Extra long weekends are the best! Double tap if you agree! 💕
Tzo. Het laatste lange vrije weekend van het jaar is bijna ten einde....Pinksteren! (of valt kerst nog gunstig dit jaar?) Hoe dan ook, ik heb er van genoten! 👌🏼 Gisteren spontaan naar @rrrollend in 010 geweest met mijn lief 🌭 en vandaag het onkruid verruild voor wat plantjes uit een willekeurig tuincentrum. 🌿 Jullie nog wat geinigs gedaan met het mooie weer? ☉
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Comment with what you think! 💪

@weightlosshero "I want to introduce you to my new four legged child: Cody Carter!!
Cody is a 2 year old Shar-Pei/Cane Corso mix and is the best behaved dog I have ever met in my life.
Cody has had a ruff life!!! He was found as a stray, collapsed from heat exhaustion in the Arizona heat-his paw pads were complete blisters!!
He was adopted and then returned to the shelter AGAIN because he didn’t come when he was called. (Helloooooo-he hadn’t learned his name yet!)
After being adopted a second time-he was returned AGAIN because he loved to chase their cats 😂
Cody was so sad and depressed in the shelter the third time-he just slept all the time. He had bald spots all over from stress. No one wanted to adopt him because he was too sad. .
On his scheduled euthanization day, a sweet family saved his life and has given him a loving home until they could find his forever home. I’m so lucky they picked me!!!
I’ve been praying for a dog for several weeks, and I’m so happy that I found my Cody!! (Warning: you WILL see this cute mug on my stories. Can’t help myself.)
Isn’t he the cutest??? (PS: I will read him all of your comments 😍)" _____________________
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WAIT, HOLD UP!! Do you see that look of discouragement on my face? That look of "you really shouldn't have eaten that this weekend?" Come on, let's be real for a sec, we all have these moments. .
The moments we question our progress and wonder if we'll ever get that rockin six pack!! But wait, heres the kicker, change happens even if we don't see it!!
Now admittedly, I was hesitant to share this pic, until I compared it to my before pic from January!! And then I was like hot damn, I'm freaking killing it!! 😂 So chin up buttercup, trust the process and just keep going, you're doing better than you think!! You got this!! .
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Happy Monday! Excited to share; this shot is from my 1st photo shoot - I’ve always been someone who authentically expresses myself through hugs & love in-person- high touch & as the world continues to grow through social media, I too am finding my way in hugging & loving through social media-growing my high tech side. Sending you all love :) 📸: @abbyblossom

I’m back! I didn’t gain 10lbs like I thought I had yay! But I’m basically still at starting weight minus 2 pounds. I will be shopping, meal prepping, and getting back on track this week. I am fully focused, and ready to kick butt. I start TMS therapy today which is everyday for 6 weeks M-F. Making my list and cleaning out the fridge right now. #backontrack #weightlossjourney #weightloss #myweightlossjourney #ketojourney #keto #ketodiet #ketogenicdiet #ketogenic #ketoliving #ketoreset #fattofit #fattofitjourney #fattofitmom #fitmom #fitjourney #groceryhaul #ketohaul

Happy Monday!!! ✨ This is my first post in a while. I have started my fitness journey many times in the past and always give up after a couple of months. This time in 100% committed!! 💪🏼
March 12th is when I remade the commitment to myself to eat healthier and be more active. My starting weight was 148.5 and BF% 31.5.
Today my weight is 141.5 with a BF% of 23.5!!!! I feel so good and can’t wait to see more progress. . .
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How to add inches to your arms by eating THIS.. 💪

Discover the five best foods to eat for maximum gainz! ✔️
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🙈🙉🙈 neew video aleeeert!
I just uploaded a short clip about my newest LEG DAY workout. It is inspired by Chris Heria (Girls, you better check him out 🤤) .. You will never see me doing one routine for months, I love to try different things and this one is HELL 🔥 use heavy weights and this exercises.. I can‘t remember when was the last time I cried like a baby the day after 🙂
btw. issa phone clip 🤳🏻 sorry for the quality, but right now I am trying to give as much knowledge as possible to you pals out there without being too picky and profi. 😅
Once I do this full time, you will see the difference 🙏🏻 Check out the full vid on youtube, find the link in my Instastory & give it a lil like 😇 loveeee ya ! •


Du bist erst dann wirklich Reich, wenn du selbst dein/e beste/r Freund/in bist ❤️
Wenn du #gesund bist und den Himmel siehst, die Vögel zwitschern hörst und die Sonne ☀️ fühlen kannst.
Wenn du dir selbst #treu bleibst ohne anderen hinterher zu hächeln. Wenn du dich so annimmst und #aktzeptierst wie du bist und dich selbst zu deinem Idol machst 👑
Wenn du für dich selbst sein kannst, ohne dich alleine zu fühlen, weil du Dich hast. 🌟❤️

Push press 15 kg💪

New blog post up!! All about mommy and baby love! Definitely one of my favorites! Go check it out!! Link in bio. •Let me know your guys opinions and thoughts on this topic and the strong bond moms/dads have with their children.
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Beast!!!!! @thehero__ has gotten some killer #results !! Look at the gainss💪

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