Two years later, and I’m still fighting the good fight when it comes to my water intake 🤣

Thank goodness I am no longer a quitter when it comes to the “hard” things in life! Water intake is so integral to our overall health, so as a nutrition and fitness coach I am “forced” to keep at it!

Part of the reason I coach is to keep myself accountable too! Cheers!

Hay una gran diferencia entre “vamos a ver si funciona” y “vamos a hacer que funcione”🏋🏻‍♀️😊

Cat or dog?! 👇👇👇

Do you agree?💕☺️ Would you add anything else?

Throwback Thursday to a Back Stage of 2018 North American Championship.

So far it was the biggest show I've even have competed in. So many beautiful girls. And I have to admit the quality if the competitors has change a lot. 👌🏼

My first competition was at 2013. I can say that we are looking now at more muscular and defined ladies than we were 5 years ago. 😁

What has changed? Well, now it is not that shameful to have more muscles in a female body,  more knowledge about training protocols and diet plans. And let's face it, more help from “Non over-the-counter” 👈🏼supplements. Is it sad ? Well, for bikini athletes I would say maybe. Since if you just push your ass harder and stay consistent with your plan you don't need any external help. But again, it is Bodybuilding. So, I guess whatever it takes ……. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Just be aware of the consequences it might bring you in 10 years. 👻

Our body is a super machine that just need a proper fuel to perform beyond any limits!

🖤Julia Dars🖤

Repping @gymsect Cutting-Edge Nutrition. Try our range of delicious Cricket Protein Powders today. Whatever your goal, we have you covered😋💪🏾👊🏽👍🏻

Bye Bye summer 🙋🏼‍♀️🐳 #gonnamissyou

On the surface we may all appear different but underneath we are all more similar than we think. Strive to be the best version of yourself. Leading by example is the best way to impact someone else.
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It’s been a week since I had a workout, but honestly I’m just proud of myself for not beating myself up about getting to the gym and trying to maintain this page. I had a wonderful time at Sydney and ate my way through the city without having to worry about “ruining” my body.
Coming back from that trip made me realise so much about a few aspects in my life. So currently I am trying to figure and work out the funk I am in and slowly ease myself into new changes. I’m a person who hates change & would often get anxious about shifts in life. But the older I’ve gotten, it’s generally a good thing. It could even be the best thing.
Take it step by step and all will fall into place.
Sending beautiful and good vibes to all! 💖

When the going gets you down, stand up and rise with sun as it does every morning and be proud of who you are and what you have become. Never allow the small voice whispering in your ear of doubt defeat YOU! 💪🏻🙏🏻☝🏻
Remember you are a warrior.📿🧘🏻‍♀️✌🏻 ❤️
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Got in a near four-mile run at 9:00 tonight because I didn't do it earlier (it was hotter and more humid than I expected.). Not sure how I'll ever run a 10k if I have to pee after I run just 3 miles. 😮 🥤 Note: the mural actually says Lovers, as in Virginia is for, but because of the column it looks like Love Is. #fitgirlrun ~

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This is where the work really needs to take place ❤️

Just a girl working hard for them gains! 💪🏼💪🏼

This quote truly resonates with me. I may not have time to do everything that I want to do but the things I want to do most I make time for. ⏰ I get up an hour earlier every morning to make time for my workouts because I know I won’t feel like doing them when I get out of work that day. It’s all about making the time to do things that will better you, whether it’s physically or mentally. Make time for yourself, be it 5, 10, or 15 minutes a day, and see where it takes you. 💕

This week I've had all kinds of feels. From excitement to fear. But that's what happens when we are growing and evolving!
We often find ourselves in the mindset of wanting to change but are comfort bubble and we are afraid to get out of it for whatever reason. Then we end up doing the same thing over and over again. And then surprise!... We're in the same spot we were a month ago, still unhappy, lost and feeling like we missed out again. .
So what to do to get out of the circle, actually start seeing results and change out current situation? We have to staring doing something we never did before! I know taht you're scared because you don't know what will come of it. I was too. But if it won't work out then just try something else! You won't loose anything. It's always better to make some mistakes along the way rather then being stagnant! .
Right now write down that thing you have been wanting to change and keep thinking about. Then think what you have to do, to get to that goal and just do it! So what's something new you're gonna try tomorrow?👇🏼
W tym tygodniu towarzyszyły mi różne uczucia. Od ekscytacji po strach. Ale tak to jest jak człowiek się zmienia i ewoluuje
Czesto znajdujemy się w stanie gdzie chcemy się zmienić, ale z jakiegoś powodu boimy się wyjść ze swojej wygodnej bańki gdzie wiemy co i jak.
Kończy się na tym, że nadal robimy to samo i koło się zatacza. I niespodzianka!... Jesteśmy w tym samym miejscu co miesiąc temu, nadal nieszczęśliwi, zagubieni i czujemy się jakbyśmy znowu coś tracili
Więc jak wyjść z ten banki i naprawdę zacząć widzieć chicane efekty? Musimy zrobić coś czego nigdy wcześniej nie robiliśmy! Wiem, że się boisz, bo nie wiesz co z tego wyjdzie. Tez się bałam. Ale jak nie będzie wychodzić to poprostu zrobisz co innego! Nic stracisz. Zawsze lepiej popełnić jakie błędy po drodze niż być bezczynnym!
W tej chwili napisz sobie czym jest ta rzecz, która chcesz zmienić i o której ciągle myślisz. Wtedy pomyśl co musisz zrobić, żeby to osiągnąć. I to zrób! Więc co nowego jutro spróbujesz?👇🏼

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