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Enkle og gode Vafler du raskt kan røre sammen på hytten uten mer enn en visp og en bolle! Toppes selvfølgelig med deilig eplemos fra Helios og økologisk rømme.
Ca. 12-15 plater
3 dl økologisk melk
2 dl vann
1 ss mykt smør(valgfri)
1 ss økologisk kokosolje naturell
2 ts økologisk vaniljesukker
2,5 dl økologisk spelt
1 dl økologisk grov spelt
1 dl økologisk havregryn
1 ts økologisk ceyol kanel
2 ts økologisk kardemomme
1 ts økologisk bakepulver
1-2 ss økologisk chia * La røren svelle ca. 15 min før bruk!

Oppskriften finner du også på soma.no blant mye annet godt du også kan lage i påsken😊
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Dinner was delicious!!! Masshed yams with salsa a nice ribeye done suis vide and roasted peppers!!! #foodie #steak #suisvide #gastro #healthy #fitliving

jasmine rice topped with half a chicken breast seasoned with fajita seasoning cooked with jalepeño, mango, bell pepper, cilantro, onion & guac hidden in the middle 🤤

Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs)
Foods that contain GMOs have been changed in some type of way. Unfortunately the use of toxic chemicals such as Roundup has increased. Although a farmer may not be using any chemicals on their fields, it may drift over onto their fields from the environment due to other companies using them.
If you want to stray away as best as you can from the use of GMOs, it’s best to choose organic (especially when eating high GMO foods). Foods that have the NON GMO VERTIFIED label will contain no GMOs.
Check out my latest blog post for the top GMO foods to be cautious of! Link in bio.


I didn't sleep very well last night.

My anxiety levels were hopping all over the place because of the 5km race I entered for today.

I pledged to #RunForLife this year and this how I was going to start it off, a quick 5km to get the ball rolling. . . but I was freaking out!

Here's why:
✖️ It would be the first race I would do that wasn't an all women's race. Something about running (walking) amongst dudes is a tad more intimidating to me. 🙈
✖️ It would be the first race without my mommy walking along side me, keeping the pace, keeping me company, motivating me, checking to see if I'm still doing okay. I'm a baby, I know. 😂
✖️ It would be the first race I would do since the Totalsports Women's Race in August last year, and I had no idea how I would cope.
✖️ I entered with peeps who are much fitter (and lighter than me). They would have to wait for me to come in long after they'd completed the race.
✖️ None of the clothes I wanted to wear for the race were fitting the way I wanted them to. My tummy is still huge af because of the IBS flare, aaaaand it is sooooo visible. 😕

Buuuuut, here I am, holding my finisher's medal!

It took me 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 51 seconds to get it, but I GOT IT! That's what matters.

Out there, while I was doing my thang, none of those previous freak out points mattered anymore. I was just doing me. That's all I could do. 🤷 And my peeps, they waited for me. As soon as they saw me they waved and cheered me on. 🤗

Eventually, with more practice and more hard work, I will get better, I will get faster, and with that will come the confidence I need.

What matters right now is that I started.
The only way you can get anywhere is to start.

I'm a tad sore right now, but I'm excited. I'll be doing a 10km at the Spar Women's Race with the women in my family (yes, including my mommy 😂), and I can't wait. It's another chance for me to challenge myself and better myself.

Here's to running for life. 👊

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#Active #ActiveLiving #ActiveLifestyle
#Fitness #FitLiving #FitLifestyle
#FitnessJourney #TransformationJourney
#VitalityRunSeries #TygerRunWalk

There may be Snow up north but its sunny and cool down here. The Perfect weather for a delicious juice☀️🌈🙌💪

Didn’t feel like going to the gym today so I went for a run and a bit of body-bar exercises at home ✌🏻

Today’s workout😃😁😎 #feelinggreatfeelinggoodhowareyou

“Báilame ie, ie
Con esa boca bésame
Con ese cuerpo arrópame
Con tus manos siénteme...” #Bailame #poolparty #wenesdaymood

If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise #riseandgrind #riseabove

Dette bænkpres skal nok ses med lyd. "Sebine, nu smider du 50 på" sagde @jegheddermartin efter jeg havde taget mine planlagte 3 flotte singler på 45 kg. Og de kom da op (teknikken kunne have været lidt bedre, lige så vel som koncentrationen halvdelen af vejen) men altså... Min spotter er sq spot on 😂 💪🏼 og nu er de 50 i hus 🐅
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