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Siempre hay comentarios buenos y malos de todo me han dicho que debo comer más, que estoy desnutrida jijij, preguntas como vomitas? Tienes un problema alimenticio? etc. agradezco su preocupación y les digo que estoy completamente sana, como todo lo que se me antojan, no sufro ningún trastorno alimenticio y sus comentarios los agradezco completamente, ya que veo que voy por el camino correcto... cuidado siempre habrá personas así, un día nos sonríen y al otro nos apuñalan, hay que tener la frente en alto, porque sus comentarios son signo de que vamos por el camino correcto ❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪#fitnessgirl #gym #fitness #fitmexican #dentistafitness

Esta mañana con toda la actitud #fitmexican #fitrussiangirl #fitnessmotivation #sitwork

I just love this pic 😍😍😍😍 I really enjoyed my walk in the red carpet. 💜❤️👸🏻#musclequeen #reynaazteca #fitmexican

Para q vean q si entreno!😝. #tardes #fitmexican #fernandofigueroa 💪😎✌️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

Yesterday was so much fun! Still in #Cloud9 ! Did not see it coming, how much I enjoyed!!! Girls were so nice to each other, #strongWomen !!! I loved it! Hard work does pay off every time y'all !! Damn those #nachos were good though 😂👯👍🏻 #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitmexican #fitnessjourney #fitnesstrainer #nanbfBikini Thank you friends, family and friends for the support! You were the loudest #lol Thank you @jamie_precisionfitnessandspa & @katiejanenutrition !!!! 💕💪🏻


Sunday morning calls for crowns and princesses. 👧🏽+🐶=👑

Yesterday was so much fun! Still in #Cloud9 ! Did not see it coming, how much I enjoyed!!! Girls were so nice to each other, #strongWomen !!! I loved it! Hard work does pay off every time y'all !! Damn those #nachos were good though 😂👯👍🏻 #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitmexican #fitnessjourney #fitnesstrainer #nanbfBikini Thank you friends, family and friends for the support! You were the loudest #lol Thank you @jamie_precisionfitnessandspa & @katiejanenutrition !!!! 💕💪🏻

Peanut butter protein pancakes made with @kodiakcakes pancake mix and @trunutbutter powder and sugar free syrup & turkey sausage links. Each pancake is 2pts and each link is 1pt for a total of 10SP for a filling and super yummy breakfast!!! #mexicanonweightwatchers #meencantacomer #weightwatchers #weightwatchersmexicans #weightwatcherssupport #weightwatcherssmartpoints #latinasonweightwatchers #fitmexican #healthybreakfast #kodiakcakes #trunut #nomnomnom

This is it. 127.8 lbs for show day!
I love how my body looks w the tan!!! 2nd layer coming up at 10:40am then hair&make up then show time and then.... Food!!!!!! 😱😱👯 #fitfam #fitspo #fitmexican #fitnesstrainer #fitnesslife #nanbfBikini #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation

You have more power of influence than you give yourself credit for, parents!!

This picture is an ENORMOUS non-scale-victory for me, and it needs to be documented.

2 years ago I made the choice to take control of my own health and fitness, after living the lazy-girl-YOLO-life that so many do. It wasn't comfortable - I'm Lazy AF, and most days I didn't wanna. But I kept at it, day after day of working out, following my meal plan and just pushing past that lazy girl that held my hand every day.

A year in, I was able to completely remove boxed cereal from our house and our girls lives, which was a feat on its own because sugar addiction is a MFer. It was, and still is, a very proud accomplishment. •
Little by little, as I kept with the clean eating and choosing different foods and recipes, they would try them, too, and before I knew it, my girls were REQUESTING things like zucchini boats for dinner.🙌🏽 Loren eats grapefruit like candy with her daddy (I don't even like grapefruit😝), and gets real figs as a snack from the fridge.

And in the last 7 weeks of us upping our nutrition game even more with the #UltimateReset, they both have requested my miso vegetable soup multiple times, and tried random fruit they wouldn't even touch before, like papaya and mango. •
And this morning, after weeks of them nibbling on my fruit bowls and their previous "fruit bowl" only consisting of a banana or an apple (the "safe" fruit they know), they each went to the fridge and chose the fruit and told me how they wanted in theirs: •
✨ Mango + apples for Loren ✨ Mango + nectarine + apples/Almond butter/cinnamon for Isla

2 years into my own journey, I have shifted my family's health legacy. They went from asking for artificial-sugar-laden-Lucky-Charms that would drag them down, to deliciously, naturally sweet fruit bowls that will actually serve their little bodies and minds in awesome ways. •
See, the thing is, WE bring the food into the house. Not the kids. WE choose what they're eating and what their relationship with food will be like. And while we definitely don't deprive them of fun treats like ice cream and candy here or there, it's exception, not the norm!

Got all thuggy last night for dinner and whipped up my first #ThugKitchen recipe!! 👩🏽‍🍳

Even though we're "officially" done with the #UltimateReset, we're still following it as a guide so I had to go through the TK cookbook and find something that wasn't too far off the UR path, since Tom doesn't want to bring back too many carbs! 😏 So I decided to make it #TacoThursday and chose the Tofu Taco Scramble, and you guys, it was BOMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 😍🙌🏽🔥🔥💣💣💣 •
Seriously, I don't know WTF happened but the one thing the #UltimateReset did for me aside from helping me lose 11 pounds and get my mind right was turned me into the domestic-AF-world-class-chefing-GODDESS I never knew existed in me! 🦄👩🏽‍🍳💅🏽💃🏽

So thanks for that, Beachbody. You made me a better wife in a major way. Also my husband thanks you. 😆

Does anyone want the recipe? I'll post it in a bit if yes! 👇🏽

#metlab #preworkout #tlm #bodytransformation #fitmexican #bodyhousemx #bodybeast #bodyperfect #disponible
Costos por dm ✔️
Envíos a todo México 🇲🇽 😎

I cannot say enough about my journey right now.

I've been truly listening to my soul, following it and doing what it nudges me to do without hesitation; speaking affirming words to myself and believing them, and listening to my spirit when it speaks without allowing the Negative Nancy's in my head to take over. •
And the most amazing things have happened in the last month or so that I've focused on this. I've been connected with some amazing new people. My eyes have been opened to many new things, new doors have been opened for me, and my actions are aligned with my goals and dreams. •
I feel a shift in my energy and my spirit and my life, and it feels AMAZING to have it all come together. It brings a calm and a peace and a confidence and an EXCITEMENT I hadn't known before. •
So I urge you friendsies, listen to your soul. It's speaking to you all the time, but you almost always talk yourself out of what it's trying to guide you to do. And you keep missing out on the amazing, abundant life you were meant to live because of it. •
So next time you hear that whisper to "do this", please do it, whatever your "this" may be, and watch what awesomeness happens. 😍✨💞🙏🏽🦄

🎉Happy Coachiversary to meeeeee!!! 😍👏🏽👏🏽

A couple days late, but on June 19th, 2015 I officially made the decision to sign up as a health and fitness Coach with Beachbody. 😍

Yep, I chose this. And it dawned on me that don't share my story often enough, so for those curious on how I ended up as a full time health and fitness Coach after being one lazy ass, yolo-livin mofo, I'll tell you. It might be a little long, but stay with me. 😉

I had hit my own personal "I'm done" moment a month before: done hiding my muffin top, done feeling exhausted, done having no energy, done huffing and puffing carrying my kids up stairs....I was DONE. So I bought my 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, followed my meal plan, used my portion control containers, meal prepped every week, got up at 5:30am to do a 30 minute workout in a tiny space in our family room, and then drank my deliciousness in a cup (aka Shakeology) on the way to work. What happened was something I never expected: I felt (and looked) more amazing than I ever had in my life, and all I knew was I needed to share how if this lazy B could do it, anyone could do it. And then I made that fateful call to my Coach, signed up, and well...here we are today. 🦄

All because I finally flipped the bird to all my excuses and decided to change my own life, it led me to want to change the lives of others, I've helped hundreds and hundreds of women and men make changes to their own health, their family's health legacy, and some their career path and finances. 😭😍😭 •
And the cherry on top of it all is I've created a sustainable income where I have freedom of time, freedom from a boss and clocking in (the things I hate🙅🏽), freedom to work as much or as little as I want, and freedom to be ME, unapologetically. 🙌🏽🦄✨💅🏽

And if you're ready for something more with your life, I'd love to have you on this wild ride with me, so send me a DM or click the link in my bio. Cause how cool would it be to celebrate all your accomplishments and all the lives YOU'LL have changed on YOUR coach anniversary with me a year from now?! 😍🙌🏽 Let's do this girl, it's your time. 👯💞✨🦄

That is correct @hottopic, I am Wonder Woman in training.
I'm so ready to get back on that #FitLife
#hottopic #fitness #fitchick #fitmexican #crossfit #wonderwoman #training #superhero #dc

So ready to be finished... it's been the hardest week. Last day of lifting today, tomorrow just #cardio and rest for a bit before the big day on Saturday. I'm not feeling happy w the way Im looking but there's no much I can do, my body has had enough and I appreciate how well it has responded 💕👯😰 Im looking forward to what's coming next, I've learned so much about my body and mind!! #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessjourney #nanbfBikink #fitness #fitmexican #fitnessmotivation #2daysout

My friends know me all too well - in the last 24 hours I've been forwarded the link to this shirt 4 times by 4 different people 😆🙌🏽💞🦄✨ I love it SO MUCH!! 😘

I'm unicorn obsessed and living that Unicorn life; I'm so grateful my fellow unicorns always got my back for the uni-swag 😍👏🏽👏🏽 •

Keep it coming, babes!! You see the fun unicorn stuff, be sure to tag me or DM me cause I love it and I need it!! 😆🦄🦄💝

Everything you want is on the other side of fear #gymit #noexcuses

📣📣 Sometimes I just gotta toot my own horn... 👩🏽‍🍳💅🏽

7 ingredient dinner, under 15 mins. Bomb AF.

#YoureWelcome 💁🏽

Unicorn Glazed Air Fryer Salmon + Sautéed Kale
Serves 1

4oz salmon (I used fresh, wild caught from Costco)
10 tbsps Braggs
6 tbsps organic raw honey
3 tsps mirin
1 tbsp water

1 cup kale
1 tsp Braggs
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

Put ingredients for salmon in a small bowl and mix together. Add salmon and marinade for 5 mins if you're like me and you forgot to pre-marinade. 😂 Longer if you're more organized. After 5-minute marinade, put in the air fryer on the fish setting (380 degrees) for 8 minutes. •
While salmon is cooking, put olive oil and Braggs into a hot pan and sautée kale over a medium-high heat until soft. •
Place kale on plate and salmon on kale, then devour and think about how glad you are that you follow me on IG and listened to me and my MAKE THIS NOW posts. 😘

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