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Some full-body HIIT work to end my week 🙌🏼😅💦 girlfriend I was sweatin and very happy about it. Making the heart happy and blasting away extra weekend calories sry

1️⃣ 15 single-leg knee ups with a twist each leg

Rest 15 seconds

2️⃣ 30 prisoner squats | keep these at a fast tempo, remember we want our heart rate up

Rest 15 seconds

3️⃣ 50 up and over side taps | 25 each leg

Rest 15 seconds

4️⃣ 10 jump to burpee

Rest 15 seconds

5️⃣ 50 toe taps

I repeated this circuit 2 more times!

Song: High Without Your Love | Loote

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Who’s ready for my Science-Based Back Attack video which will be live on youtube this week? I absolutely love learning and educating others.
1️⃣It is essential that you keep your rotational cuffs healthy and well-trained. Within the rational cuffs, you have a group of small muscles which are considered as vulnerable. The primary functions of these muscles is to externally rotate your arms, this is the best way to train this area of the back. Bent Over W RAISE with your thumbs facing back away from your body is a great exercise to keep your rotational cuffs healthy. 20x4
2️⃣Underhand Lat Pull Down: The reason I prefer to do my lateral pull downs with this specific grip is I feel more of a stretch by my lats than I would with a neutral grip. When you bring the weight down what will happen is a motion called a “scapular Depression” which essentially means that your shoulder blades are sliding down by your rib cage. 12x4

3️⃣Now when we think about training our backs most people make the mistake of not wanting to train their traps; don’t be alarmed when I refer to traps I’m NOT only referring to your upper traps (by your skull and neck) I’m also referring to the middle and lower trapezium which play a significant part in the strengthening and the growing the back. Bent over rows, seated rows are great exercises in keeping your trapezium healthy and strong. This exercise will also target the Rhomboideus, Teres minor/major and infraspinatus. 12x4
4️⃣An exercise like a hyper extension will help with the fibers that run up your back (the deeper muscles), which work as stabilizers for your lower back. It's a flex position into a neutral position which will help strengthen your lower back (abdominal area) Deadlifts are also a great exercise but people tend to sacrifice their form in order to lift more…. Top tip, leave your ego at the door when you’re about to train, nothing is more important than a great form. Of course, naturally, your form will drop as you will get more tired but take a 10-second pause and continue. 15x4
I hope you liked this in depth description ⭐️

I'm in Toronto all weekend learning some amazing things at all of these seminars but I still wanted to share a video with you today so here you go!
Total Body Workout!
1️⃣ Plank With Tricep Extension x10/side - Try to keep both hips squared to the floor.
2️⃣ Plank Toe Tap Right & Left W/ Plyo Jumps Right & Left x10 (toe taps & jumps = 1 rep)
3️⃣ Leg Swing To Knee Crunch x10/side (both moves = 1 rep) - Focus on squeezing your abs every time your knee and leg sweep up. Great for the obliques!
4️⃣ Hand To Foot Reaches x10/side
5️⃣ Knee Crunch To V-Up x10/ (both moves = 1 rep)
Repeat 3x!
Leggings: @jfitnesswear - Code 💗LORNA15💗
Top: @forever21
Song: Trevor Jackson - Drop It Remix ft. B.o.B
Shoes: @nike @nikewomen
Gym: @rwfitnessclub
Supplements: @1upnutrition - Code 💗LORNA💗
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SO AMAZING 🎉🦄💜 @graceleigh83 #WeAreFitGirls #fitgirlsguide
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Workout motivation 💪
Tag & share 👥

Day ✌🏽! Let's go!! Follow along our stories @muscle_mates & @michelesullivanfit for exclusive @billboard #hot100fest coverage🌟💗
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His breath turns me on.
Yeah, this is that kind of poem.
We were sleeping together and just our bodies being so close I could feel myself getting wet.
Have you ever felt it?
When someone lies near you and that their breath turns you on?
Legs intertwined in each other like a creepers, growing stronger at the root.
He smells so nice
Like September with a hint of rain.
His lips almost touching mine and I want to kiss him.
I want to get lost in his tenderness.
But I can't take advantage of him
So I watch him
Sleeping like a child.
He seems so peaceful
Like nothing can disturb him.
His hands slides up my T-shirt and my heart beats faster.
His hand touching my bare skin,
Making me quiver.
I automatically arch my lower back wanting him
In me.
I'm unsure if he's awake.
I'm unsure if he's going to kiss me.
But he continues to sleep.
He held me tighter.
A little closer he pulled me in.
I felt safe.
Feeling safe is alien to me.
I guess this is the kind of intimacy my body needed.
The kind that my soul lacked.
We didn't kiss.
We didn't fuck.
We just lay in each other's arms.
And I fell asleep.
For the first time I slept without fear.
I slept feeling nurtured. 💙

New poem up on blog, "I slept feeling nurtured." Practise daily. Stay safe. Stay humble.🙏❤ Much love😊🙏 #ashtanga #Dancer #ashtangaYoga
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Shoreline sculpt! 🌊🌞 Give these moves a go or if you're getting your lazy Sunday on, save em for later! 👊🏼
These moves may not look too intense but performing them with control and without momentum had me sweating like crazy! Guess the North Carolina heat may have contributed justtt a tad 😜I hope to get a few more vids filmed while we are here in the Outer Banks so keep those lil' eyes peeled 🍌Happy sculpting loves! 😘
☀️perform 4 rounds
☀️minimize rest between moves and rounds
1️⃣side squat shuffle to squat jump
(60s; reverse direction halfway through)
2️⃣knee tuck to one legged push-up (30s/side)
3️⃣heel raise squat to curtsy (30s/side)
4️⃣alternating side plank w/hip dip (60s)
5️⃣walking lunge hops (60s)


#mealpreppedlikeaqueen - and had to sneak a taste of the zucchini-blueberry-bread I made from @rezelkealoha 's Blog 😋😋😋😋 So so soooooo delicious! Can't wait for this week to start 😂 Mad love ❤️ ************************************************ #fitgirlsguide @fitgirlsguide #wearefitgirls #fitgirlphotochallenge #fitgirlsworldwide #fitgirlrevolution #fitgirljourney #fitgirlvarsity #fitgirlbootcamp #fitgirlsglobal #fitnessjourney #womp #mealprep #fitgirllife

Here's my "Goal Heart" for this challenge! I am gonna eat, breath, live and sweat these goals! 😂No, but for real I'm going to do it! Every day till this challenge is DONE!. --------- I'm here for me!!!
Ladies what's your goals this round?

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I'mmmm backkkk! Okay so I've been super MIA during this intersession. I found out I had gallstones and the only cure was surgery all in one day. Me being the person I am I hurried to the internet in search of a natural cure. I immediately found something that had nothing but positive reviews. So I took a chance! $11 chance versus the thousands of dollars worth of surgery. Guys this shit worked! I went from being in excruciating pain everyday to pain free for over a week now. So I'm super ready to get back to exercising tomorrow and into a new challenge! It's going to hurt soooo bad but I love the feeling of getting back to my good habits! I've been meat free for close to 2 months and about 95 percent vegan. I've lost about 6lbs during the intersession and that's without exercise so I'm excited to see what happens this round! Loving the new phrase also!!! Love you ladies that are still here and haven't lost hope! #wearefitgirls

Ayyeee we cute 😉

So fun building & growing together! @mj24fitness

You know, today is one of the first days in a long time that I did more squats than I drank cups of coffee. What is the world coming to. . . . . .
#coffee #squats

Having a Girl Power 💕👊🏼 kind of movie day while I prep and clean house! @fitgirlsguide 📼✨#vhscollection #fitgirlsguide #28dayjumpstart #fitgirlmovieday #90sfitgirl

Wassup, Sunday💫🚀✌🏻really into space rn and idek why because in all honesty I think anyone that willingly propels themselves off the planet via rocket ship is clinically insane💫🚀✌🏻#fitgirlsguide #fgg #wearefitgirls #day0 #goalheart #28dayjumpstartchallenge

° discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments ° @scott_photo credit.
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Wow. Ok so this is hard.
Hello day 0! So I am already feeling much more like my old pre-baby self but there is a LONG way to go both mentally and physically. I am excited for the next 28 days. Let's smash this #fitsisters ! 💕💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️

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