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Bowlin hard for lunch👅 slept in today and had a slooow morning with my fam☺️ lazy Sunday vibes are the best am I right!?🙌🏼 feeling rested af and so happy to be home!! I even got some roasting done🤗 broccoli, carrot fries, crispy zucchini chips with avo oil spray+ pink sea salt+ chili+ garlic powder for 25 mins at 350, thick sweet potato wedges, soft boiled egg with radish microgreens + sprouted hummus🔥
HAPPY SUNDAY SWEET FRIENDS!!😘 #nourishedbykale #nbkbowls

I usually end my day with a little bit of ice cream but tonight I was craving a loaded @siggisdairy bowl instead topped with some of my favorite goods 🤗 .
Vanilla @siggisdairy topped with @wild_friends peanut cashew super butter, maple walnut @purely_elizabeth granola, berries 🍓 -they're just SO good right now🙌🏻, & peanut butter @squareorganics chunks (now back in stock 💃🏻🎉 "becks_liveshealthy" for 20% off your order). Hope everyone has a wonderful night and great week ahead! 💛 #squareorganics

After a weekend away, there's nothing more cozy than a simple bowl of Pasta with Roasted Veggies. 🍆🍅🌿🍝 ..
Roasted eggplant, roasted chickpeas, sautéed tomatoes & spinach all mixed in with a fresh tomato sauce & @eatbanza rotini, then topped with fresh basil. Sounds like a lot but actually comes together quickly and is a really yummy way to enjoy summer produce..
Recipe coming to the website tonight..
Hope everyone had a great weekend!.
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hey y'all 🙋🏼 so this weekend, i finally made my decision to go on @sophie.jaffe retreat that she is co leading w/ @caleyalyssa and it's happening in VAIL, CO! September 28th weekend...ive been wanting to go on a retreat for SO long, but just waiting for the perfect people, so STOKED for it to be with these two ✌🏼🤞🏻you guys should come! 💯 I'll link up the info and if you sign up before Monday midnight you can save $500 off. come! Going to be magic ✨ [more info on @igntd.me / @wildwellnesstravel too!] .
OK back to this BOWL! I sautéed up beets, fennel in turmeric, @philosophielove green dream superfoods, pink sea salt, pepper in coconut oil, once done added to a bed of lettuce w/ avocado + hemp seeds + more green dream superfoods + grilled chicken w/ ginger, turmeric, pink sea salt, pepper! so dang good! 🔥

Winner winner chicken dinner 🙌🏻 Feels like I spent the entire day in the kitchen since I did my meal prep on and off throughout the entire day. 😳 Kept dinner simple. 1 salad in a jar, roasted chicken breast and half an avocado 💚 .
Going to get in bed as soon as I get these kids to bed. Looking forward to a productive week! Hope everyone had an awesome Sunday!! .
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🌴Holiday snack diary: Part 2🌴

For the most part, my nutrition here has been fairly good, aside from breakfast which over the past few days has included pancakes, waffles and/or chocolate croissants 😩but when there's a buffet brekky on offer, of course you have to make it worth your while, right? Every other meal has been pretty good though, and I'd have to say my snacks are what's keeping me on track for the rest of each day. I had some great recommendations on my last diary which I took advantage of, thanks friends! 🥜a quarter of a rockmelon... a high volume food and filling but low calories 🥜50g of salted cashews... normally I'd go for dry roasted and unsalted, but I caved into the mini bar option 🤦🏽‍♀️
🥜a few mango cheeks... these are my 3yo's sweet treats, the trick is to stop at 1 or 2 as they are quite high in sugar
🥜two hard boiled eggs... great source of protein and fat
🥜2 chocolate superfood bliss balls... meant to make 30 balls, but I was impatient and ended up with 19 only so these were big and I can't stop at 1.
🥜 believe it or not, these are hubby's sweet treats which I vowed never to have. Obviously this was unsuccessful, but handy to know they're not the end of the world... and everything in moderation 😉
Credit- @cass.fit.healthy
#fitfoodie #mealideas #mealideas #snacksfordays #snacking #healthylifestyles #healthyskin

Awesome meal made by @confessionofadietitian
And we made it🙌🏼Wahoo 💥A sneak peak into my day👀so tasty even I'm drooling 🤤 I decided it's time to start sharing with YOU a bit more about me as I believe most of you don't know me very well. My name is Melissa 🤣jk ok ok. I'm originally from Bedford NH, a small yet gorgeous town in Southern NH. I have one beautiful sissy who I adore, she's older + super smart 🤓I'm extremely close w my Mama and Dad, they're business owners + you wonder where I get my biz skill from?! I'm marrying the most loving + handsome Italian in May+ I'm beyond excited❤️❤️❤️I've been to many countries {Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Croatia to name a few} but Vietnam was a favorite of mine🍜 I'm a spinning instructor🚴🏽‍♀️ but don't teach at this time, 4 jobs, I think NOT! And last fun fact of the day is that I have a small obsession w deer 🦌 when I see one I scream, it's this out of body experience that I have no control over 😂Hope you all enjoyed getting to know me better 🌟Have a great day babes 💃🏻
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Sunday meal prep brought 👉🏻 a ginormous bowl of crispy VEGGIE CHIPS & CHICKPEA FETA SALAD! 🥒🍠🥗
Zucchini + brussels sprouts roasted in @chosenfoods avocado oil + sweet potato chippies roasted in their spicy sesame oil! 🔥 Factor in this savory chickpea salad with LOTS of feta, red & yellow peppers, chives & spinach. TOO good!
#vegetarianfood #potatolove
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 💚 we celebrated ✌🏻little birthdays in the family today. Lots of cake. Getting ready + refuelled for the week ahead! xx
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The heat was finally tolerable tonight so I got my turkey burger I've been craving 😋 My boyfriend whipped up some turkey burgers for me and regular burgers for him 👌🏻Next time I'm going to try adding in some veggies with the burger I think! After going out of town yesterday, there's nothing better than coming back to a dinner of all your faves 🤗 Random side note but everything on this plate is from @aldiusa, aka the best place ever 💯 You can find so many organic products and grass fed meats for prices that are no comparison to anywhere else. It's the only way I'm able to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies I do! So if you're looking for ways to be healthier but not break the bank, Aldi is the place 💕Just something I thought I'd share because I've had a few people ask recently! Happy Sunday everyone, hope you had a great weekend ☀️️ ---------------------------------------------------- #whatsonmyplate 1 turkey burger (made with organic turkey) + 1/2 Avocado + 1/2 sweet potato + sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms + grilled squash + sautéed tomatoes ❤️


Completed a trial run of a vegan diet. Was a lot easier than I anticipated and I had no withdrawals from the meat and dairy. Energy & hunger levels were surprisingly unaffected but fitting my macros in within my calories was incredibly difficult, especially with protein. Highlight of the week was this Chinese-style Tofu curry though! Nutrition: Calories 419 | Carbs 58.4g | Fat 10.3g | Protein 18.8g

One of my favorites! #Bbq #Chicken #Quinoa #Salad
So easy and delicious.
Recipe courtesy of @whatsgabycookin

1 1/2 cups quinoa
1/2 cup corn fresh from the cob
1/2 cup black beans
1 cup BBQ chicken
1 avocado chopped
BBQ sauce
Original recipe includes shredded cheese and scallions as well.
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Garden fresh fried green tomatoes!! Yumm!!!

#Repost @atarhe (@get_repost)
Just got my care package from @soulfitgrill and I'm way too excited to start! 👉🏾Low sodium
👉🏾All natural 👉🏾Great tasting
PS: one of the biggest issues with losing belly fat is water weight. And what a lot of use don't realize is too much sodium in your diet holds on to water and retains it, especially around the belly area! A low sodium diet + high water intake can help to lose that water weight around your belly. Season your Foods right!
You can find these at
@beefitfoods Bee Fit Foods (90/Main)
@ndmedcenter Nutrition Depot -Holcombe
@tfsupplements_superstore Tf Supplements in Spring
Sunshine's Health food 3rd ward ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #FitFoodie #htown #localhouston #texas #fitness #htx #houston #teamnatural #houstonlocal #houstonvendors #houstonfit #houstonvendor #buyblack #Foodies #houstonfitness #blkcreavtives #naturaljourney #natural #natural #houstontexas #houstoneat #houstonblogger #houstonbloggers #texas

Ready to conquer this week with the best attitude✨, God 🙏🏻 and #healthyanddelicious foods. Meal prep this week for this mommy consists of:
MEAL #1️⃣:
💜Shrimp 🦐stuffed with mozzarella cheese 🧀and wrap with turkey bacon🥓, turmeric rice 🍚 and Brussels Sprouts🌱.
MEAL #2️⃣:
💜Shredded chicken 🍗 with chipotle 🌶 and soy chorizo, turmeric rice 🍚, and red lentils with chipotle 🌶, turkey franks and turkey bacon 🥓😱❤️. YES! #mealpreponfleek 😎 .
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The BEST way to ward off the Monday blues - a good cup of coffee and some positive thinking #trustmeimadoctor 👩🏻‍⚕️ 😁
Hope y'all having a good Monday!

Our app will help you get there comment to request to join beta group. 🏅#fitfoodie #fitnessgoddess #workoutapp #bikinibodymommy #fitnesshabits #cruncheschallenge

Diving into this breakfast is the perfect way to start a new week 🙌🏼 Monday is one of my days off so I got to "sleep in" until 7 😂 I'm so excited to share one of my new favorite products with you guys! I've been on a mission to make sure ALL my water is clean, not just at home, so this @thegopurepod portable water purifier has been a total game changer 🤗 happy Monday, friends! Have a positive day! #iChooseToBeWell #ad

We invested in chick peas and hummused a fortune. 😏💰💡#HummusPuns
- Hummus and chips

Hey ihr Lieben 😀 #shoutout time ⏲️ Das da ☝️ ist A keine #hexensuppe und B nicht von mir 😁 nein, dieses grüne Wunder ist ein super duper geniales, frisches #pesto von der Godmother of food @momsgymfood 😍🙌🏼
Viele von euch kennen sie schon, denn an der Mommy kommt keiner vorbei der auf die #healthykitchen steht 😉
Und auch ich, der kleine #Küchenrebell sieht voll zur Mommy auf 😊
Also, solltet ihr sie noch nicht besucht haben, schaut bei ihr vorbei. Sie hat für jeden etwas parat, ist sympathisch und natürlich eine spitzen Köchin für Laib und Seele 😉👌
Let's go #fitfam 😊 und bestellt ihr einen Lieben Gruß von mir wenn ihr sie seht ❤️💖💗💞 ____________

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Day 1 (again) done

Starting off this Monday with some positive vibes and excitement!
➡️ My nephew should be coming into this world any day now
➡️ I started a brand new workout program today with a bunch of other coaches and challengers
➡️ I woke up with ease today (okay, it was actually just because I had to pee), and started my day with some mindset reading and affirmations
➡️ It's the last week of July, which means I'll be opening up my August accountability group this week and I can't wait to get girls signed up and ready!
➡️ I get to go to the field this week for work, so that'll be a good learning experience
➡️ I started my day with the healthiest breakfast around and it tastes like coffee

Hope you've got just as much good stuff to look forward to this week!! Remember, count your blessings first and your troubles won't seem so big.

Barrita de proteina💪👊 perfecta para snack o cuando vayas a ir a entrenar🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️ a mi me encanta este sabor blueberry Muffin🍇❤ @questcolombia solo 2gr de azucar y 21gr de PROTEINA🏅
#nanisaludable #snackfitfoodie #questcolombia #fitfoodie

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