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My best weight 😜 23 lb helps me with my #workout 😂 I'm flying like a bird with my best buddy 😄
Моя гантелька, чуть больше 10 кг помогает мне на тренировке😂 От её улыбки не то, что легче становится... крылья вырастают 🕊
Девочки, мне очень приятно, что вам понравилось предыдущее упражнение с резинками для пресса, пишите о впечатлениях под видео, а не только в личку, чтоб и другие почитали😉

How latinas say I'm sorry 😂

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@jellydevote "Just woke up and felt like a roadkill, bad mood and looked in the mirror and thought "all this hard work why can't I get results faster?!". Then I just did something that put me right back on track. Looked back at where it all started and how far I've come. Left pic is still not my heaviest, add maybe 5kg or more and that's my heaviest. And today (don't know my weight, weigh in on saturday🙈) on the right I look so much healthier!! I love what I do, health is my passion and I take pride in what I've accomplished"

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Hazır mısınızzz bugün her telden sporr varr 💃💃💃 Dün oynayamadığım horonun acısını çıkartırım 😎 #diyethesaplaritakiplesiyor #diyetteyim #diyetteyiz #motivasyon #motivation #sağlıklıbeslenme #sadeceinan #sadecesen #pilates #pilatesreformer #fitmom #fitmoms #yesimingunluguu

Slowly but steady #goals😍 @momswearheels - Society and the media have a way of pressuring moms to lose baby weight... quickly. If you are expecting or a mom, don't let anyone rush your process... pregnancy and those first months postpartum are too special not to relish 😊. This is why I decided to create my own (home based) fitness programs. I wanted moms to know there are many ways to snatch their sexy back AND include their kids in the process. Even though I gained--*gulp*--TWICE as much as my midwife recommended, I didn't stress. Why? Cause it is what it is! My kids are healthy, happy and strong, and so is their mama. I knew with time, consistency and effort, I'd feel like my old self again. So. Moral? Set goals, but remember to take it easy and be present. We as moms have enough pressure already.

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Here's the current sitch at 8 months post partum and I have a little story for you about WEIGHT GAIN! 🐷Our local grocery checker who saw me throughout my pregnancy and almost every week since Cruz was born recently told me: "You look good... I like you thicker." THICKER?! 😮Initially I was a little taken back but knew she meant well, and here's why I am sharing. True I was a bit thin post baby while breastfeeding and I have gained some weight back now. I have also regained my strength, muscle, endurance, and energy. I think us women are so programmed to view weight gain or a comment like this as negative- but how is healthier and stronger negative?! We need to remember that health is our best look- not a specific number on the scale or a jean size. Today I am choosing to celebrate my thicker bod because it has been serving me well and I feel good.
Almost 9 months post partum. I workout about 3-4 times per week with teaching my Baby Bootcamp or snagging a lift between clients. I was also inspired by my insta mommy friend @katiemramseyfitness to try the @kayla_itsines #bbg workouts. I haven't been consistent yet but as a new Mom I love that the workouts are only 30min and can be done at home (while Cruzie naps!) 👶🏼 It's a Journey, and I just want to shout out to my mama friends that YOU ARE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND BABE IF YOURE THICK THEN HELL YES. ❤💪🏼👍🏻 #8monthspostpartum #bodyconfidence #mombod


Especially this one. 😢 The kid goes back to college today. Can I hit pause and get a few more days with him please?

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Eating healthy when you're out and about is incredibly simple. What's challenging is disciplining yourself to make the health conscious decision. It can be a challenge to say no to the temptations that are present but to think that eating healthy is "boring" or "bland" is a huge misconception. You can eat incredibly healthy and still have a delicious meal...in fact the healthier you eat the more you will start to find pleasure in the taste of REAL FOOD!
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There's a whole lot of strength in this photo. The most impressive strength can't be captured in a photo, it's found in the depths of our struggles, in the fierce way we press through, and the way we encourage others to find their strength.
This weekend wasn't about muscles for me. It was about learning and strengthening my mind. It was about loving myself and my body enough to listen to it and nourish it well. It was about BALANCE. It was about meeting beautiful, strong women who want the same things you want and have their own struggles...some like mine and some very different. It was about, "You are beautiful, so let's celebrate and love who you are right where you are and teach you how to meet your personal fitness goals. Find what will work for you long-term and give it all you've got." And it was about going to thank @jesshilgenberg, all her team, and my fellow Jessie's Girls for encouraging me to do the hard things when I could've just kept doing the fast and easy things.
For once, I'm not wondering how long these results will last. I appreciate with God's strength and partnership, I've built this new fit body in the gym. The results will last as long as I keep doing what I now know how to do. What a life changer!!!! I love my girls and there's so many I wish were pictured here with us . So let our smiles represent those of many strong, beautiful, inspiring women.
One things certain, "If it was easy, it wouldn't be hard." - Jessie Hilgenberg 🤷‍♀️ #jessiesgirls #jessiesgirlscamp #trainwithjessie #jessiesgirls3k #jessiesmacros #jesshilgenberg

Story of my life ... #sorrynotsorry

[LESS STRESS, MORE YES!] This came up in my #nononsensenutritioncoaching group: the idea of getting bogged down with small details and minutia. It happens. If you're having on of those moments, days or weeks I would encourage you to just take a step back and get back to the big picture thinking. Don't stress about details, like whether you should put salad dressing on that salad, whether you burned enough calories in your workout or if the scale is up a pound or two. F that noise. Let's get back to the actions, habits and rituals that are dial movers *for you* - the habits that help you feel good, energized, calm and strong. Keep checking *those* boxes.

I just finished week 11 off who knows how many weeks total LOL
That is why I should be writing everything, my kids say so!! The last two weeks of the challenge are usually the hardest for me, it is as if my body is in need of rest. I lack of energy and I have to drag myself out of bed every morning. I am committed to finish , but afterwards I plan to take long rest. I hope you all have a great week.#BBG #BBGmoms #kaylaitsines #myfitnessjourney #fitnessprogress #momoffour #bbgweek11 #fitmoms

3 great examples of what consistency can achieve in a short time. Some motivation for me at the moment 💪👯 #motivation #fitspiration #fitmoms

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Veggie omelet this beautiful Sunday morning! ☀️🌺 mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, onions and peppers with toast which my son will definitely help me finish lol #getfitwitbritt #cleaneats #raleightrainer #durhamtrainer #travelingtrainer #totalbodyworkouts #fitmoms #foodie #health #wellness #fitnessmotivation #blackwomenfitness #kidshealth #womenshealth

Wees verantwoordelijk voor jouw eigen leven! If you Don't love where You standing move You are not a tree! #loveyourself #behappy #positivevibes #eathealthy #workout #lovetheoneswholoveyou #travel #meetnewpeople #mom #kiddies #fitmom #dutchie #fitdutchies #fitgirls #fitmoms #foodfunfit ❤SUNDAYEVE❤

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