MONDAY TIPS 🌈 Monday...a day I hated as a child/teen but one I love now 👀 I love the sense of new beginnings and a clean slate, I feel most productive at the start of the week and excited for all the shizzzz I plan on getting done 👊🏼✨ I have to say, last week was a tough one for me! 🙅🏻‍♀️ But it’s a new week and I’m figuring out a way around my stresses (not got one yet but fingers crossed) 🤞🏼Let’s all make this Monday a productive, happy one! Try these 3 things to give your Monday a boost ✨ •

1. Have A Morning Stretch - just a 10 minute (or more!) stretch in the morning will really set you up for the day ahead. You’ll insanely feel refreshed, energised, positive and focused!
2. Eat A Good Breakfast - perhaps the most important tip, but make sure you get a nourishing breakfast in. My favourite is a smoothie because it leaves me feeling glowing from the inside out which builds my confidence, gives me bags of energy and a smoothie packed full of vitamins and minerals is going to fire up my brain and help me stay productive & focused all day!
3. Take Your Time! It’s so tempting to set a ‘as late as possible’ alarm to get that bit more sleep after the weekend of lie ins but setting your alarm early enough so you have time for that 10 minutes stretching, a breakfast you can sit and eat quietly and enough time to get ready without rushing makes all the difference. Rushing around causes anxious feelings, you become flustered and this can have consequences for the rest of the day. Stay calm and take your time 🌈 I have LOADS more tips, but thought I’d leave it with 3 for now. Let me know if you’d like more next week 💖 Have a happy Monday!

It’s so important to listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs. This is obviously within reason- So often we have cravings based on our emotions and then it’s important to be able to determine whether it is a need of your body or a perceived need of your mind💪🏻🧠
This recipe is amazing to kickstart your day.
Plain yoghurt mixed with cinnamon, topped with strawberries and raspberries and the tiniest sprinkling of granola.
The berries are incredible antioxidants and add beautiful sweetness to the somewhat bland yoghurt🍓
Comment below on some of your cravings, I’d love to know!!
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Satay chicken skewers, Mediterranean veg salad & avo. Leftovers aren’t so bad 😍

When it's one of those days, you need something super chocolaty 🍫😍 Bianca's @biancazapatka recipe for this delicious vegan chocolate mugcake with chocolate sauce, whipped coconut cream and lots of blueberries, blackberries plus some cute butterflies 🦋 & ⭐️ is 👌(recipe link in bio)
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Hey #warrior | Just reminding you what a freakin rockstar you are this Monday morning 🙌
No matter how you feel this morning, know that you can do, be and have everything that you put your mind to ❤
Let that hot 🔥bitch that I knowwww you have inside you get out and take on this week. You got this. I got you. 👭

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If you’re new to my page, hello! Here’s a little bit about me and what I do as a Holistic Nutritionist
I am a fully qualified Nutritionist and love many aspects of Nutritional Medicine, but as you would have seen, the low carb, high fat lifestyle is my passion. I love how this simple and easy dietary change can have such a positive ripple affect on so many aspects of your health, which is why I choose to have it as a focus in my clinic. My aim is to help women heal their relationship with fat through my holistic Keto approach. 🌿
I’m all about education and I love that my clients can walk away from a consult having learnt more about their nutrition and their body. I want all my clients to be able to make the best nutrition decisions for themselves and their families and I love it when they can pass on whatever knowledge they take from our consults together with others. 🌿
I was lucky enough to study at a university which taught me so much about natural health. My other passion is chemical and preservative free living and I have a very holistic approach when it comes to treating my clients. I aim to not only change the way you eat, but show you easy swaps that you can make to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home, to give you advice on certain books or podcasts that I know will have worked to improve my own mental health and to provide you with support and guidance between consultations. 🌿
I love to cook and I want you to too! Easy, simple, fresh and tasty meals are what I’m all about! And I will provide you with all of the recipes you need 😊
I run monthly ‘Detox Shops’ at local supermarkets so that you can learn all about chemicals, preservatives and additives in your food and household products. I’ll take you through every isle to point out hidden carbs/ sugars and show you how to make easy swaps to reduce the chemicals going into your trolley. 🌿
I love what I do and I love working with new people every day 🌿
I am also days away from being fully qualified as a Pilates instructor! 🌿
I am available for Skype, phone and in person consultation for new and existing clients! You can head to www.wellhubnutrition.com.au to learn more

Because my breakfast was the usual 😉 I decided this deserved a post all of its own 😋

If you have a sweet tooth like me and are in a calorie deficit sometimes the sweet tooth kicks in and you go to bed dreaming of chocolate 😂

Grab an ice lollie mould, some water and @trkgsyrups new range of syrups mix to desired taste, and wait impatiently for them to freeze 🙄
This red velvet flavour is to die for 🤤
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All prepped and ready for the week! 💪🏼😍

Dzień dobry kochani 😊☀
Zaczynamy nowy tydzień z zapasem energii do działania 😊👍🍀☀
Dził oczywiście na śniadanie owsianka. Tym razem.z bananem,jabłkiem i nasionami chia a do tego miłd i cynamon. Jabłka lubią cynamon 😊😋
Miłego ,energetycznego dnia🌸☀🍀
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