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Squat motivation 🍑💪
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Craving some fudgy BANANA + CHOCOLATE loaf cake! 🍌🍫🙊 naturally sweetened with some very ripe bananas & a pinch of coconut sugar. Grab the direct recipe link in bio!👆🏻#dairyfree #refinedsugarfree
Travelling back from Seattle and craving ALL the chocolate! I just want to hug the munchkins, sleep in my bed and eat a big fat slice of chocolatey loaf with a glass of cold milk!🙌🏼
HAPPY *almost* Friday, guys! ❤️xx
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Tag 3 friends! Comment below your skill sets! Save this pic! #LiveLife
📸Shot by: @shotbyshupe
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Runners be like: hey, I was out there setting the pace! 😅

Happy Friday!! Even though I work weekends, it still feels like Friday 🙌🏼 I just checked my email and my @everly_well food sensitivity results are in! I was honestly nervous to look because I didn’t want them to say eggs... but sure enough, both yolks and whites came back as “very high reactivity” 😭 the other thing that stood out to me was peanuts came back as low reactivity; I’m surprised because peanuts are the one food I actually feel a reaction to 🤔 I’m not sure if I’ll do an egg elimination because I don’t feel any different after eating them, but I’m glad I took the test! This is the second food sensitivity test I’ve taken and the second time eggs came back 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll definitely be paying attention to how my body feels after breakfast 😂 have the BEST Friday, guys! #iChooseToBeWell

✖️120LB Dumbbell Incline Chest Press X 16 - Video Tomorrow ✖️

Wrapped up with clients for the night and ending one crazy week with VEGGIE PIZZA 🙌🏻 When I do pizza, this is how I do it. To me, it's so much more filling and flavorful!! This one is white pizza with broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms and tomato 💯😛
Also, I just got my tickets for the @foundermade Consumer Discovery Show 11/17-11/18 - will any of you be there?! If you haven't yet, definitely check it out - there will be talks by the entrepreneurs from brands like @thedrybar, @sakaralife, @popsugar, @foodstirs and so much more 🎉 I'll put the link for tickets in my bio, and feel free to DM me with any q's!!

When we first started dating when we were young he would call me after his runs and I thought he was a CRAZY person for running on a Sunday morning...and when we bought our first house he would go for runs and ask me to go and it was always his goal to push me to the stop sign which was about .35 of a mile from our house and I would get there but then walk home out of breath because I have asthma and just KNEW I couldn't run! Then one February day after we had kids he told me to jump on the treadmill next to him and just "try" it out...3 miles that day turned me into a runner and I will forever be grateful to him for pushing me. SO I'm glad I convinced him to train this year for a full marathon too... and I love that they captured this moment of me pushing him in that last mile when he didn't think he could go any further!! 💙 (I'm also glad I wore old running shoes to spectate) #tbt


This was fun sorting out..trying to get my foot to touch #SofaYoga @cyogalab

Cheers to Fri-YAY! No runs on the agenda for this weekend, but I couldn't help busting out my @freepmarathon jacket to reminisce on race weekend, which kicked off a week ago today.
Not sure what to do with myself all weekend... no long run? My Saturday morning looks like it'll involve sleep, coffee, and sweats.
Enjoy your weekend! I'll be over here with my nose in my latest read and a glass of wine ❤️
#runnernotrunning #NOTmarathontraining

We are not weird, we just look like we are 😓😂 It’s already been a month of regular workouts five times a week! On September 19th I weighted 47,2 kg and he - 66,9 kg, today we both made a remarkable progress, now I weight - 48,5 kg and he - 68,7 kg! I know that is not much for some people, but for us it’s huge and we hope to keep this going for as long as we can and make this our lifestyle. It actually already is our lifestyle because a really heavy gym sesion everytime makes our days! ✨

Cheers to starting the weekend off right! (Link for tank in bio)

Setting some goals on my #Apple Watch before heading to my workout! What tools do you use to push yourself at the gym?
#fitfluential #fitnessmodel #fitlife #fitness #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fit

One of my favorite #TeamElitePhysique teammates, Amanda, is doing an amazing giveaway. Go follow her and check it out! 😍😍#loveher
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Oh social work...I have a love hate relationship with you.
I started working as a social worker 4 years ago because I wanted to make a difference.
I wanted to see that I was impacting children's lives for the better.
I had an ideal world envisioned with no child abuse.
I wanted to be able to educate parents on different methods of discipline and help them overcome their addiction to drugs.
In 4 years, I've made a difference.
I may not see it in the day to day operations of being a social worker but when I reflect on the lives that I've touched and the children's smiles.
Every late night, long day, piles of paperwork has all been worth it. 💙

Awesome workout! Would you give a try!
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Via: @michelle_lewin | Credit to rightful owners

In before "small legs" comments. I wanted to take a moment to praise myself and apparently an Instagram post is how I do it. 😂

In 2015, on Australia Day, obviously intoxicated, I did something stupid which (self diagnosed) tore my PCL in my right knee. I haven't been able to train legs properly, without a support sleeve for a long long time. 😬

I gave it a shot, and I have decided to ditch the sleeve for the foreseeable future as there is no pain, it's comfortable once again and I can work on getting these little white pegs a bit bigger. 😁💪

90/10 rule / The key to weight loss.

90 percent sensible choice and the 10 percent fun food choices, which allows for some flexibility and indulgence in your diet.
We all need to enjoy life and have fun and create experiences and alot of that in life (especially mine) revolves around going for food.
In using the 90/10 rule we can still have our treat nights 🍔🍔 #mealprep #meals #fitness #health #eat #nutritionist #nutrition #weightloss #fatloss #food #diet #dietplan #eatclean #cleaneating #musclefood #getfit #fitlife #fitfluential #mensstyle #style #styleblogger #fashionmodel #fashionblogger #fashion #malemodel #model #health #personaltrainer #lifestyle #burger #wine

Week 3 of kitchen renovations 😨 So thankful for healthy take out options like this Chicken Pad Thai with Spiralized Sweet Potatoes from Snap Kitchen.. @whole30approved and Emmy approved too! Happy Friday everyone ❤ #paleo #whole30 #wholefoods #realfood #jerf #grainfree #glutenfree #kitchenreno #healthyeats #bbg #eeeeeats #goodeats #cleaneats #fitfluential #eatclean #spiralized #snapkitchen #whole30approved

Emotional Maturity. 💜The ability to understand your own emotions. Accepting the imperfect nature of yourself and others and learning to respond with kindness and understanding to those around you and yourself even if what is presented too you is hostile, unfounded or distressed. Being able to admit to your mistakes with honesty and not become angry at the mistakes of others is hugely rewarding in becoming a ‘safe place’ for yourself and a place that others can ensure their emotions and actions are never left unheard or unappreciated without judgment. When our mindset is healthy and connected with fulling, meaningful relationships that are honest, simple and caring it’s easier to maintain healthy habits with your body and create a good relationship with exercise. . #joblove #lululemon
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Trying to #BeBulldogStrong in my sweet little racer back tank from @bulldogyoga Thank you! So looking forward to doing one of your online yoga classes!💗💗 And thanks again to the darling hosts of this challenge @jbreton22 @betse.y.oga @ally_trout 💋💋I really don't work enough on side plank! #notetoself

True happiness is when you finish a race, and there's boxes of pizza waiting for you 🍕😍 Trail run- run 1/4 ✔, 3.8/26.2 miles ✔ for #RWhalf weekend
#genuinelyhappy #pizzaismyfavorite #teamnuun #grandslam @runnersworldevents #runchat #willrunforpizza #rwhalfruncrew #pizza #teamwr #whstrong #zoomanation #fitfluential #trailrunning #altrarunning #trailrunners #runchat

I can’t believe I’m saying this- The Holidays are coming! And with them being right around the corner, you will likely find yourself on the road, or in the air heading to spend time with family and friends. Your healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to come to a grinding halt just because you are on the go. Here are a few simple tips to keep you healthy and fit while traveling this season.
1️⃣Pack healthy snacks and stay up on your probiotics. Simple but necessary!
2️⃣Choose when you will indulge. Enjoy yourself while on vacation, but make sure each time you indulge, that it is truly worth it. Don’t munch all day long on things you don’t love.
3️⃣Plan for workouts.If you are staying at a hotel, hit up the gym, every day you are there. If you are staying at someone’s house, bring some resistance bands, your tennis shoes and some at home workouts you can do while gone. Check out a little more detail on these and two more tips by visiting my blog post here: https://www.jennymirefitness.com/blog-posts/2017/9/8/5-fitness-and-nutrition-tips-while-traveling

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