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"Don't get too big"... BRUH I've been trying to get "too big" for like 7 fucking years, it ain't easy like that shit doesn't magically happen. 😒 Quiero tener brazos de vatoooooooo 💪🏼 #fitmexican #Batmantshirt #morningshreds

Tbt!!! With the amazing @stevenrs17 thank you for the amazing shot!!! #malemodel #fitmexican #miamidays also follow @elevatevisualart for upcoming projects I've been working on!!! #boysofelevate @elevatevisualart @elevatevisualart @elevatevisualart

I just love this pic 😍😍😍😍 I really enjoyed my walk in the red carpet. 💜❤️👸🏻#musclequeen #reynaazteca #fitmexican

#transformationthursday 🤣
Why don't you ever go out?
Why are you always at the gym?
Why do you always eat chicken?
Why don't you go and have fun tonight?

#hereisyouranswer #firsttheylaugh #thentheyfollow #imheretoinspireyou #everyonehastheirhappyplace #fitmexican #militarymuscle #aaf #abs #npcfigure #sempergymdelis

#Repost @edgareduardoestrada
Freedom is what what you feel wearing these @freedomreignsla check them out as well as @menofelevate elevate yourself to help elevate others... #fitmexican #confidentnotcocky

#bodygoals #operationgetbig @fitrick81 thank you for this animated drawing... #fitmexican #menofelevate @menofelevate @menofelevate original picture by @stevenrs17 ❤️❤️❤️


One day at a time! 🙌🏼🦄 •
I am back and starting Day 1 again! •
The feeling and results were amazing so I can't wait to kick it off again with a special group of people! •
I have 5 more spots if you want to join my group! 🙋🏼💃🏼


Going to soak up all this weekend has to offer! 🌲☀️

It's so important to take a second and focus on ourselves, and reconnect with our soul! 🌈🦄

Always focus on the WHY! Why did you start something, why did you take that leap of faith! 🙋🏼

Every time you see yourself backing off or quitting sit back and think why did I start this? (FOR YOU) •
And I hope that changes your mind! 👏🏼✨

Gymingit #gymit

How amazing is this hiking trail here in Southern California? 🙌🏼

It is so nice to get into nature and just soak up everything it has to offer! All the peaceful sounds and breathtaking views! 🌲🌳

Monique here! That was Jenna 👆🏽😉. After I saw her post this I had to edit and share the story behind it, because it was a pretty powerful thing. •

This whole 3 week journey has been something else. I've been focusing on ME. Focusing on being more present, and not just with my kids and my husband and friends, but most importantly, being present with MYSELF. It's SO EASY to put ourselves last, even when we think we aren't. We'll go get a massage or a pedicure and be quick to hashtag #selflove or #selfcare, but those things, while fun and important to do, are kinda superficial. They're not lasting. They're not nurturing our soul consistently. It's fleeting. So as I was driving to drop the girls off at summer school camp, I heard my soul tell me, go do your meditation in the mountain. •

My MIND quickly rebutted, and started telling me all the reasons I couldn't: I didn't bring anything with me, I had laundry to finish, it was late... the list went on and on. But I stopped it all. And I said F IT. I stopped at Target to grab a cheap journal and pen from the dollar spot because part of my meditation that day was to journal immediately after, and I didn't want to miss that opportunity, because I felt it was a part of why I was being told to go to nature and meditate.

And let me tell you guys, it was magic. I had an ENORMOUS revelation. And it's all part of this time, this Leg of my journey. It makes me tear up thinking about it.

My point is this friends - dig deeper. You have a well deep inside of you waiting to spew all the greatness that was given to you, but you have to dig for it. You have to be ready to truly make YOU a priority, beyond working out, beyond just posting inspirational quotes, beyond pedicures and massages. You have a gift that was meant to be shared with the world while you are here to do so. •
So what's holding you back? What are you waiting for? •

#hikecalifornia #spiritjunkie #spiritualgrowth

wнaтever yoυ do ιn lιғe alwayѕ ĸeep тнe ғιre alιve 🔥
🇲🇽en тodo lo qυe нagaѕ en la vιda ѕιeмpre мanтιene el ғυego vιvo 🔥 #offseason #bikinicompetitor #fitmom #fitlatina #fitmexican #minicut #startingover #fitnessjourney #fintnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgoals #weddingseason2017 #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #makeupandmuscles #findingmotivationagain💪🏼 #betherealyou #notfit #workinprogress

Sometimes i just dont want a cup of hot ☕️ hence we got a dirty chai tea on deck with added caffeine 💪🏽💯! Almost weekend fitfam!

I work as hard as I want to succeed, gains are not given but earned. Hearing pros say that I have potential gives me the extra motivation to push harder... #backday #backattack #ncnpcgoals #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #aesthetic #fitfam #fitdad #42andfit #beastmode #swole #siganme #musculosdemexico #fitmexican #progressnotperfection #selfmade #fitnessmotivation

TRY✨ •
What an amazing word, yet a word people are afraid of! •
People give every excuse not to try something, yet it is so important for growth in life! •
So my advice is to try something new ONCE a week, pick something and try it! Dive into something your interested in! •
You won't regret it!

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