great success combing all rep ranges together on a standard Pyramid set structure. Then after any significant lift ie. 85% or more you will immediately be training Plyometrics with the similar movement right after. This will recruit every single muscle fibre, even if your range of motion has been struggling. -
This can be a serious game changer for those that have weaknesses or imbalances. The largest issue at hand for improving your squat is getting every Muscle fibre strengthened. Most people lack depth and Plyometrics will get you to that depth. Combined with box squats and front squats there will be no stopping you!

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💖 Fun Fitness Fact: Your relationships will grow stronger when you are physically healthy and taking care of yourself. 💪

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✨Transformation time✨
In the first picture I’m probably about 14 years old, I was a size 14-16, which is a pretty average women’s size and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I was so unhealthy and in such a horrible mind set about food. I had no self confidence, didn’t feel comfortable in any clothes that I would wear (especially on holidays like in this pic as I had to put on a bikini, which was my worst nightmare!) I felt so tired all the time and had no energy. I would eat and eat unhealthy foods and then feel terrible afterwards both physically and mentally. I would constantly compare myself to my friends as they were a lot slimmer than I was and I’d use this to put myself down at every opportunity. Fitness isn’t all about what you look like, it can completely change how you think about yourself and how you feel. I like to think now at 21 years old, I have so much more confidence, I like the way I look as I feel proud and have worked hard for my body, I treat my body right, I eat healthy foods which has done wonders for my self confidence and my self esteem. I have tons of energy because I’m fueling my body in the right way and looking after myself. Of course I still treat myself, but it’s all about balance! It’s never too late to start your fitness journey, even if it’s just changing a few small things in your normal routine ☺️ .
Credit @nurse_fit_laura
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Whats your favorite low-calorie treat?? Share below!
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Playing around with some snatches for the first time in ever. Felt good. Yesssss.

It's the time of year when you may be looking to get in shape for a holiday or other occasion...you've started working out more frequently and without sufficient REST and RECOVERY built into your programme you could end up in an Overtrained state ➡️ check out video for 5 signs that you could be overtrained...

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CARDIO!! What’s best for fat loss weight loss ?

If the goal is pure fat loss weight loss combination this is not a simple answer.

Most would think the longer you do cardio the more fat you burn - and the answer is YES but only in the short term - say first 2 weeks to month if lucky.

Ok the so short high intense cardio is better ?
In the longer term YES but high intensity effort over a long term can potentially cause the body to break down faster.

Short term high intensity efforts help promote muscle building or maintaining hormones - (GH) growth hormone - Testosterone
Long term cardio promotes long term cortisol which will make muscle atrophy- muscle break down.

Benji’s Advise ?? Periods of longer distance cardio and periods of short term cardio.
With a big must of weight training - this is the important part.

For fat loss and body weight reduction weight train combine with either cardio is extremely important.

You cardio’d your ass off now it looks like a pancake!! Yes you have to do weights to fill that ass back out 😁

Benji ❤️
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💁🏼‍♀️ Don’t let your insecurities hold you back ❤️

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MISS A WORKOUT by: @healthyand.fit_official
I am not all too sure where this myth generated, but it needs to come to a halt today. If you have ever heard this or believed it please tag a friend and help them!
Missing a workout is simply a part of life. Shit happens! But what happens to our bodies when we miss?
It is commonly believed that all progress we have made is gone, your metabolism instantly slows, and your body gains lbs of fat.
The reality is you haven’t lost all of your gains, your body is still burning calories, and you’re not a failure.
Heck you may have just gave your body some much needed rest, which could lead to even more progress.
How much is too much missing? I think it is a good rule of thumb to not miss 3 workouts in a row or attempt to train 3x/week.
You will start to notice some loss in muscular strength and endurance after about 2 weeks of detraining, but that doesn’t mean fat gain is in play too. That will all depend on your overall calorie balance.
So next time you miss sit back and relax. You are human. Not a failure!
I am going to be releasing a program you all can subscribe to. It is also going to have a private facebook group with tons of free information and communication with me! Stay tuned!
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I get asked often what my thoughts are on so so "diet?!" Or whats the best diet to follow🤔
My responser is always : FIRST of all it should never be a diet it should be a lifestyle which brings me to my second point ⬇️
"its whatever is sustainable to you" what will you stick with long term not 2wks or 30 days.
Sometimes its just trial and error and finding what works for you, what will help you reach your goals, help you not feel deprived but satisfied and still being able to enjoy life 🙇‍♀️
wether its tracking your MACROS, or PALEO, or WHOLE 30, or KETO or VEGAN or Intuitive, the list goes on and on etc.... At the end of the day we are all different not one nutrition lifestyle will work for everyone.
Ive done paleo in the past for 30 days faithfully but after those 30 days i binged like crazy so i quickly learned that lifestyle was not it for me.😏 But now i found that tracking my macros [protein, carbs, fats] seems to work best for my lifestyle👍🙋‍♀️ •

At the end of the day nutrition isnt this or that there isnt just one way to go about it but one thing remains certain in nutrition is that nourishing our bodies with real whole foods makes us feel energized and satisfied so we can live life to the fullest👍💯🍇🍎🍋🍅🍓🌶🥒🥦🥑🥝🍆🍄
So eat less processed and more from whole foods and being in a calorie deficit will help you reach your #fitnessgoals **HAPPY TUESDAY LOVES 😘**
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