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By the beach 💙🌊

Leo's booty tho 🐈🍑😂 Already takin' booty pics and selfies with me!
That's how you know he is definitely a part of our hardcore fam. 🙌🏼💙 I love you my lil mommas boy 💋💯 Do any of you have sweet & adorable pets? Let me know in the comments!👇🏽
Outfit by Gymshark 🦈 Link to shop in Bio ☺️

Meal prep is done and dusted! I got this week's grocery haul from @milkandeggscom which is seriously such a lifesaver when I'm short on time 🙏🏼 you guys are gonna be seeing a lot of this on repeat these next few weeks because my GI test came back positive for candida 😆 I was bummed at first but now I'm just so thankful it came back conclusive! More than anything, I just can't wait to start feeling my absolute best soon 💁🏻 I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! #iChooseToBeWell

Roasted up a ton of veggies and lemon pepper salmon for dinner!😻cayenne yam chips, asparagus and spiced carrot fries💯 for the 🍟 season with garlic powder+ pink salt+ chili powder+ pepper for 30 mins👏🏼 wild caught salmon filet seasoned with lemon juice+ tons of lemon pepper+ onion powder+ a spray of avocado oil baked at 350 for 13 mins🤤 added my main bae 🥑too! hope you have the best night sweet friends!!❤️💕 #nourishedbykale

98 years young inspiring millions via wisdom & boundless vitality! @taoporchonlynch

I still can't believe that 2 years ago, I decided to live a healthier lifestyle and have stuck to it. Without all of your support, I don't think I would have made it this far. The fitness community is amazing! I'm slowly breaking my plateau after eliminating a lot of processed foods & going gluten free & dairy free. I also just finished week 2 of @missfitizen's coaching and I feel really great about it. I can't wait to see the final results because I am already feeling a difference. I won't let a 3 month plateau stop me. Let's keep pushing together!! ❤️

Taking @barbiemuriel through a workout in @mspathletics working hard every step of the way!
✖️Yoga Block: Gluten Bridges ✖️
✖️Bands: Lateral Band Walks ✖️
✖️Kettle Bell: Dead Lifts ✖️
✖️Bar: Chin Ups ✖️
✖️ViPR: Thread The Needle ✖️
✖️ViPR: Push Up Position Lateral Drags ✖️
✖️TRX: Reverse Fly's ✖️
✖️ViPR: Squat Jumps ✖️
✖️TRX: Sprinter Hop's ✖️
✖️ViPR: Snatches ✖️
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Happy Monday everyone! Craving the biggest waffle after the gym and a 4 mile run on the strand this morning 😍🏃🏻‍♀️🙌🏻 Listened to my cravings and made a PB protein waffle 🥜💪🏻🎉 .
👉🏻 1/2 cup buttermilk @kodiakcakes mix, 1 tbsp @pescience pb cookie protein, 1 tbsp @vitalproteins collagen peptides, 2 tbsp egg whites, & 1/2 cup water all mixed together and poured into the waffle maker until fluffy 👌🏻Then topped with sautéed bananas, berries 🍓, vanilla @siggisdairy, @wild_friends peanut cashew super butter 💁🏻💫 Whose excited to watch Bach tonight?! 🌹

Runners be like: OMG HOW DID U KNOW?! 🥜


Me time 🙋
1. Abdominal bracing
Kneeling on all fours with back flat, breath in and let it out gently allowing your stomach to relax. Next draw belly button up towards your back bone as you breath out. Try to hold for 5 - 10 secs.
2. Pelvic rocking
Kneeling on all fours, arch your back up towards the ceiling while trying to pull your belly button in towards your backbone. Breathe out as you arch and breath normally as you hold for 5-10 seconds
3. Pelvic Floor
Activate 5 times for 5 seconds. Focus on only using pelvic floor muscles. Relax through abdominals.
3 Rounds
4. Neck, shoulder and back stretching. To alleviate tension and strain associated with breastfeeding and c-section.

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Super proud of this lady with the progress she is making.90kg rack pulls as an accessory for that goal of a raw double bodyweight deadlift @nnatzzz @thegymmonasterevin

It is 11:50pm and I just got done with my workout. I could of easily just said it's too late and gone to bed, but instead I got up and got it done 👊🏼 and man I'm glad I did! Worked up a great sweat and didn't miss a Monday 😊

Don't let excuses hold you back ❤️

Rise⛅️ Run🏃 Rest😴 Repeat✔️ #seefit #running #balancedlifestyle
📷 @jesswitcher

Two and a half weeks before I leave the country. Im moving out of my apartment this week and apparently I'm only allowed to move out during business hours mon-fri, and it costs $300 to move out on a Saturday.. I work 😭. Now I have to take an unpaid day to move my stuff, not happy.

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followed up my chin ups and bench press with some kneeling rows and this. great to get your lateral stabilisers in play and work on some push strength. #theeverydayathletesg 🎥: @vanxfit.

Deadlifted for the second time today

Honestly didn't have a rep scheme going in. Just knew it was a deadlifting day

Worked up to 365 and the barbell almost slipped out of my hands


Tried to get 405 but I need more practice with this lift. So I checked my ego and went down to 315, then 225, then 135

It's cool, refreshing, annnddd a great way to stay in shape


no rep scheme just do the damn thing


4 SETS × 10 REPS

4 SETS × 10 REPS


Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve it. God provides food for every bird -but not in its nest!!!! Gymwear details tagged 💕

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Icebergs, and waterfalls and mountains, oh my! #blueeyes

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