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HAPPY FRIDAY! Today was another leg day, but I mixed it up by doing everything SINGLE. I like doing single leg exercises because it helps with muscle imbalances. So if you’ve got one leg that takes over during exercises liiiike when doing squats or hip thrusts then doing it single legged is a great thing to incorporate into your workouts! (this also applies for upper body‼️)
⬇️ Below is the workout if you’d like to give it a try! Just make sure you like and save this ❤️👍🏻
🔸 SL leg press 4x10
🔸 SL cable hamstring curl 4x12 (can also do the lying hamstring curl machine for this instead)
🔸 SL cable abduction 3x10 (this is my new fav tho seriously)
🔸 SS SL cable adduction 3x10 (this is very awkward at first. I had to play around with feet placement)
🔸 SL hip thrust 4x12 (I did B stance but there’s other SL variations of this that you can do)
🔸 SL dumbbell RDL 4x10
🔸 SL leg extension 4x10
➕BURNOUT: jumping lunges 2x30 secs (these burn for real so sorry in advance! I rested 1-2 mins between each set cuz of the 🔥🔥 lol)
Now go give this a try and HAPPY WEEKEND! 💃🏼

I got my body fat measured today at the Human Performance Lab. It was a pretty interesting experience to be honest, but the test tells me my body fat % and lean muscle % (and in pounds). I did this for my own reasons because I wanted to know before I started my bulk (even though at this point I’m a few days into it already but that’s just when they could get me in). I’ll get it done again next year before I start to cut also!
If you’ve managed to read this far then you’re in for a BOMB leg day 💣🔥 so like/save/comment or tag yo friends 👍🏻
• hip thrust pyramid 4 sets of 15, 10, 5, 20 adjusting the weight appropriately for each rep range. Example: the 5 reps should be a heavy weight you can push yourself to perform 5 reps with GOOD FORM, then 20 reps should be a much lighter weight; same idea with the other reps. (per @bretcontreras1 the glute guy cuz I wanna see dat booty growwww heh)
• glute crossover pushdown on the assisted pull-up machine 4x10
• SS kettlebell squats on the assisted pull up machine for that deeeeeper range of motion 4x10
• smith machine sumo RDLs 4x10
• SS banded side shuffle 4x10 per side
• smith machine good morning 3x10
Now go fire up those glutes and legs! Happy Hump Day! 🐪🐪

Just a reminder that if you want a cookie...eat the damn cookie 🙌🏼
Also swipe for a disaster 🙈

Have a great weekend 💕

Sleep is so important for your body to function as well as to recover from working out. I love sleep but I never let myself go to bed at a normal time. Last night I went to bed to late, but my body has started to wake me up around 10 by itself. So now I just have to start going to bed when I’m tired in order to fix my sleep schedule ♡

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What are you training for? MMA, soccer, football, walking from couch to kitchen? What movements do you record to use as the basis of creating the program best for you? •
Well a great place to start off would be movements that you do all the time, walk, run, and throw. Agreed? Then what? •
How about variations like this of walking? While you can’t always control your responses in stressful environments, you can better prep them for if/when it occurs.
Just trying to work on our @functionalpatterns moves 🔥

Do you even rotate bro? •
@christinie_yogini ❤️ is starting too move with more sling. •

Trying to get to @themyoengineer level, we got a ways to go. •
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PERSONAL | When posting about my CrossFit lifestyle, I always highlight the mental part of training and how equally important it is for me to become mentally stronger as well. However, I never told you why and I feel like I’m ready to do so. It sounds pretty cliche, but fitness really is therapy and it has changed my life... 🙏🏼
Soooo for as long as I can remember, I’ve had anxiety and panick attacks. And as I got older, it only got worse... A mix of claustrophobia and emetophobia made me live like a plant; too scared to leave the house but also too scared to be alone inside the house. Too scared to go on an airplane, train, tram, metro, bus or even to be in a car with people I didn’t know... (which made it impossible to go on Holidays with my friends when I was a teenager). Too scared to go out partying because of being stuck in a crowd/room or possibly seeing people vomit... Too scared to sit in the middle of the aula during classes at University... Always walking around with a plastic bag and Coca Cola in case I would start to feel nauseous... Things and daily activities that were so obvious and normal for most people, we’re just impossible for me. I was helpless and paralyzed by fear and felt pretty ashamed of it. However, I am an Aries so being stubborn is kinda my middle name.😏 So although I’ve had these fears for as long as I can remember, I’ve also been fighting against them for as long as I can remember. I accepted the fact that I had fears, but decided that fear wouldn’t have me. That’s when I discovered that the only place I felt as comfortable as being at home, was at the gym. It was the first time I had found something that could succesfully shut off my brain, silence those fears/thoughts and give me a mental break for just a moment. It gave me so much courage, confidence and strength to keep fighting for a more comfortable, fearless life. Today, I still have fear and I know it will always be a part of me. But I can proudly say that it doesn’t dominate my life anymore. So every single one of my workout pictures is a reminder for me that I became one hell of a strong human being and I should be proud of how far I’ve come. 💪🏼 #GRLPWR #Anxiety

I barely look like this 😂 I usually wear my hair braided and wearing pure gym uniform,


Recently I had chance to actually look nice so I wore black 🖤 skinny jeans and you know WHAT ?! I felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE! 😂 I'm active wear gal 👧 and you'll see me slaying my leggins and crop tops ups sorry 😂 they just hug me in all important places 😍

Anyway! My point is 👉 just wear what you want NOT what others expects you to!

Night 🌃 🤗


I work so my cat can live his best life😸
I coach so I can connect with other cat and dog moms and help them earn extra money to spoil their best friends too!

I love being healthy. I used to be scared to try new things, but now veggies and salads have become staples in my life. The next thing I need to work on is getting to sleep at a normal time. I get tired but ignore that feeling so I can watch one more episode on Netflix, but next thing I know it’s 3am and I’m still watching shows. Then the next day I’m walking around tired looking like a zombie. I need to listen to my body when I feel tired. Shows will always be there, and sleep is important for recovery. Do any of you have the same issue of staying up to ridiculous hours?! ♡

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Когда ты в отпуску , то забываешь обо всем и это -круто ! Хочется только одно поставить это время на паузу . #красноесолнце #египет #султангарденс #пальмы #красноеморе #дайвинг#fitgirlsfam #краса#ukraine#ukrainegirl#day#ukrainochki#instaukraine#ua#fitnessgirl

What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?💪👊
. .
📷 Nikki Blackketter
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Adding my plum cardigan and necklace to today's #outfitandfit #ootd to add some color and match my boots! I was inspired by @bekgetsfit (as usual 😉) to do some thrift shopping this past weekend and found this dress. I actually got two pairs of pants and two dresses which I'm really happy about. And saving money is key right now since I'm on a super strict budget. 🙌 #fitgirlstylechallenge #fitgirlsfam #fitgirlscommunity #progressnotperfection #bbgfitgals @broke.and.stylish

Playing with the rings - one armed anything is so hard! Definitely need to put in more work 🙂 👙☀️ wish we had a playground like this Bondi #calisthenicsworkout #calisthenicsgirls #fitgirlworldwide #fitgirlsfam #fitbeast

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