Claro que también se puede disfrutar de unos taquitos deliciosos ☝🏻 👅 🌮 todo esta en la calidad de sus ingredientes #notgreasy #sinharina #avena #morning #tacosaturday ¡Hoy y mañana abrimos de 8:30am-2:00pm 💙!

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A young mother came to me wanting help to lose some weight, lean up and create some healthy habits so she could be her best self and to be a good example to her kids, especially her daughters.
She started shopping for healthier food, introducing healthy foods to the family. She started getting a variety of exercise in and talked about how fun it was and how good it made her feel 😊 She made smart choices daily and when she hit an obstacle head on, she shared with her kids how she handled it. Never pushing, never preaching... just doing. And then one day, she realized they were joining her 🙌
I know some of you struggle with kids that are fighting weight issues or distorted body reflection. Please don’t bring lots of attention to it. That could make them feel broken and needing to be fixed. Rather, choose to be healthy out loud. Wear it on your sleeve like a badge of honor. Let healthy be the new COOL 😎 and soon you will have them joining you and it will be their choice👍😍 This is a picture she sent me of her doing a core workout, joined by two of her girls. How happy would that make you? .
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Almuerzo deli de domingo ? Uff 😍 ¡Yes please!
Psst psst... mañana SI abrimos 👀 👏🏻

Make it happen. Shock everyone. #domingo ¡!

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