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They tell me I don't have my priorities straight? They tell me I spend too much time at ‭ gym, but when have you ever met someone who isn't passionate about what they love? Im full of myself? That I need to wake up? Funny thing is that NOW I'm experiencing it! Now I'm realizing what life is about. Looking at my pictures and how happy I am with my buddies/ gym rats that understand my new life style. I'm a mom "Single" so if the gym is my therapy then SO what? Let me be! I'm happy!‬ I'm working on so many things so please stay away from me if you aren't helping me. Be HUMBLE so SIT DOWN 😝🌼💦💥 #fitlifegoals #Dfit #momswhotrain #Dallas

Going to the park to do some HIIT today... I feel 💪🏼💪🏼😜

Create a lifestyle that revolves around your goals. Meal prepping makes my healthy life style easier less food to cook during the day and keeps me on track. Start habits that help you reach your personal goals and dont worry about what others think or say is not their goals is YOUR Goal!! #mealprep #fitlifegoals #mom

My favorite morning pick-me-up! New favorite recipe: 12 oz coffee- 1/2 banana- 1 blue container PB2- 1 scoop Vanillla Shakeology- 4 ice cubes! #soyummy #fitmom #fitlifegoals

#shredmorepls slimmingdown #fitlifegoals sighh slowly my own life falling into place 😭

Can't get away from it!!!
Early morning cardio and workout!
#fitness#nothinghaschanged #fitlifegoals

I want to be great mentally and physically...

Literal, mi cara cuando las chicas "Fit" con implantes en los glúteos te dan consejos de cómo hacer crecer el tuyo naturalmente 😂 🍑. Todo pasa en estos días 😜


Hi! My name is Jennifer Melendez, I am 26, I live in Dallas, I'm happily engaged, I'm a mommy to an awesome 5 year old girl, and a cute white dog named coconut. I created this account so that I can hold myself accountable, and also hopefully through this journey, inspire other women to achieve their goals in being the healthiest version of themselves! I am by no means an expert and even though I've lost weight on my own in the past... I gained it all back, and added on even MORE. However, now I'm striving to lose the weight, and keep it off! I am open to positive feedback and I'm excited to make this journey of mine public. 💪🏼😅🏃🏽‍♀️🍎🍐🍇🍉🍌🍅🍠🌽🥕🥒🍆🌶🌰🍑🍓🥑🍋🍊#fitnessmotivation #fitlifegoals #futurefitmom #healthymeinthemaking #fitnessisachoice

It has been 11 months using the Thrive product by Le-vel. It has been the biggest transformation for me in the last 15 years of being in the health and wellness industry. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring.

#transformation #premiumgrade #acheiveyourgoals #bethebestu #Le-vel #thrivelife #3simplesteps #sanantonio #texas #htx #dallas #cali #la #chico #sandiego #corning #fitlifegoals #NMW

"Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily." ~Epictetus

Really pushed myself running today to the point of practically getting sick. 😰 That's okay though because I felt amazing when I finished my 5k run. 😊 #runningredheadinglasses

Well just finished reading the super popular book:
#thesubtleartofnotgivingafuck .
〰I totally recommend it! It is actually based on quite a bit of Buddhist principles. Woot woot!
〰The concepts in the book are helpful and easy to understand.
〰soooo, RELAX, because nothing is in control 🌊 .
〰Be happy in the now, with how you are in the now. Because, ugh why live for the future, why live for the past--- life will just pass you by if you stress about what happened or what may be.
〰gratitude for who you ARE now is a step towards true happiness.
〰Once you have that the rest falls into place ✌🏻

Did my entire 45 minute workout! It was tough after being off for the week. Starting a new 5 day program tomorrow which I am so excited about because it is mostly weights and strength training. I am just not a cardio gal. 😜💪🏻 There's still time and I have a few spots available if you want to workout with me!

Back at it this morning! No holiday for me (except for the week I took off 😬)! Anyways, I am so happy to be back at my miracle mornings! I really truly needed this time to myself! I was really burned out from starting everyday at 4:00a.m. and not getting home until 8:00 after the kids activities! So... what did I drop? My me time! Why do we do that to ourselves as moms? Here I am trying to help people better themselves and I dropped the ball on myself! 🤔 "One of the best things you can do to improve the world is improve yourself." Right! Now I am up earlyish on the last day of my much needed 3 day weekend and getting it done! Going to do my workout now!

I totally "vegged" today and forgot to document my Zoodles at dinner. I looooooooooooooooove this tool! Zucchini in noodle form is an amazing replacement for pasta. My toddler and husband 😱😱 even eat it! So easy and tasty! #veggetti #idonthavestock #justloveit #vegetables #zucchini #zoodles #turkeymeatballs #tasty #foodismedicine #rdtip #rd #rdn #dietitian #nutritionist #fitlifegoals #health #healthylifestyle

Sharing this post from @lisarutledgerdn Love it!! Stop negative talk to yourself! Don't say to yourself what you wouldn't say to your daughter/son or sister/brother or best friend! Compliment yourself and commit to a healthier you- regardless of the scale! #bodykindness #weightneutral #itsjustanumber #innerconfidence #loveyourself #doitforyourhealth #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #fitlifegoals #health #healthylifestyle #rd #rdn #dietitian #nutritionist

Love the days I teach classes! #getthosesteps Had 30 mins before my session so I used it to get my workout done for the day. #treadmillday Instead of sitting and waiting for 30 mins- take a walk, pace, stand up- sit down, do some sets of squats, do bicep curls with something heavy- whatever works for you! It's hard to find time to exercise so use your time WISELY! #exerciseismedicine #fitlifegoals #health #bodyinmotion #healthylifestyle #rd #rdn #dietitian #nutritionist #rdtips #findingmotivation #everyonecandoit

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