I can see the #Gainz 💪🏽
Feb 2018 vs July 2018

If you look at who I am on my own there wouldn't be much to look at....
But when you look at who I am with Him. Do you see it? "Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house." Matthew 5:14-15

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A few leg workouts I did today! I also did Ab workouts toward the end of my workout. ————————————————————————
Take a hour out of your day and get up and move ladies 💪🏽

Nothing Changes... If Nothing Changes. 💪🏽 Get moving and stay committed to the Process!

My consistent breakfast has been one thing I’ve implemented over the past year. I generally eat a slice of toast (Ezekiel toast) with butter or nut butter, a serving of sautéed vegetables, and 2 fried eggs. Going on 7 months of eating this and still look forward to it every day! What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Good morning!! I’ve had this mesh workout tank in my drawer for a while. Finally brave enough to wear it today 😌😃 my back is sore from a good pull up day yesterday. 💪🏼 Getting ready to teach Piyo now #myfave 😊 #backday #fitforchrist #fitnessjourney #workselfie #piyo #gymtime #fitover40 #newgymclothes

Warren Wiersbe said that " the machinery of the Christian family is lubricated by prayer. " Prayer is an essential part of our homes. We maintain the house, the furnace, the electricity, and all the things that it takes to run a home. However we forget to maintain what runs our family, which is prayer. There is nothing more important and essential.
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Soooo much fun today at the Jr High and High School Lock-in! I’m so glad I stopped in to say Hi and be a part of the fun!
My prayer is that the Lord continues to draw all of their hearts closer to Him as they fall more in Love with Jesus.

Having 3 days a week off from lifting means I get to pursue other things that I enjoy for fitness. I met this sweet lady on Facebook and as soon as we discovered we both love Jesus and running...we had to get together to make these two things happen! First of many runs to come. ✌️ #fitforchrist #christianrunners

You know what’s sad?
The fact that as soon as I took this picture I started to go through the list of things I didn’t like about my body.

Hips are too wide. Stomach is to blocky. Cellulite is showing. Those weird stretch markers are making an appearance. Lower stomach could use some help. Dang lex, you’ve gained weight.
And as soon as I ran through all of those things in my head, I was smacked in the face with the convicting hand of God.
This morning I went on a walk and constantly thanked God for the beauty of his creation. For the trees, the breeze, the sunrise, the plants and animals that make up a beautiful earth.
And then the thought crossed my mind of...how can I be so thankful and so in awe of this creation...but pick myself apart in the mirror..when God calls me his greatest creation of all time.
I bet Jesus doesn’t sit in front of the mirror squishing his fat rolls. I bet the disciples don’t walk around throwing off compliments about their hair because “oh, but Paul’s is so much better”. Who are we to tell God he messed up? Cause that’s what we are doing when we look in the mirror and fill our minds with those thoughts. Insulting Him.
We would never tell God he messed up the color of that flower, or he shouldn’t have made the mountains that tall or that wide. We don’t tell him he should have made the sun rise in the West instead of the east. So...why do we constantly question that about ourselves?
I think it’s more powerful to stand in the mirror and see our beauty through the eyes of Christ, than to bow down and conform to the way culture says we “fit in”. So be that woman. Be reckless in your pursuit of self love. Earth shattering in your journey to be different. And awe inspiring in your mission to see yourself through Gods eyes. -
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Our culture tells us to push, climb and step on those in front of you to get to the top. My God tells me to put others before myself. In my own life I've done both, and I've learned, shared in and experienced true blessing and joy in the ladder. Love and grace are a commodity that the more you spend the more you get back. Hold on to it and you will lose it.
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Working out isn't always easy, yet God has given us a will to win. God wants us to be fit for him with ours mind, body and spirit so that we can complete our God given mission in his kingdom.

Love you guys,

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Happy Hump day we’re halfway through the week now. The path to a healthy spirit, mind and body may not always be easy but it is always worth it. God is by our side and makes us strong even when we feel weak. Let us continue to be encouraged and encourage others.
Love you guys,
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