You know how when you see results from a workout program online you're like, "Yeah, well they probably workout 10 hours a day and don't eat.."?? But now I get to see results consistently from real people that I know and they're not working out 10 hours a day - they're working out 30 minutes a day. They ARE eating, they post their delicious food on social media! This is my fellow coach, @brinhwrd . This is after two rounds of a 21 day workout program and following our nutrition plan. Look at the difference after just 6 weeks! Dang!! I just can't get over it!

Day 1 on the right. After 6 weeks on the left. My girl, Brianna has lost 20 pounds using one of our incredible workout programs and following our nutrition plan. I’m so excited for her!! 👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉💝💝💝

Community choir getting to sit by my sweet friend!! 💝 For the past I don’t know.. maybe 12 years?? I’ve enjoyed singing in this choir! (Minus the past two years, because tiny babies and living in Hartwell...) We sing with the Toccoa Symphony for the Christmas concert at Georgia Baptist Convention Center. And it’s sooooo fun!! 🎄🎶

A long time ago, a fellow stay at home mom friend asked me when I’d start working again. I was like, “Um.. never!!” 😆 And now here I am running a business of my own. Do I work? Yep. But does it feel like work? Nope. Because nutrition is my passion and fitness is a close second and cheering people on along their health journey is what I DO. These things have been true of me for the past 17 years. Now I get paid to do them! How cool is that!?

Me and @mzpoise getting Monday morning workout on 🏋🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️❤️#fitnessmotivation#fitfriendsforlife

Oh you know. Just sitting here being a unicorn and thinking about the upcoming week. Totally excited to challenge myself with some new workouts - and I might die. So thankful I have a simple nutrition program that lets me sit on the couch this afternoon and not spend it food prepping. I hope you all have a really restful afternoon and a GREAT WEEK!!

What a difference a year makes!! This is my super awesome friend, Katey. The picture on the left is shortly after having her precious baby girl. And the picture on the right is now. She’s worked hard this year - working out and making her nutrition a priority. So proud of you Katey! You so totally rock!! 🤩👏

I just hosted my first team call! I put together a few slides, shared my screen, and hit Record!
Have you ever considered doing what I do? Following a program, connecting with people, and motivating the heck out of them with your results?
Our Sneak Peek is still available! Who wants to be a fly on the wall tomorrow?
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That is all.

I’m so in love with this little graphic. 😂❤️
Sometimes I drink mine as a dessert. Like instead of eating ice cream I use almond milk and extra ice and eat it with a spoon. Tastes better then ice cream when ya do it right and it’s HEALTHY. 😱
Literally what I look forward to all day after coffee. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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The results from my 3 day detox! Not much visible difference. I did lose 3.4 lbs though! I also feel a lot better in my gut and I’m super proud of the three days of really hard discipline.

Alright. I’ve made a decision. I’m gonna put the weights aside for a couple weeks and really dig into something I don’t enjoy - cardio. But I’m ready to really get in the best shape of my life. My goal is to have my best body yet by the new year! And I know I can make it through the tough cardio because I’ve got my virtual gym girls to cheer me on!! Let’s do this!!

Last night, I saw some results pictures from the nutrition program I am following. And I was floored. I mean, I know it works, but now, I’m super pumped to get in the best shape of my life!! 🎉🙌😎 Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life and find FOOD FREEDOM? Send me a message and we’ll do this together!

This is my friend Brianna! She just finished round two of a 21 day workout program!! Look at this difference!! 🤩😍😎 She’s down 18 pounds. But more importantly she’s changing her life to become the mom she wants to be. So excited to cheer you along this journey @brinhwrd!! You are smashing it!! 🎉👏

Want to know what scares me? Not the flight I have to take this morning, or the grossness that comes with traveling. I mean yes, those things too… But what scares me most is what if she hadn’t asked me to join her amazing adventure?! I find it difficult to imagine life without this now actually.
I love being surrounded by people who give others the benefit of the doubt, believe in constantly learning, supporting each other, and always striving to be better people.
You might be like okay, she’s trying to get me to join her team. Hells yes I am!
This isn’t a sales pitch. While I’m in advertising sales, if you know me you know I’m not a pushy personality, nor do I like to work with pushy people. I say it like it is, and to be truthful with you and myself, I don’t talk about coaching enough publicly.
I don’t want to push people into something… I hate it when I feel pressured to do things. My goal is to inspire you to take action on your health and what better way to hold yourself accountable.
Not your goal weight? Doesn’t matter.

Afraid of what people will think? This opportunity has slowly helped to free me of this.
Being a coach is all about being a part of a community of women (and a few brave dudes) who only want to love each other and live the healthy lifestyle that fits into our own routine. Yes, we eat carbs and drink wine too. 😮
You ready to stop watching or liking my posts and do something about it? Drop your email below or send me a private message. Only those who want something more for themselves need apply.

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Alright! Today’s the day. 3 day DETOX. No caffeine ... no processed foods .. lots of water, fiber shakes and my usual shakes and lots of hot tea 😊Why am I doing this? Because my coach challenged me to do it. Because as a coach it’s important for me to know how all our products work. Because who can’t use a little detox in their life?? Am I excited? Well if you know me, you know I love coffee and I eat BIG meals. So, yeah. But, here we go anyway! I’ll post my “after” pic on Thursday.

Once upon a time, my friend invited me to work out with her. What I saw made me feel super “wanty”. She had hundreds of workouts right there.. on her tv, like netflix… but workouts. So I got to thinking - I need these workouts. I want these programs. And then I remembered some of my fitnessy friends on facebook who are motivational coaches and I said to myself, “I could do that too!” So I thought about it and thought about it and finally took the plunge. It was a little scary, but I had my friend, Katey to help me out. At least… I thought I had my friend Katey. What I didn’t know was that there was a WHOLE COMMUNITY of women who have the same goals and values that I do and are working together to show women how to become who they want to be - health wise, fitness wise, even heart and soul wise. I love these ladies so much. They’ve changed my life in ways they may never know. .
I’d love to add you to our family. I’m looking for outgoing, positive women who are ready to help others. I’m looking for women who are ready to change the world and change themselves in the process. If that’s you, send me a message, drop an emoji, just let - me - know. This business has changed my life y’all. It’s changing my family’s life - for the better. Wayyyy better.

Our virtual gym seems to be missing someone…and it’s you!! See, I have this group of friends and we get together in a virtual room, and we work out together, and cheer each other on! So I still get to meet my friends at the gym, without finding a sitter or packing up 4 kids and going OUT to the gym. .
I’ve got a special 2 week FREE trial offer available so you can come check it out! Just drop me an emoji below and I’ll get you all set up!

Love me some lazy Saturday mornings! ☀️ Some Saturday’s I wake up early and meet with my coach friends in our virtual office. 💻 Some Saturday’s we turn off all the alarms and sleep as late as four kids will allow. 😴 That was today! We’ve spent the morning slowly doing this and that and chilling out. .
This afternoon while the kids nap, though, I’m SUPER stoked to get some coach work done because I’m in a group with about 40 other coaches and we’re having an Olympic Games right now! Ahhh!!! 🤩 It’s so fun!! 🙌🎉 TEAM BLUE ROCKS! 💙
Happy Saturday!! 💝

It’s almost show time! I’m so excited! Sanders Family Christmas is about to go down. 🎄