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Oh my... 😱

Hamstring Focus 🤸🏽‍♂️
To be honest there are days I lift heavy and there are days where I use light weights and like to just do some funky moves. No one should be telling you what you're doing is wrong! If you're feeling it and your form is good... keep doing what you're doing, have your own routine!
1) curtsy lunges 24x4 (12 each leg)
2) cable RDL 12x4
3) dumbbell dead lift super set/ start 12 reps followed by pulse reps. 4 sets 💦

#thirstythursday #fullbodyworkout using 'gym in a bag' from @bforcebands 👌🏼
I have to be completely honest, I've had it for a while a never used it, I didn't really think it was my 'thing' but after a REALLY heavy session yesterday a bit of #resistancetraining today was EXACTLY what I needed and I have to admit @bforcebands smacked it with this!
👉🏼Tag someone who should try resistance training
🔹Bent over rows
🔹Static squat with single arm front raises
🔹Lunges with double front raises
🔹Squats into shoulder press
🔹Full circle lateral raise into tricep overhead extension
🔹Ab tucks into chest press
I LOOOOOVED this workout and I can't wait to do it again!
#resistancebands from @bforcebands
👟Shoes from: @bodybuildingkit
Code HANA10 for 10% off
👖Leggings from: @nike @nikesportswear
🎧 Song by @hairweavekiller ft @jheneaiko - It's a vibe

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Our back day finisher: went from only doing 3 pull-ups to now entering into weighted pull-ups 😊

My absolute favorite...Cardio day! Yes I've been known to love to jump, jump, jump. Chisel agility was a total leg crusher this morning. Luckily I had my friend Patricia to help me give 110%! Love working out with friends! Together we are better!



Had a hard session at gym today I didn't feel as motivated or "in to it" like I usually do😭. We all have our bad days and our "couldn't be bothered" days🙇‍♀️. The only thing that matters though is that I went and pushed through it and didn't let my body control me🙅. Always keep your mind 💯 % in charge of your actions.

Hm... I must be doing it wrong ☕️

Sneaker goals @gymlooks

Day 11: Female Role Model 🌸🌸🌸🌸
My mama 🐞🐝🐞🐝
She is one of my biggest supporters and always has been. Now we don't always see eye to eye but when its all said and don't I know that she will always have my back even if she may not believe in everything I do. She is a tiny women with a heart of lion and does whatever she can to provide for her children. This year we found out that she has heat failure and I thought my life was completely falling apart,I mean what would I do without my mama?? But without a doubt she has gotten so much better and has proved one more time that she is a fighter and that's in less than a year! I love you mama and couldn't be the women I am today with you 💪💪💪
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