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Guys. Super nervous to post this photo... even though it’s cropped 🤣 I’ve had so many people ask me for information about Paige Hathaway’s fitin5 program which I did recently (and am currently doing again). During round one, I lost 17 pounds. It was five intensive weeks without cheat meals... and lots of work outs but it changed my life. I’m in week one on my second challenge and have already dropped four more pounds. You eat five meal today, count macros, strategize your workouts, etc. Paige is incredible and plans every bite of food and every exercise, down to the minutes of cardio and reps of weights. She supports you through the entire program with weekly check-ins for questions and motivational emails. She is someone I admire so much, and I feel so blessed to be able to work with her. Even though this whole thing is a competition, where you can earn up to 10k in prizes... everyone is a winner with these kinds of results!! You can check out more on her Instagram page or her website. @paigehathaway #fitin5 #paigehathaway #fitnessjourney #weightloss #transformation #loveyourbody #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforme

Please remember to head to the link in my as well as her page too and VOTE for her ◆●◆@sophhawkes_87 ◆●◆to make it to the next round of Maxims finest Australian❤️ ◆●◆@maxim_aus ◆●◆
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This one for all the ones behind this #lovely shot of ❤️ Sophie Hawks ❤️ @sophhawkes_87 .......................................... ●●●
PERFECT SHOT by one of my favorites ❤️Emma Attard❤️........ @emmaattard
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One of my #true #fitnessinspiration & #fitnessmotivation ❤️❤️Sophie Hawks ❤️❤️
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First of all, I LOVE @fabletics!! Comfortable and body complimentary! 👌🏻 Day 6 #fitin5challenge complete! Shoulders and triceps with 30 mins of Elliptical for cardio @globalfitnesskelowna . Added some extra ab exercises too! Ended with another round in the sauna with @calm meditation! ❤️
#fitin5 #fitfam #fitness #gym @paigehathaway #noexcuses

Happy Friday Everyone!
Remember progress is still progress no matter how small the change is or how slow the pace is.
I’ve found that I need to go super slow to remain in control of my mental health and not become obsessive or overwhelmed with the amount of changes I need to make and that is ok.
We will become happier, we will create new healthy lives, we will become more positive and confident.
Have faith in yourself, take your time and learn, ask for help and just keep taking life one step at a time 💗

To hit my #walk1000miles target I need to walk 3.5 miles each day.
After struggling for almost two months to get out of feeling down, tonight I finally managed to hit my target!
I have also signed up for four walks with various group over the next three months which is making me nervous and excited at the same time. I can’t wait to get back in the countryside with my walking boots on 😁. Feels great to be feeling more in control of my life and less overwhelmed with too many changes and goals.
We can all change our lives one step at a time, one day at a time. Let’s step it up together 💗

Going bed tonight feeling tired, happy and grateful. First day of purposefully walking again and I’m so happy with the result 💗 Hope everyone managed to #stepitup in some way today 💗

Celebrating little victories! Walked 2.6 miles in the rain this morning and it felt great to get some cold air on my face and it has left me feel more awake, more positive and more confident to make healthy choices for the rest of the day.
#stepitup any way you can today and I promise you will feel better 💗

Every day we get the opportunity to set our goals, to check in with our mental health and to try our best for the next 24 hours. Each day will be different but that’s ok, life is a bumpy journey not a smooth ride. Every evening we get the opportunity to forgive ourselves, congratulate ourselves and practice gratitude for the day.
Yesterday, I ate three meals, didn’t binge and didn’t exercise but I was super grateful for being in a much better headspace. This morning I have more energy and plan on doing some walking for exercise because I feel more energetic.
How can you #stepitup today? What are you grateful for? 💗

Did another of sky’s fit in 5 workouts this morning so feeling positive about today! This was brunch using my hexB + 1syn for butter. I’m out for tea with a friend tonight but he is also being good so hoping that will help me make good choices 💪🏼 #slimmingworld #brunch #hexb #bodymagic #fitin5 #weightloss #slimmingworldfood #feelingpositive #swjourney #healthylifestyle #slimmingworldmeals #slimmingworldmums

I forgot to post my February mileage for my #walk1000miles 2018 challenge, so here you go.
As you can see it wasn’t such a good month and most days I didn’t hit my 3 mile target but I still managed to walk 54.48 miles bringing my full total to 147.62 miles.
My motto is to just keep moving no matter how slow and you will eventually reach your goals. All you need is hope and a desire to #stepitup one day at a time. You got this 💗

Woop woop another 30 minute Fitin5 session done and I feel great for it! If you are sat reading this and haven’t worked out yet... GO #STEPITUP! You can do it 💗👊💗

Monday morning reminder. All change starts with self love 💗

Oh my god! I never thought I was going to achieve my goal of 7 miles today but despite going slower than a tired snail I kept pushing and refused to give up and finally at 9pm I finally hit my goal 💗

Rise and shine everyone! Today is my fresh start (again) and I’m looking forward to making healthier choices and getting some steps in. I may be slower than most people but as long as I keep going I will reach my goals.
How are you going to #stepitup today? 💗

So, this was my walking progress for January. I walked 93.15 miles which is an amazing achievement for me! I got there by walking to bus stops further away on my commute to work, by dancing round my living room, going for walks in my local parks and round the neighbourhood and going on a walk with a walking group.
You don’t need to spend money to get healthy you can do it at home, for free, using what you’ve got. Dance, jump, run on the spot. You can do it.
I set myself a goal of walking 100 miles in February. I’m not sure I will hit it because of struggling with my depression this month but I am going to do the best I can with the days I have left.
Who wants to join me and #stepitup in February? 💗

This was my first ever walk with a walking group. I completed a 6 mile walk in January and felt amazing afterwards.
January was a really great month for progress but February so far, I’ve struggled with depression and binge eating but I will never admit defeat. No matter how long I am down for I will always get back up.
If I can keep trying so can you. Let’s #stepitup together 💗

Hi 👋
I’m Jo, this year, I have challenged myself to walk 1000 miles in 2018. I signed up to this challenge as a way to get rid of depression and gain the confidence I need to change my life and become the person I have always dreamed of being. A fit, healthy, happy, confident woman who can help others achieve their goals too.
I’m hoping that through this challenge I will begin to lose weight, find the confidence to join a gym, make new friends and create a life I love.
I would like to share some of my journey on here to help me stay focussed and hopefully help others on a similar path.
Feel free to join me and together we can #stepitup together 💗

Gainz. #fitin5 hamstrings and glute workout got me like 🤗 @paigehathaway #paigehathaway #getfit #buildmuscles #bootygains🍑

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