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Photobombing but it's all love 💜#unconditionallove lol

Tag your fit bestie! 👯
@foreverfunandfit took their abs workout to the park! 🌳
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How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.
~Pink Floyd
PC/theme/concept - @yogasini

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These are some of the first photos I sent to @coachjmchale around 20 months ago 👀 vs. my most recent check in photos sitting 5 weeks out from the Arnold's 💁🏻 To give some perspective; that's 20 months of hard graft, of killing my training, of being consistent with diet, of educating myself, all whilst also doing my best to 'adult' (which I've decided no-one and nothing can properly prepare you for 🤣)
20 months is almost 2 YEARS guys, 2 YEARS of c o n s i s t e n c y (and I'm still nowhere near 'finished'). I hear it so often: "I started weight training 2/3/4 months ago but not seen any change/feel like I have plateaued". Building muscle takes time. Losing fat takes time. Changing habits, developing your mindset... takes time. Put the work in & be patient 🙏🏼
To some maybe the difference between these photos isn't that much for the effort put in 🤷🏻‍♀️ ...but I feel pretty damn proud of the changes between these photos, both physically & mentally.
Between these photos I've graduated with an MSc with merit, started working as a Personal Trainer, went on to set-up my own business, worked with some incredible clients who's hard work inspires my own, placed Top 3 in 3/4 shows I've done, including the UKBFF British Finals, I've travelled, I'm now on the cusp of being able to buy my own home... The person on the right is much more confident, self-assured and content in who they are. I don't settle; I surround myself with absolute 'girl-bosses' who inspire me (you know who you are 💕), and with people who support me & accept me 💁🏻
If you got to the end of this I applaud you 👏🏼 (prep got me in all the 'feels'). 4 and a half weeks left of this prep; let's do this @coachjmchale 👊🏼 AC🐨

Guten morgen aus Moskau 💗🤞🏼P.S. Девочки, кто спрашивал про волосы, номера этого блонда не знаю, хожу к Артуру из @studio_av_ и счастлива 🖤 У них можно все спросить💋

daily routine - my beloved vegan vanilla protein shake by @foodspring 🏋🏼‍♀️ ich kann euch den Shake wirklich empfehlen und mit dem Code: goldencherryFSG bekommt ihr bis Ende Sep. noch 15% auf jede Bestellung. Perfekt um den Shake oder mein geliebtes Porridge mal auszuprobieren 👅 #foodspringfamily #foodspring | Anzeige #werbung

Three moons are better than one #eclipse2017 #buttstuff @krissy_mae @chlojonsson

Do not lose weight, body fat!
So don't starve
Healthy and well-packed workouts!

# I indulge in a belly that is like water
# I am amazed at me as well
# The best stimulation to me
# Let's not keep in mind that

The left side of the wrong diet is the result of all kinds of sad soul experience
Gulmgo is like that of the past left, and soon again Jjyeoyo-Yo

# You can also do a working mom born. !! Awesome 👌😍) .
Get it girls 💪💪💪💪🏋🏽🏋🏽🏋🏽🏋🏽
congrats for your goals @applekim2.
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Lunch and snacks!
So today's lunch was tuna pasta (whole grain pasta) and strawberries. With a small digestive biscuit.
Snacks (if I get around to eating them) include blueberries, banana, small (70kcal) crisp and a yoghurt. Hoping to just eat the crisp and banana before the gym but rather than hear the calling of the vending machine.... I came prepared! 😊😂 #fitgirlsworldwide #fitgirl #fitgirls #ukfitgirls #28dayjumpstart
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Hello la #fitfamily ! ☀️🌴 Tiens, voilà une revenante ! 😂 Comme vous avez pu le voir, cela fait plusieurs mois que je n'ai pas posté, et je dirai même environ 1an que je suis beaucoup moins présente. Pourquoi ? (Attention, long blabla en perspective 😄! Vous êtes prévenus 😂) Parce que ma vie a énormément changé l'année dernière et que cette année à été très mouvementée : comme vous le savez peut-être si vous me suivez, il y a exactement 1an, j'ai commencé les stages hospitaliers en tant que stagiaire en médecine (externe pour les français 😉) avec des horaires sans dessus-dessous, le début des gardes, le tour de presque toutes les spécialités et le changement d'hôpital chaque mois. Il a été très difficile pour moi de trouver un rythme stable dans tout cela, et il a parfois été difficile de trouver ma place. Mon rythme de vie et ma routine sportive et alimentaire ont étés complètement bouleversés et le bilan est clair : j'ai repris ce que j'avais perdu, et même plus, et me retrouve aujourd'hui à 56kilos. Et oui, si dur que ce soit à me l'avouer, j'ai gâché tous mes efforts et me voici à un poids que je n'avais jamais atteint avant et avec un corps que je ne reconnaît plus. Pendant des mois je ne me suis plus vue, je n'ai plus voulu voir et je dois aussi vous avouer que j'en avais honte, raison aussi pour laquelle je n'ai pas posté, je me sentais coupable pour celles qui me disaient que j'étais leur exemple.. (suite en commentaires)

Vai ter #tbt do treino domingo sim! Por respeito a essa posterior que estamos lapidando. 💪🏻💀
Ajustes no objetivo, mas não no FOCO.
Voltamos com gás e sede de RESULTADO!
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Tacobolle 🖤💃🏻🌮
Ris med mais og bønner i bunnen, kjøtt med tacosmak (eller fisk, det e sikker helt amzeballs det og!) paprika,tomat,agurk,ananas, jalapenõ, så mose på med alle de digge tingan på toppen 🙌🏻🥑🍅🌶
En skikkelig tacofavoritt hær i huset, ka e din favvis? 🤓

My idea of a perfect day off? Getting up early and scootering around the coast of an island, stopping at every single beach along the way, searching for the perfect one🌴
What does your perfect day look like?

Stress. Once it starts to consume you then it takes all of who you are to contain it.
Results not coming anymore? Can't sleep? Appetite out of control? Lack of desire?
This is all stress. If you're like me then you want it all and you want to do it all. Once you start on this lifestyle there is no turning back and life will try to stop you. Let the ego go.
Do some guided meditation a few times a week for 10 minutes and add in some yoga once or twice per week. This lifestyle REQUIRES you to manage the stress that comes with it. If not, you will be broken and weakened unable to move forward.
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A little Tuesday humor to get me through my workout this morning 💁🏽💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️because it was rough! 💦#beastmodeon #agamefitness #focused #fitlifestyle #fitgirls

Kochani Głosujeemy💖💖 #polishgirls👑 #fitgirls #photographymodel #miss #głosujemy @xsztosik_ 😍😅😍


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