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Body goals 🙌🏼 (@iillllest)

When I started BBG, my goal was to have a bikini body. I thought that meant having abs and when I met my goal of losing 150 lbs. Yet here I am, only halfway to my weight loss goal and I honestly feel confident and bikini body ready. You don't need to be at a certain weight or look a certain way to wear something. I think you are ready when you feel it, not when others tell you that you are. Confidence is beautiful. I'm confident because I know I'm working hard everyday and getting healthier each day. I decided I'm not going to care about what others think and I'm just going to be my happy self! Every year, I hated when summer came around because I never felt comfortable enough to wear shorts, a tank top, or a bathing suit. But summer 2017, I'm ready for you! 🍉😍👙


#Repost 📷 @irun26point2__
Nearly 4.5 years ago this former football player on the left ran his first ever race (Rochester half marathon)! He struggled immensely, questioned his ability, and doubted if this sport was for him in route to a 1:32:43 (7:04/mile) finish. And I wanted to be a marathoner, and I struggled with a 13.1! If you are doubting yourself or your ability, it is only human. But please never give up on yourself! Running is a skill like anything else and it takes time no matter how good you want to be at it.
Last summer I ran a 1:16 (5:51/mile) at the Chicago Rock n roll race on a very humid day. A near 16 min improvement. But you know what the biggest improvement over the time between those two races was? My belief in myself and love and passion for running! You will never find success without first believing in yourself!🏃🏻
Ps thank you all for the birthday wishes!!🎉
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Orange chicken😍
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I think social media makes my life look more glamorous than reality. Real talk, I spend most of my day strapped to a laptop and I'm constantly throwing on different hats to handle whatever insanity is happening each day. My yoga practice isn't for pictures- it's legit medicine that I have to take so I don't act like a psycho and it's especially necessary bc of the complex nature of my work life. Being self-employed is amazing but it definitely has a price, ya dig? Anyway, @beccacosmetics knows this life is cray cray and they whisked a bunch of awesome beauty + fashion + wellness influencers and yours truly to Palm Springs' @korakia for a little work week R&R under the desert sun. This trip has been soooo necessary- I've learned so much in a very short period of time and I feel refreshed enough to pop back into my regular life with guns blazing. But for now, I will lounge my happy ass by this pool and absorb the glow.

Check out my instagram story for all of the #beccascape shenanigans!

Also, this bikini is @gabifresh x @swimsuitsforall and it's everything. Every. Thing. Get familiar.

Longing for my 2 hour workouts...my "me" time. Life is settling down quite nicely 🤗 Even then.. I see how far I've come and damn I'm proud 💪🏼

Some days you are just OFF- and you have to decide if you are going to quit or keep going! I have some big things going on in my personal life right now that kept me up late and also very restless sleep so I woke up late but forced myself to still go to the gym. Ran my first two miles and had to stop to go to the bathroom 🙄, my towel kept falling off the treadmill, the fast paces in this Fartlek run made me feel like I was going to DIE, my Garmin died(which doesn't really matter on the treadmill) and by the time I got to the cooldown I decided to slow it way down and just run off effort and not worry about the pace. I felt every single step of this 8 miles and I'm pretty sure everyone around me probably thought I looked like death when I finished but I finished it and I'm proud of that because I could have thrown in the towel plenty of times! Work for what you want even if it feels SO hard! Happy Thursday!! ✌🏻


Dat is zo eens iets anders hé... Je groenten (wortel, aubergine en courgette) in slierten snijden met een mandoline. En erbij stukjes kalkoen en nog een ajuin. Dan goed afkruiden naar smaak en smullen maar! Simpel maar oooh zo lekker 😋👌🏼 Geniet van je vrijdag!! #groenten #kalkoen #gezondlereneten #wordfit #foodcoaching #fitheidscoaching #bruisenvanenergie #goedinjevel #gezondkoken #variëren #healthyfood #fitfood #fitlife #levensstijl #gezond #energiek #fit #fitworden #instafit #instafood #fitstagram #foodstagram #fitheidscoach #freheylen @freheylen #fitfluential #vegetables #groenten #kalkoen #cleaneating #wok

😍💦 Time to train

Hii there Friday I see you 🙆🏻 jammer dat ik 70% daarvan in een warm collegehok moet doorbrengen, maar hee that's life 🤓 Vanavond lekker door naar hometown Bredaaa 🙌🏼 Wat zijn jouw plannen vandaag? 😌☀️ FIJNE DAG #smile #friday 📸 @andyastfalck

PT Dave from @peakpt_strength hitting some decline dumbbell skull crushers today 💀This is a great movement to target your triceps, in that the declined angle enables you to maintain constant tension in all 3 heads of the triceps throughout the set ⏱👌🏼Give them a go next time you're training arms! 💪🏼

Can't love my sisters @yoga_rockss @tryahlove enough ❤ Thank you for this lovely surprise this morning ❤ Much love to yous
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#FearlessInHeels Vol 5
our dear sister @simplemuffin
you are such a beautiful we are in awe of your style and grace
every picture you post is so creative and unique
we are so blessed to know you
we are so honored to work as sisters in our favorite challenge fearless In heels
Thinking of you on your birthday and hoping that all the happiness you've given to others will return to bless you a thousand fold
Wishing you a very happy birthday dear Marina
Your Fearless Sisters
Crop top and leggings by @kosusaofficial

I always try posting fun, quirky stuff about life and experiences, but there are days which are just really hard to get through. Today being such a day for me. In reality our trivial problems don't even amount to a drop in the ocean of adversities the world faces each day. But more often than not our mental struggle succeeds in bringing us down. The one thing that has and continues to help me soldier through my difficulties is exercise.
People have coined the term 'body nazi' for people who enjoy taking care of their bodies. Unfortunately, what they don't understand is that apart from the discipline and grit it takes to look a certain way, the mental determination and progress is far more gratifying.
I'm no bikini model/ body building professional. I'm just, well literally.. a petite Indian housewife with goals of leading a happy and healthy life, with a very supportive partner, but I've grown to have immense respect of these very people who inspire me each day.
Something that I have always believed in - Anything that you do differently from others, celebrate that.
On this rather unusually heavy note, I'm gonna get up and go work on my chest and lats today. Have a great weekend everyone! 😊💪🏼
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이제 헬스도 열심히 하겠습니다 💪💪
@Regrann from @epiqueline - #workoutcan make you more focused in life! @zahid_pkkr always squeezes in time to workout even tho he has a busy schedule. "As someone who loves playing various sports, going to the gym was the best alternative in staying active and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Physical exertion is necessary to boost my confidence and strive for success. Workout is my healthy dose of happiness"
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One more throwback from last summer..can't wait to see my summer body 2017 💁

I managed a 2 mile #run that felt 5 on the scale of 1 to stepping on a Lego. 😂 I could've continued but I just wanted to hold my happy horses.
I found a #backworkout by @jillchristinefit today that intrigued me. While I typically keep a straight back when going through the full Rep, I noticed she started off with rounded shoulders, straightened to a slight pause & continued through. I'm not sure of it was intentional or if it was due to her torso distance from the rack but I thought I'd try it. Wow, it was like those muscles get reignited with each rep. I did 3 sets of 15-20 reps focusing on form. I set video from two angles to check myself.
Let me know if you try it & give her a follow, she's got great stuff on her page! 💪🏼 .
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Day 79 of 365: @arianagrande Dangerous Woman tour on my rest day with my sunshine @janice_yl_chan.

THANKFUL THURSDAY "A good coach improves your game. A great coach improves your life."
It's easy to forget how one gets to where she is at when one seems to be at the top. I know that I would not have come as far as I have as a competitive bodybuilder had it not been for the expert knowledge, mentoring, understanding, & careful guidance of @teamnjff. Not only has he shared his expertise, but has been a confidante & the only one I could turn to, especially when no one seemed to understand. I don't even know how he has put up with my crazy mood swings & times of weakness when I just wanted to give up, but would not let me quit. Without his help, I also would not have been able to obtain the leads on my amazing sponsors. It's so easy to not give credit where it's due, but I know better.
If you've thought about competing, or would like guidance on proper training/nutrition and supplements, submit an athlete application on our team website or send us an email.
We are a FAMILY style team of athletes who support and encourage each other. We welcome athletes of all fitness levels, from competitors to body transformations. Training is available in NorCal, SoCal, and online. ----------------------------------For questions send an email to jointeamnjff@teamnjff.com or visit www.teamnjff.com

Night cap 🍽

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